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Some random updates and topless pic

Saturday, May 05, 2012

emoticonWell my first half week back into the swing of everything has been interesting and crazy at the same time! emoticon

Wednesday was my first day back to work and I go in very early. I got there at 5:30 and ran into my office building and a homeless person jumped out at me!!!! emoticonOk so…I lost a couple years off my life with THAT scare and had to run to the other side of the building to get inside. I usually run up the stairs but now was terrified and hopped on the elevator and made it safely behind my locked office door and sighed with relief***thinking….wow this day is going great so far! lol*** emoticon
So I try to locate my desk under all the paper that has accumulated ( they didn’t hire anyone to cover while I was gone so it really piled up! I turned my computer on and my wireless mouse for it had dead batteries! I searched my office for any AA batteries (cause no one gets in till around 7 and I REALLY did not want to sit there that long without a computer! I ended up “borrowing” batteries from my co-workers mouse (cause she isn’t in till 8) and was able to sign in. The crazy amount of emails took my most of the morning to sort through and delete what I can and start figuring out a plan for the rest of them that I needed to deal with.
I went over to see my boss in the afternoon and she asked me how I was feeling…”I’m doing well just still get tired out easy” Her response…”well you don’t have to walk too much for your job” ***Thanks for the concern!!! *** Me thinking again…I’m sooooooooo happy I came back today! NOT!!!Maybe I should of just stayed in bed emoticon
Anyway, I survived my first day and Thursday . was much better and a had to put the mission of continuing to locate my desk on hold and do the extra work she gave me and got it done and hopefully each day will get better now!

I also went back to the gym and that was interesting also. The 400 pound man I blogged about months back is now half his size and looks amazing. Other ppl that consider themselves “regulars” got heavier (no judgment just observation) and the hard core gym rats that take 3 and 4 classes still look amazing. Everyone was happy to see me back and I was happy to be back. It feels so good to start feeling like me again! emoticon

Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes during EVERYTHING! I really REALLY appreciated emoticon emoticon

And in February I was finally ready to go topless ( without my wig that is!) haha and here is a picture of me from Easter. I’m so happy that my hair is finally growing back and it is all curly now in the back…we’ll see how long that lasts!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You look absolutely gorgeous and I am inspired by all your strength!
    3225 days ago
  • TISTEN23
    You look amazing! Great smile too! Welcome back!!!
    3291 days ago
    What an incredibly gorgeous smile you have!
    3291 days ago
  • LDY_ALI_79
    Welcome back......you look amazing! I hope things are going well for ya!
    3342 days ago
    Wow, you are looking great!!!
    3343 days ago
    You look amazing, gorgeous. Hugs.

    3343 days ago
    Doing a bit of catching up ... You look Gorgeous!

    Sorry to hear things are so stressful at work with so much care and concern! But according to my experience, this is the "norm". Sad, isn't it.

    I'm assuming with my late check-in on this blog, that this "norm" continued. Do hope you found your desk ... just in time to leave for your trip, too!

    Lots emoticon to you. And may you have a great cuppa emoticon coffee to get you through Friday ... to the long weekend!

    Luv ya
    3347 days ago
    You're gorgeous!!! Rock that 'do!
    3359 days ago
    You look great!
    Sounds like a crazy first day back. I hope that you are taking it slow until you build up your strength again!

    3361 days ago
    Welcome back!
    3362 days ago
    you are a wonderful friend..beautiful inside and out !!!!..
    and as far as your boss....they may not have the right words to say ...
    the positive spin on your desk being buried with your work ...they only TRUST YOU to get it done right .....

    hope you have a great week...

    You are a fighter my friend....You are such an inspiration to all!!!!!

    love you

    3362 days ago
    You look great! And I bet your title is going to draw a lot of random readers :)
    3363 days ago
  • ROSIE777
    You look amazing my sweet friend I am so glad you are able to go topless too. LOL love ya. emoticon
    3363 days ago
    You look AMAZING! As for your boss- no comment-LOL!

    I am glad you're able to get back to the gym!!!
    3365 days ago
    Beautiful! You go girl!
    3365 days ago
    You had me going there with the topless comment! emoticon emoticon

    I think you just look FANTASTIC!!!

    I am so glad you are doing so wonderfully! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3365 days ago
    You look fabulous! Your boss is a jerk. It happens. Take care :)
    3365 days ago
    Your boss and mine must be related. You look great! I hope each day back at work gets a little better...
    3365 days ago
  • MYTURN11
    Bosses like that seem to love to delegate and be harsh so that they get in their own warm and fuzzy selfish place. Sigh....Sorry...

    I would have said
    "Thank you - I am just so excited and thrilled - I was hoping someone would come along today to dump another bunch of work on my already -just back to work- heavy workload pile ~ and you just did!”

    Happy to read that you are feeling better and got back to the gym – your classes.

    You look beautiful in that picture and thank you for posting. Like I have said before you are beautiful on the outside and your inner beauty just shines through so you are 2x beautiful.

    Have a great week!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3365 days ago
    Karen I am so happy to see you wonderful smiling face!!!! emoticon
    3365 days ago
    I'm so sorry it's been so awful going back to work! I guess the bright side would be that you know you are really needed...? Would be nice to start back slow though, huh? You look amazing! Still as beautiful as ever! I am so glad that the worst is behind you and you can just work on feeling better and getting your energy back! I am so amazed by your positive attitude and fortitude.....back to the gym and everything. Wow! You are such an inspiration to all of us!
    Love you!

    3366 days ago
  • KARENA228
    Some people - Sheesh! That's all the time your boss deserves!

    Doesn't she know? You're a bad Mutha%^&*( NO offense meant), You're kicking Cancer's butt and by that pic you look like you're winning!

    Keep on fighting that good fight and keep smiling - You look amazing.

    3366 days ago
  • YICHE12
    Oh dear! What a show of concern from your boss! Truly lacking...

    I am happy that you are back in control of things and also glad you are back with us. Missed you...

    3366 days ago
    I love your "topless" photo-ha! Kar, you look so gorgeous and radiant. And, I like the shorter hair on you...especially your curls. What I love about you is your resiliency and positivity...no matter what life throws your way. Take it slow at work and don't let your boss or work overwhelm you. Your boss needs a little dose of empathy...it never ceases to amaze me how insensitive some people can be!

    Keep shining, Sunshine! emoticon
    3366 days ago
    Still in the "PINK" theme I see...
    U R looking absolutely beautiful....

    Take shredder to work on Monday... clears the desk pronto...

    Need to think up ways to get rid of the boss lady... how thoughtful she is...pity the DH… he must suffer… or maybe she is a mouse at home & feels the need to exert at work… mmm not nice for you!
    Gradual easing would have been better!!
    Rest when you need to....
    Take care of you!!! Only one Kar… out there in SP land….
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3367 days ago
    Love the hair and you look great.
    3367 days ago
    Love your short hair, and your beautiful eyes and smile!!!
    3367 days ago
    That boss should be severely disciplined . . . wow!! It's amazing the comments we hear!! Oblivious people, basically!!

    You look great. Absolutely! Just take it easy: I cannot believe that such a mess was left on your desk.
    3367 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4114604
    emoticon Kar you are such an amazing woman....i love your attitude....and you look beautiful..i love the way your hair is coming back..or growing 'in'!!! Will you keep it short?? Just wondering..cause i worried a lot about "oooh nOoooo...i will have short hair..." emoticon and now??!! I get so many compliments about my short hair...and that it looks sOooo good on me and it makes me look younger....(wonder what they thought how i looked before!!!) so i am keeping it short!
    I know the feeling about going back to work...i was ready...but work is still work....so take it easy...and try not to take on too much right away.....no matter if your boss thinks 'sitting on your booty won't make you tired!!! emoticon It always amazes me when some people think or assume that 'just because we don't look like we been through hell and back' we are perfectly able to handle anything and everything....immediately!! Nope...take breaks as often as you need it!! And tell her 'Taty said so!!" emoticon
    Love you my sweet friend emoticon emoticon
    3367 days ago
  • _JODI404
    I'm so happy to hear your update!!!

    I'm glad you are well enough to go back to work, however, your boss' insensitivity really made me feel mad!! How uncaring! It's just all about the work after all you've just been through! WoW. emoticon

    I hope that each day you whittle down that paper pile and things get better and less stressful for you!! Stress is no good for our bodies and especially for bodies that are healing. It's virtually impossible to avoid at work though ~~ unless you are a REALLY lucky person!!!

    How wonderful that you are able to return to the gym!! I miss it SO much when injury or something keeps me away! This will put a lot of happiness into your day as I know how much you enjoy your classes! emoticon emoticon

    You look beautiful in your picture! Your hair looks great and your smile is beautiful. You have a smile that just lights up a room!!

    So happy for you Karen that you are able to start getting back into the full swing of things!! Take care & be gentle with yourself when you need it!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3367 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4388863
    Hi Karen....it is so GREAT to see you up and around and back on the boards......been praying for you. Wow...that is some story about your first day back to work. Surely it will get better once you get out from under all that paperwork! And you gotta love the boss' understanding & concern. I'll never forget years ago I had some surgery and I got a phone call from my boss just a couple of DAYS after I got out of the hospital and she wanted me to give her a date on when I planned on coming back to work! I was still in bed taking pain meds for petes sake! All I kept thinking in my head was "you have got to be kidding me!" I so don't miss corporate life!

    It's good you are able to get back to the gym. That should help you a lot in getting your full energy back. Just keep taking good care of yourself and God will do the rest.

    And I think your hair looks absolutely beautiful. It really brings out your pretty eyes and smile! emoticon

    God Bless you my friend,


    > emoticon

    3367 days ago
    Karen you are an inspirartion! WTG for getting back to work and surviving the boss from hell LOL.
    There is a sparkle about you I admire greatly, have fun with getting back to business at the gym.
    You are an AMAZING woman, love the pic, so cute!

    May you continue to go from strength to strength! Luv ya emoticon
    3367 days ago
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