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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Ugh the past 2 days have SUCKED. I've actually stayed on course with eating healthy and such. I haven't worked out that much but I'm still on track.
My vent is about work. I am still fairly new and trying to fight into the family environment they have there. It's a family owned café and everyone that works there have been there forever. Anyway I've just felt kind of uncomfortable there anyway. Especially bc one of the only other 2 servers there hates me for some reason. She literally had no reason to hate me. I'm SUPER nice etc. I dont know what I did or said wrong to her. Shes been there for like 4 years and is really close to the owners. But she is a big (insert bad word here) to me. Anyway I can deal with drama that's fine. I'm there to work and make money that's all. Well I went into work on Tues and I wasn't on the schedule for next week. My heart started pounding. I didnt do anything wrong and all of the customers seemed to love me. The owner called me into the back and sat me down to tell me that business was to slow. I automatically burst into tears, I just couldn't control it. He told me he I could keep working there but I wouldn't be a server anymore but I could wash dishes a couple days a week. WHAT!?!??
I know I know I said a job was a job and I was just there to make money but for some reason it felt SOO degrading to me. I know that sounds awful and selfish but I was embarrassed. I agreed to it and started washing dishes while randomly bursting into tears my whole shift. I work tomorrow with the girl that hates me and I know its going to be awful. Everyone in the café knew what they were going to do with me before I did. How embarrassing. I said Hi to the girl that hates me and she just smirked and walked away. If you couldn't tell I'm a super emotional girl and this was just sending me over the edge. I NEED a job. But I dont want to wash dishes. That's just not what I want to do. I've put in apps other places over the last 2 days. Hopefully I can find something but in the meantime I dont know if I can stick it out there. I know I should but I am SOOOO unhappy and embarrassed. No one even talks to me. Is it worth 70 bucks a week? If that much. Hubby makes good money but only enough to just pay the bills without any extra money for food or gas. Sorry for venting I'm just dreading going to work tomorrow.

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  • no profile photo CD12141288
    Sorry about your work situation. I hope that girl trips and breaks her face. You are stronger than you think because I would have told them to stick their dishes.
    3338 days ago
  • no profile photo CD576166
    No reason to be sorry! I would want to vent, too. You have every right to be upset... and frankly the fact that everyone there knew before you did is poor management skills on their part. That is completely not right.... and they really should have told you some time before hand to give you the option - or at least at the END of your last shift, not the beginning of your first dishwasher shift.

    I know there is nothing wrong with being a dish washer - a paycheck is a paycheck and it is good honest work... but I understand not wanting to do it. As a server I'm sure you're very social and enjoy talking to customers. That isn't possible in the back all the time. I hope you find a better job soon!!

    3338 days ago
    OMGoodness. It really doesn't seem like a nice place to work. Just keep a smile on your pretty face until you find another job. And when you do find another job, you'll be the one smirking right out of the door. emoticon
    3338 days ago
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