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Darkside 8hr race~My first ultra!

Monday, May 14, 2012

My last half marathon was back in March and I finished slow and with a knee injury. I took a few weeks off and started strength training and slowly introducing mileage. I had run nothing longer than a 7 miler so needless to say I was not up for long distance when Becki suggested I come up for this race but given it was a timed event instead of set mileage I said what the heck. I asked DH and he gave the ok so I registered.

I took off of work Friday and drove up to Georgia and picked up Becki and then headed towards Peachtree City. We got there, checked into our room and met up with Wendy for dinner and some pre race girl chat.
I didn't sleep well that night but that is nothing new for me. Being away from home always leads to a sleepless night. 5:30 came early. We got up and ready and headed to the race site where we set up our temporary day camp and received our race directions.
This course was a .42 mile loop and in order for each loop to count we had to check in as we passed our assigned lap counter. The race started at 7:15 and we were off!! Becki took off and in a few loops laped Wendy and me. I wanted to stay conservative with my pace because I had all day to go. lol! Wendy and I stayed with the 2:1 intervals and eventually Becki joined back in. We had such a great time!! The first 13-15 miles were in a light drizzly rain which kept it a little cooler. I was just fine with that! I watched my miles add up and kept thinking, if I can go just a few more miles without having to cave on my intervals...I thought after 10 maybe I could make it until 13, then to 15 then to 20. I managed to keep pace and interval for 22 miles before backing down to 1:1's for a few miles which then lead to some walking and then back up to 30:30's.
Becki was one lap ahead of me and when she was finished I booked it for my final lap which if you were counting was lap number 74. It was my fastest loop! I ran about as hard as I could because I knew in just a few minutes, I would be an official ultra marathoner!! I was thrilled!! I have no idea how I did it but I did!! I have to say, it must be all the added strength training!! Wendy was suffering from major blisters but finished just after I did. We all had such a great time and I loved this experience with such good friends!

I ran a total of 32.18 miles in 7 hours and 37 minutes which ended up being a 14 minute mile. Considering the lack of training and walk breaks I am very happy with that outcome!

After the race we packed up, had some pizza and headed back to Becki's house. Wendy was close to family so she went to visit them.
2.5 hours back to Becki's house and I was on cloud 9!! I got to her house and had a shower and she made me a fresh to go cup of coffee for the road and 5.5 hours later I crashed into bed at 1am. I slept until 10 am and then woke up to a great mother's day with my family! My hubby and boys bought me a Keurig coffee maker for my new office, flowers and a sweet card! They are awesome!!

I expected to sleep well last night but that wasn't so. I got about 2.5 hours of sleep and did NOT want to get up but I agreed to meet my friend Kris at the Y as she is starting the LiveFit plan!! I am so happy for her!! I am on week 4 and still love it!! I was supposed to do legs today but I figured I would give them an extra day of rest and swapped day 22 with day 23. It was a great workout!!
I finally crashed and burned today around 1pm and went home to sleep for 4 hours. lol!

Becki took lots of pictures from this weekend and posted them in her blog. I snagged a few but Feel free to check them out and visit her blog :)

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