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Why You Can't Trust the Scale

Thursday, May 03, 2012

So, I bit the bullet last night and asked my son to take some progress shots of me. I probably should have put on better pants as these don't quite fit me anymore, but, alas, such are the woes of "weight loss".

We've all been told a million times that the scale is not a good measure of weight loss. We can fluctuate from day to day. Water retention. Bloating. "Muscle weighs more than fat." (BTW - if you don't already see the flaw in logic behind that one, look harder. The correct phrase is - "Muscle is more dense than fat.") Ya-de-ya-de-ya.

Trust me, I, like so many of you, thought it was nonsense BS fed to people like us that are having trouble staying motivated when we aren't seeing progress on the scale.

Which I haven't.
Like, at all.

The past few months...okay, basically all of this year and the better part of 2011...has looked like friggin' sketch for a very boring roller coaster at a local amusement park when plotted on a graph. My yo-yo plateau has become the source of many "inside jokes" in my family. "Ooh, you're eating a carrot! You're going to gain two pounds!" "Ooh, you went pee?! There goes 5 pounds!"

It's kinda funny...until it's not.

But I'm going to take all of those doubts and worries right out of your pretty little heads right now and tell you the one most important lesson I've learned that you don't want to hear again.

That scale of yours doesn't know JACK!
He's a liar!
He likes to cheat you and trick you and steal from you.
He's only trying to get you down.
He's the worst emotional abuser I've ever had the displeasure of meeting.

And he means NOTHING. I promise.
And I have proof.

What you are about to see are progress pictures from January 2012 to yesterday, May 2, 2012. The weight loss difference displayed in these two pictures is miniscule. About 2-4 pounds, tops...according to that friggin' liar with his little beeping dial of doom.

(And, for the record, I tried to weigh myself today, just for the purposes of this blog. I feel bloated today and I'm likely ABOVE the weight of the January pictures...but three tries on the scale and it was a no-go. Even Mr. Scale knows we're taking a break...and apparently he's none too pleased. Ah-well. Time for him to feel the emotional sting! HAHA!)

Now... on to the photographic evidence.
Before Pictures - January 2012, Weight: 306 pounds
After Pictures - May 2012, Weight: *shrug* Last I checked it was 302 (Sunday)

Be sure to check the waist/hips area, as that's where I've seen the most improvements (well, my legs too, but you can't see them for my poor choice in attire).
There you go. Enjoy!

I would also like to note that the progress you see before you was mostly achieved through strength training in the form of heavy lifting and body weight exercises. LITTLE to NO CARDIO WAS INVOLVED.

Yea, I heard you gasp. Go ahead, don't believe me.

In December of last year I started to develop serious plantar fasciitis in my right foot. It remains to this day (although, thankfully, it has been healing since I've basically sworn off most forms of cardio exercise...even walking). So I stopped running. And Zumba was a no go. And not long after I had to give up most walking workouts as well. Everything bothered my foot (and still does to this day). Yes, even the rowing machine and the bike tweak it, though not as much as the treadmill or the elliptical. So I did the only thing I could...I started lifting and working on building lean muscle.

So for those of you firmly under the belief that you MUST do cardio in order to "lose weight"...well, maybe you're right. Remember, I've only lost, at most, four pounds in 4 months. But, even so, I'm sorry you had to see those pictures...because they might just prove that you can get lean without running 20 miles on the treadmill. *shrug*

(For the record, I'm not saying running is bad. In fact, you can ask most of my closest friends and they'll tell you I miss running so much that it hurts my wee 'lil heart sometimes. I'm just saying that there might be truth in what every figure competitor and bodybuilder has ever said -- Cardio is not necessary to slim down.)

Just in case you've forgotten...here are pictures from exactly 2 years ago today, when I was weighing 403 pounds and just really starting out.

And, just for fun and because we were taking pictures last night...here's my progress on Dancer Pose and Standing Split Pose.


Standing Split

For the record, the kids and I only completed one round last night of my crazy homemade circuit. We're going to try to amp it up on Saturday and do 2 or 3 in a row. We've made a competition out of my May "Iso" Goals as well. Each of us put $2 in a jar on the kitchen counter. The person who does the most of the pushups, planks, crunches, burpees, mountain climbers, etc. that I have mapped out for May will win the entire $6 pot. Should be a fun challenge for all of us! I love getting the kids involved (and am SO happy that my oldest, Logan, decided to join Ethan and I in the challenge)!

Stronglift Workout B scheduled for after work tonight...then maybe a late dinner with a friend. We shall see!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD8392955
    You are amazing!!! You look absolutely fantastic. I love that you can continue to look beyond what the scale says and are focusing on how you feel and how you look. Keep up the great work!
    3284 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11888328
    Congrats!! You've made a great transformation! Love the yoga poses at the end! Keep up the good work!
    3284 days ago
  • SUGIRL06
    LOVE the yoga poses!!!! And look at you! Definitely a different! I agree 100% that weight lifting definitely makes you smaller faster. Paired with cardio is good but like you said, it is difficult for you so you just gotta hit those weights! Put on that muscle girl!
    3285 days ago
    Disappearing apron! Say buh-bye!

    3289 days ago
    awesome!!! yeah the scale is dumb and you are doing great!
    3290 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12277924
    I love reading your blogs and seeing your pictures. You are so inspiring!! Keep fighting!
    3290 days ago
    Who cares what the scale says when you can SEE the changes in your body? That's why pictures are SOOOOOO helpful--we don't see it in the mirror, but in pictures, there's no denying it. Muscle doesn't weigh less than fat, but it sure takes up a lot less space, and your pictures are proof of that. Way to go!
    3290 days ago
    Your progress is wonderful! And your blog is just what I needed today. I, too, have been staying within the same 5 pounds since Oct 2011. It used to frustrate me - up until about the end of March this year if I'm honest. But since Oct 2011 - little no weight loss, but 3 inches lost on my waist alone! And my other measurements have gone down too. I am into strength training as well, not so much cardio anymore, and as one of my former trainers said "the scale is a b*tch and she LIES" - sounds like your scale and my scale should start dating lol.

    Keep up the great work - you have much to be proud of!

    3290 days ago
  • MAGPIE17
    3290 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    Wow, you really have lost inches!! Awesome!
    3290 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7009225
    This is awesome! So glad you did this so you could prove to yourself again how amazing you are!
    3290 days ago
  • BECKYB73
    I LIke this a lot!
    3290 days ago
    Awesome and ironically my knee is really bothering me today, so though you know you should do some wts, you have the stuff, and you know after menopause.... and then lo and behold yet another proof positive!!
    you are doing great!!! keep on doing cos it will soon show on the LIAR lol

    3290 days ago
    You are such an inspiration!
    3290 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12274571
    Wow! I am super glad that I ran across your blog. I was just blogging myself about how the scale isn't showing any of the "progress" I am making. I can definitely tell that you have lost weight. Keep up the wonderful work and if you don't mind, I'm going to add you as a friend. I would love to watch your transformation! Thanks again for the motivation and PROOF that the scale is the devil. Lol. Have a wonderful day.
    3290 days ago
    You look *amazing* and I love your progress pictures.

    I'm glad to see you write this... I have been on a stupid see-saw plateau for the past 6 months or so and its really #$%#$#ing me off. (I should take some pictures because I know while the scale hasn't budged +/- 6lbs, I am now can fit in a size smaller than before.)
    3290 days ago
    I am always telling people to forget the scale!! The number on the scale is just the gravitational pull toward the earth, nothing else!! You look like you lost at least 20 lbs in that picture! Go by how you look, how your clothes fit and your measurements!! Fat takes up more space than muscle!! My example is a rock and a marshmallow of the same size. Which weighs more?
    3290 days ago
    Lookin' good! I see a big difference in those pictures!

    I am a firm believer in the fact that you don't have to do cardio to lose, after the first phase of LiveFit. I only lost .2 (yes, two tenths) of a pound in April, but lost 3.25 inches!

    3290 days ago
    THAT IS JUST...WAY. COOL. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3290 days ago
  • ACCT1908
    OMG GIRLIE!! You look FREAKIN AMAZING!! keep doing what you are doing..it's working!
    3290 days ago
    You are doing amazing! The difference is very noticeable! Fuhk the scale, keep doing what you're doing because it is working! :D
    3290 days ago
  • TREP13
    What a difference in just four months! All of that ST is really smoothing you out and giving you that coveted hourglass shape. Keep it up! You're looking great!
    3290 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12325903
    You look amazing! Keep up the great work! You have motivated me!
    3290 days ago
  • THOMS1
    emoticon You are looking great! Keep up the good work and I agree the scale is not to be trusted at times. emoticon
    3290 days ago
    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that second shot of dancer is me about to fall over. *lol* I can hold it just fine for a while if I'm concentrating but with 2 dogs, Hubs, cars going by thinking I must have lost my mind, and then my son trying to snap pictures...well, concentration wasn't really high up there. :)
    3290 days ago
    Awesome progress pics and thanks for the yoga pics. It will be interesting to see your pics as you progress through poses. You must have great balance. You might be able to get a shot of me in Dancer if you are quick to do it before i topple over LOL.
    3290 days ago
    You look amazing! I think your progress pictures show just how great you are doing & why I hate the scale too! Once I get over this bronchitis I have going on I will be getting back into the fitness & I will definitely be adding more strength training so I can look like you!!!
    3290 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1479887
    3290 days ago
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