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May of Meditation Day 4: (Mindful of Other's Journeys)

Friday, May 04, 2012

This morning my boyfriend told me his latest check up was good, all except for his kidneys were overworking themselves and liver too. Raised concern because overworked kidneys and liver is usually your salt intake is too high, you're not getting vegetable fibre in your diet, you're eating an excess amount of meat and dairy products, and dehydration to name a few.

We don't need a professional to tell *why* these are happening. While bad foods don't hurt you in the now, they'll hurt you down the road. Down the road for him is finally here.

While he is very muscularly fit, he eats the worst foods ever (think beautiful on the outside, destructive on the inside). Burgers from fast-food everyday, chips, meat, TONS of milk with an overabundance of protein for workouts, and countless sweets of doughnuts, sugary drinks, candy, pop-tarts… the list could go on. (You ask why he isn't obese yet? Bless his genes and working out everyday!)

He laughed about it because his doctor mentioned coffee enemas. A couple months ago when I first bought the Gerson Therapy book, we were having a discussion about coffee enemas and how they are useful in detoxing harmful toxins from your liver and kidneys out of you from that therapy. At the time he thought it was crazy. He thought it was funny it was brought up, but I think a part of him also took it somewhat seriously too? Not sure.

He didn't tell me *how* bad it was, just they were overworked (and expressed having dull pain in his flanks). I wasn't too thrilled when he spent $300 on groceries. When I look in the cabinet its nothing but TV dinners, sugary cereals, and potato chips galore.

Being alone on this journey has been the hardest part for me. I have support here on SP, but when it comes to reality… he doesn't accept my raw ways (and will try to convert me back). It hurts when someone you love is plagued with sickness and you have the answer to make better choices in diet, but at the end of the day it's going to be up to that person to realize if it's right or wrong for them.

Meditating on being mindful of other's journeys and respect to their own decisions, even if it's self destructive. Sometimes you have to let them find out for themselves. I just hope one of these days, he'll come around (even if it's a little bit). He shouldn't be having that problem for as young as he is (22).
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  • no profile photo CD10828311
    Hopefully he will come around. I suggest you do some of the grocery shopping. Even when I was married I did ALL the shopping. Perhaps brining home some healthier choices will encourage him to make healthier choices.
    3368 days ago
    Sweetie I would give you a big hug if I could. This is a tough one. And, one that I myself have to walk every day.

    Acceptance of another's path is important. Also making certain you get the support you need on the home front is important. You need that, maybe not from him, but from some supportive girlfriends.

    Have you watched fat, sick, and nearly dead yet? How about Super Size Me? 2 good movies that perhaps would tweak his opinion on what he was using to kill himself with.

    Phastphood, phakephood, processed phood is all addictive. It's also deadly. Just because someone is muscular does not mean they are healthy as you and I both know.

    He is not in control and he thinks he is. He thinks it is his choice. Sorry, it's the chemicals in his system that are choosing for him.

    You have my private email address. You can write to me about this if you want.

    Hugs and kisses hon. You are a lovely woman and you deserve a partner that values himself and you better than this. Truly. Maybe you need to also wake him up before he is forever asleep?
    3373 days ago
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