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April Recap/May Goals - And Time for Serious Reflection

Monday, April 30, 2012

So, here we go again. Time to make a few changes.

I hate to say it but after just 2 days of working my new job it has become apparent to me that LiveFit won't exactly fit into my lifestyle right now. Friday wasn't so bad. I spent about 7 hours on the computer in the office doing training videos and quizzes (think I only missed 3 questions total from the 26 videos/quizzes!) and then another 30 minutes or so filling out paperwork and talking to my new boss about what I would be doing. Saturday, however, was 5 horrendous hours on the register. There was no "watch me" prep time, they just immediately put me to work with one of the more veteran cashiers looking over my shoulder all day. I noticed a few things off the bat. (1) My PF HATES standing in one place for long periods of time. (2) 15 minutes is not long enough of a break to potty and eat and sit down and just breathe and relax during a 5-hour shift. (3) Say goodbye to 5-hour shifts because I think they're going to be 8-hour shifts from here on out. I did get Sunday off, which gave me some much needed time to get some cleaning done, go grocery shopping (I know! But after working there, you really don't want to spend another hour shopping too!), and get as much laundry as possible done.

It doesn't help that I've been sick since last Monday (serious tummy issues, no kidding!) and haven't been able to sleep very much for about that long as well. (I literally must've tossed and turned in bed for over an hour, shaking and convulsing at certain points because I could not get my body to just rest.) I missed my morning workout time this morning. I'm going to try to make up for it at lunch.

Plus, I was off Wednesday and Thursday sick...and while I attempted a workout with my FIL's weight bench on Wednesday, I discovered that his setup is not conducive to my LiveFit workouts and that my back literally HATES his smaller barbell. I had to tweak a few exercises and then had to quit early because any more would've done serious damage to two major areas that I have to protect - my lower back where I have a faulty disk issue and my neck, which has a calcified ligament in it that can cause serious pain and migraines if it starts to pinch the nerves there. So while I was squating 130 pounds and feeling fine in my legs doing it, my back started complaining and I had to give in and quit.

So, yes, things have to change.

I have options. I can quit working out.
No, seriously, that is an option. I can say WTF and give up right here and now. I'd have every right to. I hear people all the time working a full-time job and taking care of a family that complain that they can't find the time to exercise...can't find the motivation to cook/eat right. I'm working 2 jobs now. I'm not sure when my next day off will be, it could not be until May 8th when I get an actual "holiday" from my FT job (but I've considering letting the PT job know I can work that day if they wish as I won't be able to work Friday that week). I could just say it's too much. I'm not getting any sleep. I'm tired all the time. When do I have time to actually workout?

But I won't say no quite yet. Not without a serious effort to make it work.
So I'm coming up with a more flexible plan. Something I might be able to make work...somehow. If I try hard enough. And give myself permission to admit when it's too much and I need an unscheduled day off.

I'd say that this might slow down my weight loss, but who are we kidding? I weighed in at 302.2 yesterday. Cool, right? Not. Same stupid flip-flopping I've been doing all year, plus some months in 2011. I haven't had a steady weight loss since 2010 honestly. And I've come to accept that this, like other parts of my life, is just going to be the way it is. I've fought for everything else...why not this. Other people WILL get it easy. I watch people all the time graduate college or even just HS and land a dream job and buy a house and get married and have babies and have the 2.2 picket fence life we're all taught to want (and some, rightly so, rebel against). But not me. I've been fighting since day one when I popped out and broke my collarbone in minute 1 of my life. Why did I think this would be any different. Do the right things, keep doing them, still get no results, never say die and keep going and maybe, one day, when everyone has already forgotten what you were fighting for in the first place, you might get somewhere that's close to the goal you always wanted to achieve and a few people will notice and say "yay!" with you, and then you'll use that as a tool, a guide, for the next fight you encounter.

(Note: This is not a "woe is me" type thing...I'm just reasoning with myself that giving up should never be in my vocabulary because I've been here before, I've seen that tree, and I've fought tooth and nail and gotten past it before.)

Time for the April recap.

First of all, my main goal was to do 21/21 LiveFit workouts.
I won't make that. I missed Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I can't go back in time.
However, I did have one unscheduled "supervised workout" that counts as ST as it was a circuit with lifting involved. So +1 for me. And I plan on getting today's workout done at lunch or, if all else fails, after work. (Though it may not be the LiveFit one planned...it probably won't be, actually.)
So that will mean I got 19 of 21 workouts complete. I can't fault myself for that.
PLUS, I actually started on 3/26, so I stuck through an entire month of those workouts. So I was 22 for 25 overall (not including the non-LiveFit workout I included above).

I only got in 2 of the cardio workouts in that last week, but that's okay. I know what I can do. I know better how to manage my PF.

Plus, I learned a WHOLE lot about how to eat better, healthier, and more fulfilling food. I have new recipes to lean on. And I'm taking those with me into the next phase.

I still don't know what right amount of calories I'll need to eat. And right now I can't think about that. I can't think about much of anything, actually. And that's where my May plan will change drastically from any other plan I've had before. Less thinking, more just doing what I can, checking off the list, putting away the scale and not really worrying too much about where I am one month from now. My only goal is not to give up. It's a big goal, so for those of you out there just getting up once or twice a week and trying again when you don't feel like it - know that your efforts to simply NOT give up are something to be praised and respected.

Going out on a good note...I think I might just eek out 1,000 fitness minutes. We shall see. I think I have to do a 45 minute workout today...which I'll have to break up into two parts to make...but I'll do my best.

So now for the plan beyond "Don't Quit!" I'm going to set concrete, reasonable goals. And then I'm going to strive every week to make them happen...even if it's not done the "right" way.

Food -

*Attempt your very best to eat healthy 80% of the time.

*Try not to eat out more than 3 times this month. (This does not include food bought at the store, as you can make healthy choices there that don't include sodium-rich restaurant and fast food nonsense.)

*Enlist the help of your boys to help with healthy dinners.

*Stay within your calorie ranges, no matter what you eat.
I'm going to just use the Spark ranges for now. *shrug*


I've got a few options, but I'm thinking for right now I'm going to try the Stronglift 5x5 program. It only requires 3 45-minute sessions each week. It's compound movements which should hit all the major muscle groups. I don't care about the claims about how it will build all these muscles and help me lose oodles of body fat. I mean, that'd be great and all, but the only thing I've been looking for is something that requires no more than 3-4 days of commitment from me each week. I just don't think I can promise myself any more than that.

Sunday - Rest
Monday - Stronglift 5x5
Tuesday - Iso and Cardio
Wednesday - Stronglift 5x5
Thursday - Iso & Cardio
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Iso and Cardio

For "Iso" I mean isolation exercises, which Stronglift says are not important, but I don't really mean bicep curls and such. In fact, what I want to do includes more compound movements and I probably 'shouldn't' do them on top of the Stronglift stuff, but I don't care. I need more to measure than just the Stronglift weight increases and whether I get 3 a week. (Plus, I think 3 a week is a "wimp" week. I'd rather have 4-5 days of working out for at least 30 minutes each week to keep my fitness levels up.) So I want measurable goals other than simple "I did this many out of this many workouts this month" or whatever. So I'm picking my most and least favorite things and I'm going to "fitness test" myself with them in a way.

Pushups - Modified and Regular
Plank - Regular, Modified, and Modified Side
Burpees - because they're wonderful torture
Mountain Climbers - for the same reason
Crunches - Regular, Legs in the Air, "BigTinys", Reverse, Oblique

If I did just 5 of these each day in May, I will have done 155 of each of them (countable in that way) by May 31st. I'm shooting for 200, but 150 will be the goal. (And I'm not saying I'll just do 5 a day. I may skip doing pushups all week and then do a whole bunch one day. *shrug* However I work it out, these are measurable goals.)

Pushups (Modified) - 0/150
Pushups (Regular) - 0/150
Burpees - 0/150
Crunches (Regular) - 0/150
Crunches (Legs Raised) - 0/150
Crunches (BigTinys) - 0/150
Crunches (Reverse) - 0/150
Crunches (Oblique/Side) - 0/150

As for the Mountain Climbers - I want to commit to 30 minutes of them throughout the month. Same for Planks.

Mountain Climbers - 0/30 minutes
Plank (Regular) - 0/30 minutes
Plank (Modified) - 0/30 minutes
Plank (Modified Side) - 0/30 minutes

So that's what I mean by "Iso" in my routine. I don't necessarily have to do it that day, but I want to give myself a couple reminders each week so I'm not trying to pull off 150 crunches of each type on May 31st just to hit my goal.

As for the Cardio. Real simple. 2-3 times a week. Aiming for 30 minutes. In any form whatsoever. Zumba for Kinect. Wii Adventures. Walking the dogs. What the hell ever. I have to take it easy, but I want to keep my cardiovascular strength up. I like my 60bpm HR and I'd hate to have it rise because I'm not pushing it here and there. As with everything else, the goal is to keep going, don't quit, and just see what happens.

So that's the plan, Stan.

In addition to this, I'm reading NROLFW. It's come highly recommended, so I figure it will keep my motivation up. Plus, it's on my phone so I can read it on breaks at work or whenever I have a free moment.

Going to try to take some progress pics tonight, as Hubs says that my body has changed drastically even if the weight doesn't want to change at all. He says he thinks progress pics will help me see that (and I'm deathly afraid I'll just be disappointed by them). I know my body is changing. My hips are shrinking, which has meant a loss in some of my curves, but anything that reduces the size of my hips/waist generally means a loss to unwanted belly fat so I'll take it.

So, yeah...off we go...into the Goonies stage of our plan. ;)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SUGIRL06
    I was going to say "do what you can" but you figured that out on your own! LoL. When I am that busy, I just make an effort to do some sort of workout when I have the time. You are super busy! But you will get through this and find time for yourself!
    PS. LOVE New Rules!
    3285 days ago
  • BOB240
    Barbell squats replace with either dumbell squats


    or harder Bulgarian split squats

    3293 days ago
  • BOB240
    simply brilliant............
    3293 days ago
    I love how you never quit even when life throws many curveballs your way!! I'm totally thinking of you and cheering you on! I want to take on a 2nd job as well but I need to really consider all the aspects of doing that, it's difficult but we have to do what we have to do for our families, you are incredible and I love your plan!
    3293 days ago
    Yup looks like you have a plan, so go for it. And like you said all you can do sometimes is not quit! take it one step at a time. And yup you will still some of us right there with you when you reach goal no matter how long it take.

    For you it is a time factor, for me it is realizing that I am no longer 25 and can't work out like I am. (DA** 50)

    3293 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/30/2012 1:36:39 PM
    Love your new plan girl and I LOVE the fact that you are going to do what you can and not give up. That is so important. I am such a perfectionist so I constantly have to remind myself to do what I can, when I can, and not get off track just because I can't do something perfectly. You are doing great! emoticon
    3293 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    I love how you're not afraid to say something's not working, time for a new plan. Listen to your body, and hang in there!
    3293 days ago
    NROLFW - what is that? What are Burpees? Mountain climbers I discovered today, gotta try 'em, know I'll hate 'em...

    emoticon OMG, how did I miss this two-jobs nonsense? ACK! Do be good to yourself but I am glad you're hanging in there. Listen to Hubs, he knows whereof he speaks. Think of it as consolidating your progress. Not a bad thing.

    You are truly emoticon , never doubt it! emoticon
    3293 days ago
  • KARVY09
    Hugs. I think the pics will help, so I'd go for it. I'm glad that May means that you won't be fixated on getting to the 200s for good, but I'm sorry that you have so much work stress and everything else on your plate right now. Stay strong!
    3293 days ago
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