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Travel hoop + decisions...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Next month I am going to a writers course for a week - will travel by train with two or three changes and bringing my ridiculous big hoop may be a bit awkward... so I was browsing looking for a travel hoop and noticed two disadvantages 1. The expense, not only do they cost some money but it is also about the fare to Sweden. I found a company in England who sells travel hoops which probably would be cheaper than the shipping fare from USA but then came disadvantage number 2: The size. The largest travel hoop was 40¨and I am still struggling to master the 43¨and my "Normal" comfortable is 48¨...Can I master the 43¨ well and start on 40¨before I go on that course? Am I willing to invest the money without knowing?

But then I looked at all the leftovers that is laying around my house. I have used two kinds of tubes for my hoops, a wider for the "normals" and a thinner for my mini-hoops.
And I have never found any good connectors, they are not in the stores and I did not know what size to order when I bought tape from Fancy Tapes... so I have made my own solution which is to use the thinner tube inside the larger. There s resistance, I have to struggle to get it in place but it works, and thanks to the resistance it does not move once in lace. For the minis I bought some electrical tube that is a little bit too straight and stiff but it works...

Anyway the leftovers could be connected and although I am missing about 2 dm to make it big enough I can use it with some of the thinner tube visible - so this is what my travel hoop looks like so far:

and when I pick it apart for traveling it looks like:

It seems to be working without any tape to hold it together. I don´t think I will want to use it on an everyday basis, but when I travel by bus or train it will make it so much easier to bring a hoop... I will now create a nice bag for it too.

About decisions – I am thinking about giving up meat, it seems that I can´t have meat (well, in fact, pork) without getting compulsive no matter how hard I try. Thinking about giving it up makes me as upset as I have been before I gave up smoking (22 years ago) and drinking alcohol (seven years ago) I have decided to give up sugar, that does not upset me at all... so maybe there is something really weird with me and pork.

Discussed this with an OA-friend who has been in recovery more than ten years. She started with four years of recovery, then relapsed for a whole year before she could get back on track and now has kept her abstinence for ten years... and she can´t have sugar or white flour but do eat meat but have to be careful with the fat....she says that I might try it one day at the time. Another friend suggested deciding not to cook any meat, only eat it when offered at dinners or lunches... but I suspect that pork is sort of jinxed for me, if I eat it I will want more even if it´s a lean piece away from home...

I will do it one day at the time - today I will not have any meat... I did already as I have ham on my morning sandwich. I do think the ham is better - less fat - than cheese, so for tomorrow I will have to find some other solution. Mackerel is okay and smoked salmon (yes, it is fat but not triggering)...

I did try this before but could not stick with it. I will make it top priority for today.
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  • SILLYHP1953
    Giving up things we love created a mourning process. Sometimes I've actually thought of having a little ceremony to help let go, but I've never tried it. Pork would be hard, so many different meats are made from it.

    You are very innovative coming up with that travel hoop. I'm glad you get to take it with you on trips now.
    2709 days ago
    I love your ingenuity in putting a travel hoop together Meddy! I think it looks great!

    I started eating vegetarian 11 years ago and went through various stages starting with no meat at all. Now, I eat vegetarian but include fish, dairy, and eggs. It makes it easier to meet my protein requirement. It's easier, cheaper and less cooking than eating meat based meals. Most of all, I just feel so much better; I never intend to go back. I don't miss the meat. Because I eat fish; eating out with friends is easier too. Even so, I often order my vegetarian meal by ordering sides; a recent meal out was a grilled vegetable kebab and baked sweet potato and rolls. I can't resist good breads; but don't have them that often. Try different things, one day at a time; you will find what works for you.

    Sugar, I use a little but don't keep "sweets" in the house; they are limited to treats I have when out. I keep a salt shaker with sugar in it and sprinkle just a little on my oatmeal in the morning. Probably not even 1/4 of a teaspoon.
    2768 days ago
    What a genius you are for figuring out how to make your own travel hoop. Good luck with cutting out the meat and sugar.
    2769 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Good decisions. I have thought about giving up meat but so difficult since hubby would never do it. If I am around it, I want to eat it. Best of luck!
    2769 days ago
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