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My First 5K

Monday, May 14, 2012

I had no idea how emotional running in Randi's Race would be for me this past Saturday. I knew the race was to benefit Domestic Violence Services of two neighboring counties. I knew the race was in memory of a young woman who was killed by her husband in 2003. I knew it was the young woman's mother who organized the race and was the driving force behind it. When I originally decided to run this 5K, it was to support my boyfriend, who has donated and ran in the race every year since its inception. But being there, and seeing Randi's mother, Nancy Chavez, and the photos of this beautiful young woman, who but for the grace of God, Goddess, or Whomever, could have been me, had my eyes filling with tears several times throughout the morning. Nancy could have become this sad, tragic figure, but instead she has chosen to make her daughter’s death have meaning, and to help keep what happened to her family from happening to others. I admire her strength immensely. I wanted to introduce myself and tell her how great she is and how important what she’s doing is, but I thought I might start really crying if I did, and I didn’t want to embarrass myself.

The actual race was kind of a blur. There were no electronic devices permitted during the race, so it was difficult for me to gauge how far along we were, which made it seem to take forever. I know my training route well by now, but running with no idea how much longer I had to keep going for was a bit of a strain. The actual course was much hillier than I thought it would be, and it was hot. I was not feeling great by the time we got to the water station, which was at least 2/3 of the way through the course. I drank about half the bottle and then dumped the rest over my head like I see runners on TV doing.

I'm definitely proud of myself for participating and finishing the race, and my Tim is proud of me too. I'm looking around for one to do in the fall so I keep training.

Pic of me in my race shirt - Actual pictures from the race when my boyfriend downloads them from his phone.

I know I couldn't have done this without Tim, or without all of you supporting me and encouraging me. I can now proudly say, "I'm a runner!"
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