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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Yesterday was a great day. It was also a bad day.

Let me start off by thanking all of my new Sparkfriends and the goodie but oldies who stopped by to lend support and encouragement after my "Lightbulb Moment" blog yesterday. (And special thanks again to my girl Karvs - she's back! - for inspiring it.) I wrote it mostly for me, but also for all of you...because I think we all need to empower ourselves. No matter what shape, size, or configurement (*lol*) we have our own worth...we just have to learn to reach out and claim it.

But as much as I can tell you that the scale doesn't run my life, just know that, like most of you, it still haunts me. I had to force myself to stay off of it this morning. Breaking up is hard to do my friends...but he was no good for me and we really do need some time apart.

This morning I almost did backslide, though. (Thanks, New Girl for the new phrase!)

In addition to this difficult breakup, my life is full of chaos and turmoil right now as changes have been set in motion that seem to be defining the next chapter of my life. Hubs is moving into a new venture and while it's exciting and promising as all get out, I'm the kinda girl that both loves change and is scared as hell by it. Add to that my new part-time job, which is also promising, but poses its own set of challenges and, well, I haven't slept in about two weeks. Not really. I'll fall asleep and then wake up gasping because of all the worries that are plaguing me. (Hubs says it's pretty annoying, actually... *lol* I told him he should be thankful he's been able to actually sleep and not have to live it.)

But yesterday, after finally owning up and releasing some of my weight loss woes...
Last night I slept.
I slept long and hard.
And I even woke up this morning at 4am for my morning workout...
and then chose to sleep some more.

Don't worry, I'll get my workout in. I've been looking forward to this one for two days, actually. I'm going to get started on checking off my "iso" stuff from my May goal sheet. I've created a killer (probably) circuit that I can do ANYWHERE. Which meant I didn't need to go to the gym at all today if I didn't want to. I think that in itself also released a lot of my fears and tensions and worries allowing me to sleep last night. I even asked my youngest (who has been working out about 4 times a week with my NTC app in an effort to condition himself for the upcoming football season) if he maybe wanted to do it with me tonight.

I can't tell you how pumped I am.
And scared.
But mostly pumped.

I think I might actually challenge my son to join me this month and see if we both can't hit my May goals...and see if there's any he'd like to add to them. Maybe each weekend we'll challenge each other in to a "Workout Off" (kinda like a dance off, but with ST moves and stuff). Could be fun, right?

If I learned anything yesterday after reading and watching brilliant blogs and vlogs from MOSTMOM1 (seriously, check her out! it's inspiring!) it's that exercise doesn't have to be dull and boring. Sure, some of it is serious business (my Stronglift 5x5), but the rest can be fun and silly and goofy.

I think it's high time I brought some fun back into this world of mine!

Goals for today:

* Eat on track. I'm going to shoot for an average calorie intake of 2147. I like the oddness of that number. *lol*

* Stay away from the ice cream! *lol*

* Workout tonight with my son. Here's our circuit, which we'll do 2x:

15 modified pushups
1 minute mountain climbers
15 regular crunches
5 burpees
1 minute plank
1 minute jump rope
15 raised leg crunches
1 minute mountain climbers
15 pushups
5 burpees
15 "BigTinys"
1 minute jump rope
1 minute modified plank
1 minute mountain climbers
15 reverse crunches
5 burpees
1 minute side plank
15 oblique crunches (each side)

Breathe! and Repeat once

* Take progress pictures.

One other challenge for myself. I'd like to start photographically recording the new yoga challenge moves I've set for myself. For the record, a while back I challenged myself with Dancer Pose:

I had to hold onto support at first, but now I can do this pretty consistently (though it's not exactly pretty and graceful yet! *lol*). I still have more work to do to get it a little more advanced:

(Nowhere near this yet!)

And then last month I challenged myself with a standing split:

At first I simply raised one leg from downward dog pose. Then I progressed to bringing my arms in closer to my leg. Just yesterday I was able to bend at the waist while bringing one foot in the air behind me and place my hands on the floor next to my foot. But my back leg isn't quite straight yet...that's the progress I'll have to make (if possible).

I thought to myself yesterday, though... Wouldn't it be nice for all of you to see this big girl struggle and then progress through poses most people would think aren't possible? *shrug* It could lend some support to people out there who have that silly mindset that fat girls don't do yoga. I promise you, they do. (At least, this one does!) And it'll be a great reminder to me of other NSVs I've marked down along this thing I no longer call a journey of weight loss but a journey of self-betterment.

Any interest in seeing some not graceful attempts at some beautiful poses? *lol*
And feel free to hit me with new pose challenges, but understand that I might have to turn some down because I have considerations (back issues, a misaligned pelvis, osteoarthritis in my knees, and a calcified ligament in my neck) that have to be taken into account. (Not to mention body weight, which does affect my ability to do some moves.

Have a happy day, everyone! It's May! Only 8 weeks until summer! Let's make 'em count!!
emoticon now... emoticon later! :)

(Photos courtesy of www.magnetictimes.com.au and www.yogajournal.com.)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SUGIRL06
    I love the yoga idea! I love yoga period and like trying new poses too. Haven't done it in a while though!
    3284 days ago
    would love yoga pictures, then maybe I could figure out how to start.

    3289 days ago
    I just love the fact that you and your son are doing workouts together! I might steel that workout tonight because I have limited time between work and dinner.

    Love the yoga pose challenge too. Can't wait ot see your poses and how they are progressing.

    Let's rock the month of May!
    3289 days ago
    thanks for describing the big tiny, im gonna have to read that a few more times before I attempt lol
    3290 days ago
    Thank you - my day has not been too wonderful & I needed your blog.
    3290 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    You're killin' it!
    3290 days ago
    good work out . keep up the this feeling good about yourself .
    3290 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    3290 days ago
    I not only love the idea of you photographing yourself progressing through these yoga poses, I think I might steal it.
    3290 days ago
    I LOVE progress pics and workout pics. I'm a HUGE picture taker so i love seeing pics of others. I REALLY love the idea of you and your son working out together. What better way to help one another and spend some time together. Now how about this hubs of yours? If he doesn't want to workout he COULD take some pics of the two of you while you two are working out. Looking forward to seeing how your workout goes tonight!
    3290 days ago
    I read your blog yesterday and LOVED it but didn't manage to write. So happy you slept well last night! Go for those yoga poses, I love yoga and you are reminding me how much I used to enjoy those classes. Off to approximate some sun salutations... emoticon and I do mean approximate! emoticon
    3290 days ago
    BigTinys...hrm. It's one my trainer had me do and I don't know that it's the actual name of a workout. Let me see if I can figure it out... *lol* Nope, can't find it. I'll try to describe it.

    Lay on the ground on your back. Raise both arms straight above your head, legs straight out below you (below you? ...you know what I mean... *lol*). That's the "big" part...now for the tiny. You bring your legs in, bending at the knees, while at the same time you bring your arms in, bending at the elbows - knees to elbows (making yourself "tiny" according to Tanner, my trainer *lol*). Then back to big, and so forth. Does that make sense?
    3290 days ago
  • GREFF13
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    I love New Girl! Also keep up on the goals! I am have chose mine and now are working towards them.

    Those yoga poses would kill me! lol I pretty much enjoy any type exercise except yoga and I don't know why that is.

    Best of luck!
    3290 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7009225
    And what are big tinys?? That's a heck of a workout! You should feel pretty great about yourself after that! Keep that trend of feeling great about yourself going!!
    3290 days ago
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