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Weight Loss v. Fat Loss

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

*jumps up on soapbox*
*grips mic tightly and pulls it close*

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to take this moment to announce something to you all. I have decided, in my personal opinion, I think it's important...that we stop using the words "weight loss" and start using the words "fat loss". All the things the world told you about the scale being able to judge your ability, fitness level and, most of all, how "fat" you are has turned out to be untrue. It's time we stood up against the lies and deceit they've been feeding to us all these years -- along with other falsehoods like "you are what you eat" which led us to believe that "fat will make you fat" -- and started redefining words that actually mean something to us.

Stop living in a world that feeds you a constant flow of images of anorexic models and tells you that they are skinny and fit and you should aspire to be like them! Stop allowing the one number below your feet to define who you are and what you are capable of! Research! Do your homework! Realize that BMI charts don't mean anything and the scale, which BMI charts use to calculate both how "fat" we are and how soon we're going to die or contract deadly diseases, measures only how much we weigh, not how fat we are.

Would you consider 4 time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler fat? BMI charts and scales do! They clock him in at 310 pounds in the off-season -- which is morbidly obese according to those BMI charts we've been taught to idolize. Mr. Olympia is NOT fat...and he's just one example of the many people - fit and athletic people - who prove by simply existing in this world that scales and BMI charts mean very little.

Rage against a system that has been fooling you for years, and start redefining your journey. Not as a journey of "weight loss" but one of "fat loss"! One in which you build lean muscle and banish unwanted and unhealthy fat from your body. From here on out, let us be lead by more important numbers - numbers that CAN define how FAT we are and what problems we might face if we are too fat. Let's focus on BODY FAT PERCENTAGE because it's the only thing that can really tell us how much fat we need to lose to make our bodies into the fit, healthy machines they are capable of being!

Say it with me -- FAT loss, not WEIGHT loss!"

*starts a chant with the crowd*
*is carried off on the shoulders of the crowd...or by Jay Cutler...cuz he could lift me no problem*


I ended up at the gym last night. I took my time getting there, but I figured it couldn't hurt to go ahead and get my stronglift routine in - I knew I could tell the Cute California Trainer Boy, aka Tanner, what I had already worked and he would ensure I didn't overwork those areas and do any damage to my body. So I did my Stronglifts -- squatting, I am quite proud to say, 140 pounds now! -- and then met with Tanner to start a group of isolation workouts for my biceps, shoulders, back, legs, and abs (OMG! I forgot to tell y'all that I impressed my kids day before yesterday with a 2 minute plank and then did 150 crunches...so when Tanner started picking on my abs I kept smiling but said through my gritted teeth, "My abs HATE you right now!"). It was a good workout...about an hour and a half's worth of slow moving heavy lifting and OMG I'm totally going to feel it later, no doubt! *lol*

After we worked out, Tanner I walked back up to the front where he had one of the female trainers weigh me and measure me. (She only accounts for having lost 1 inch...which just means she's not measuring me right...) And then, the only thing I really cared about, we did my body fat measurements. Now I know the way they do it is faulty and has a margin of error (I think as high as 4%!), but it's all I've got and we consistently measure with it every month, so even if it's off, it's probably off about the same amount each month (I hope!). I was shooting for losing an entire % point of body fat this past month, but I only got 1/2 that...which means I need to amp up the workouts (which I've been doing with my "Iso" Bodyweight ST challenge AND the Stronglift 5x5). Next month, I WANT my 1%...

Okay, secret time...I don't want just 1% next month. In my dream of dreams, I'd like to lose 2% because that will put me under 45% and make me very, very happy...

In the past two months I've only lost around 2 pounds according to their scales...and the inches barely budge each month either. (We only measure my waist, so...) BUT I've lost 1% of body fat which, I'm learning, to me is more important than anything the scale can tell me. It means I'm getting leaner. I'm building lean muscle and losing pesky body fat. And the more muscle I gain, the better I get at this lifting thing, the more fat I should burn. (I like to say, "Lean muscle eats ugly fat like you for breakfast! ...and lunch and dinner too!")

So, to me, going from 307 to 305 on their scale means nothing.
Going from 47.3% (or thereabouts...it might be .2 or .4) to 46.3% body fat is what matters!

And next month I'd LOVE to lose 1.4% of my body fat so I can be under 45%.

When I started this FAT LOSS JOURNEY, more than HALF of my body was fat. I think I was at or above 60% body fat when I started. And now I'm more LEAN and essential organs and water and bone than I am fat! That makes me proud!

The goal since day one has been to get down to 30% body fat. And that means I've got to lose another 16.3%! But that's down from 30% or more that I needed to lose when I started! I'm almost halfway to my goal...and I have the tools and knowledge now to burn that fat even faster.

So, that's the goal. 1.4% of body fat gone by mid-June. Right now I'm just going to keep using the methods I have been using and just amp them up a bit more. That means:

* Eating clean more often.
* Drinking all the water I need.
* Taking my supplements, and maybe upping them a bit now that my weights are going up.
* Keep heavy lifting 2-3 times a week.
* Do whatever else I can do to make sure I'm building muscle as often as possible.
* Making sure I eat every 3 hours or so.
* And resting when needed to let my muscles repair and rebuild stronger.
* Eating ENOUGH calories to keep building muscle. (More research needs done but everything is telling me I should eat anywhere from 2200-3000 calories...which seems really high, but if it means building lean muscle and banishing body fat, I'm all in.)

Any tips, advice or plans you want to share - bring 'em on!! I've got a REAL goal...one that is measureable and means something. I don't give two shiz about the scale this month...I'm living only for the number that MATTERS!

Let's GOOOOO fat loss journey!!


BTW - Made a killer Stuffed Pepper Soup last night and then forgot my lunch serving of it at home today. *bangs head on desk* *insert sad face* I'll figure something out. Might need a trip to the market...
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