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Shower, Rocks, Pre-Term Labor & a Rant

Monday, May 07, 2012

This blog is long - catching up with things that have been happening, plus a rant at the end you can skip if you want...

First of all...I had a wonderful weekend. I spent Friday and Saturday baking and cleaning in preparation for my daughter's bridal shower. I made shortbread (my great-grandmother's recipe), peach scones, plain scones (recipe from the Savoy Hotel in London-excellent), English Tea cakes and coconut macaroons. All items were raved about at the shower. We will be making these for the wedding.

Also, on Saturday my husband and I got the first load of paving stones to make a raised flower bed.

I also made 3 muslin bridesmaid bodices. It has been a challenge. The girls measurements on the pattern end up making the dress too big and making the dress according to their size they buy ends up being too small. So, I am fitting them to muslin then making the dress. I fitted two bridesmaids after the shower. Now I can start on their dresses.

Midnight, Sat night, my son called to let us know that they were at the hospital because his wife was in pre-term labor. She was having hard contractions every 3 minutes. She isn't due until July 5th. The doctors were able to stop the labor - Praise the Lord! She was at the shower yesterday, tired, but feeling okay.

Now, for my rant....
I have been playing around with 5 or so lbs for the last 6 months or so. I do well, but I just can't seem to break that 220 mark. I get there and then I have a big gain. Weekends seem to do me in - I had a 6 lb gain this weekend. Yuck!! I know I can get it off, but I am so frustrated!!! I do well with my exercise, but I struggle with my eating (mainly snacking). I just can't seem to decide on an eating plan. I read something ie South Beach, Flat Belly Diet etc, it sounds good, but when I look at the menus it just doesn't seem to work. My husband is a very finicky eater and it is hard to make two meals - one for him and one for me. So I just make my standard. I have tried many new recipes most of which he doesn't like, so I kinda give up when it comes to cooking something new. I know, I know, I just need to decide on what to do and how to do it...but then my perfectionist tendency comes into play and I get frustrated and I don't do a thing. Like this morning...I had decided (in the shower) that I was going to go on the Atkins Induction for 2 weeks. I get down to the kitchen ... it is cold and rainy, so oatmeal sounds good. I cave in and make steel cut oats (still a healthy choice), but I eat 2 servings. I got to do something. I am so frustrated with myself. Why oh why do I do this??? I know what I should do, but then do the opposite or nothing at all. I know it is my food intake that is the problem. If I even look at a carb it seems it goes right to my hips.

I know this weekend did me in...we had lasagne for Friday night supper (pasta is a no-no for me - I always gain when I do), all the shower goodies, then pizza for Sunday supper. Plus no formal exercise. My main exercise this weekend was moving those rocks.

I gotta lose this weight. I so want to lose 15 lbs by the wedding in August. I know it is doable, but I doubt myself. I am so frustrated. Okay, thanks for letting me get this off my shoulder. Now, to pick myself up and make a decision! I WILL start the Atkins 2 week Induction today, right NOW. Keep me accountable. Thanks.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    When I have these times, Carrie, I concentrate on doing one thing right...sometimes it is the water, sometimes it is making sure my fiber is okay, etc...then I just build on that one right thing.

    We can do this!
    3086 days ago
    Wowee. You are the most awe-inspiring person I've ever read about. I would collapse under all that you've taken on.

    It worries me, though, that you want to follow Atkins. Ive never met anyone that was able keep their weight loss after getting down to their goal weight using it and that seems like the opening scene in Despicable Me when the evil awful guy makes a balloon animal for a crying kid and then pops it. It would be so awful if you are successful using it and then you gained it all back.

    I have only ever been successful when I eat healthier foods with good portion control and tons of exercise. But anyhow the very best of luck in being successful no matter what you use.
    3086 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4592528
    Hi! You wrote this Monday & I'm just reading it Wed. afternoon, so I'm here to "keep you accountable" - per your request above! How are you doing? Are you making healthy choices? (love what Julia said about choice!! You are not responsible for hubby's choices ... but you don't have to let him make yours.) I used to wish God would just take away my desire to eat wrong things, too much of even good things, etc. I found He doesn't take away my free will ... but He does let me know when I'm making a bad choice, and He shows me that I don't have to give in to those desires. I pray right now that He makes you Willing and Able to do that which pleases Him!! (See Phil. 2:13)
    3087 days ago
  • RD03875
    Good luck with the dresses!

    You CAN do it!
    3088 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5826188
    Hope you feel better for the rant! emoticon deep breath re-centre yourself and get moving those stones emoticon Glad your DIL is ok after the scare.
    3088 days ago
    3088 days ago
    Love reading about all your seamstress work . . . you have such great talent.

    Once you decide on some workable goals, I'm confident you'll succeed. With my in-between-times when I really didn't do much of anything other than look like a dieter (bad choice of words), I chalked up my current work to maintenance mode and moved on when I joined some team challenges that took me out of my comfort zone. I can't imagine eating someone else's high-calorie cheese or pasta dish . . . my makeovers are so good I would try to concentrate on the conversation and fellowship during these instances and pretend I took half my meal home (perhaps without taking it home). If I had to implement denial in my lifestyle, it would be in the homemade style comfort foods where I can practice portion control. Tonight, after being wonderfully high fiber all day, I went to the top of my calorie range by over-eating (nearly 500 calories) with the salty Special K chips -- so hard to stop eating, so I have to think about taking this shelf off my future grocery lists. Hope you see some victories soon.
    3089 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5285708
    Can't wait to see those dresses.
    3089 days ago
    Oh wow. Can I say it encourages me that you are discouraged?? I know that sounds awful, but sometimes when I am most discouraged I stay off SP and then don't see when others struggle and begin to think others NEVER struggle, then I stay off longer and... blah blah blah

    You CAN do this. You have come so far already, and you are the "lose your quit" woman!! Is it the number on the scale that is defining success for you? Are your clothes fitting? Mine are beginning to get tight again so I know it's time to really buckle down. I am at the same weight I was a year ago, which is super frustrating, BUT I am a size smaller. I will focus on my jeans size... and get them back to feeling looser. Can you focus on something besides the scale to help you get over this plateau? Just an idea.

    And I WILL be here for support. I won't run off and leave you when you need help. I applaud you for your "rant"!! emoticon
    3089 days ago
    Boy do you sound like me. Only I am on an upward bound jag. Gain some, lose a little, gain more. I am still exercising and know that it is the snaking--a bite of this, bite of that. Don't know what to tell you to do but liked what Healthyharmony recommended--do one thing and when we get that down pat, add another. I think that is the only thing I haven't tried doing. Good luck.

    Also, you amaze me with your sewing. I can make something but don't know "how" to change the pattern. That is a very great talent. Can't wait to see pictures.

    (((HUGS))) and don't give up Carrie. You can accomplish this too.
    3089 days ago
    You amaze me with your sewing ability! My mom & sisters sewed a lot but I never got the skill. You have a great gift!!

    I know it's hard to stick to a plan, which is why I haven't gone that route. It's easier for me to just eat sensibly, good healthy food, and track it all. If I try to do something like Atkins or something else, I think, with our lifestyle, it would be too hard and I'd find myself falling off the plan.

    It's also a challenge when there are special events and you're not eating your usual meals. Just give yourself grace and know that you are still over all, making progress. Keep the big picture in mind. Look at how far you've come! You will eventually get past this plateau and be all the stronger for it!

    Baby steps! Do what you can today!
    3089 days ago
    Oh Carrie, I just feel your frustration coming through your blog. Honestly, I don't know how to encourage you, but just know that we do. You have the tools and knowledge, it's just the control and balance issues that are your biggest issues. And they are challenging indeed! For you to "choose" a diet seems like a set-up for failure! You are on a diet already; all of us are. It's how and what you choose and how much you eat.

    Buy more veggies and lean protein, I am loving the produce I get at Sprouts and at their price, I try to load up and prepare them for my meals. Your husband has his choices, but you need to make yours for yourself. Love yourself.

    Praying that the Lord will grant you the understanding and control that you need spark frien, that He would take your desire away. Thank you for your honesty in sharing.

    Julia : )
    3089 days ago
    I know it's easy to say "do this" or "don't do that", but every person is different, and when you have to take into account the opinions (and tastebuds!) of family members, it makes it even harder. All I can think of to share right now is something that worked for me. I made a sign and hung it on my refrigerator: "Kitchen closed after 8:00 pm!" That may not be something you struggle with, but the point I want to make is that I started with just ONE thing I could control and made it a habit. You don't have to do everything all at once... just find ONE adjustment you can make in your life right now, and commit to that ONE thing. Once it becomes a habit, you can add one more thing, and so on. Keep posting on the team thread, even when you have a bad day. Support and encouragement are key, and we're here for you!
    3089 days ago
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