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My Smurfy Challenge- day 1

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Today is day 1. Day 1 of about a 6-week break off from watching my GKs. My DD had my third GD on Monday, and went home Wednesday afternoon, so she will be on maternity leave. (I watch my GD from 7:15-5:15, pick the other up from school, and am now employed for another 5 years). So, that leaves me nothing to do now. LOL.LOL. LOL. emoticon

Well, not quite, but it will give me time to play catch-up, and maybe get things done around the house if I budget my time. And take time for me. Most days are not my 'own'. I AM GOING TO 'OWN' these days!

My one vice (escapism) is playing Smurf Village on my phone. The GKs like it, too. My kids play it. The whole house is one Smurfy place. So I bought Smurf coloring books for Easter, and kept one for myself.

I loved to color as a kid, and couldn't resist. But even with that, where to find the time. Then I got a crazy idea this morning. And then turned it into a motivator. emoticon Anything that works, right!

( I will get to the point soon)

Last year I joined the Spring into Shape Challenge. It was hard to find the time everyday, and then I'd lose track of where I was. Same thing with the 28-day Bootcamp Challenge. I'd track it, but if a few days went by, I didn't know which day to do. It only lets you check off by week. I've now rejoined the Spring challenge. Here's my idea.

I find 10 minutes to do each day's video (look at all the open time now with nothing to do). Then I reward myself by coloring a page. And recording the date. Relaxing, and I'm guaranteed at least 10 minutes of 'me'time per day. So, here is day 1:

Second part of the challenge. DRINKING WATER! I am awful at it. I like water. I just never think about it, or I am always running around. Have to consider the bathroom part, too. Betsy-Wetsy - or water in, water out. Well, need I remind you that now I am home with nothing to do?

I have tried in the past, to no avail. But now I am putting myself out here. If I don't do it now, I'll look like an idiot in front of all you people who I have never met. (although at this age, do I really care? I hope so, or this plan will not work.)

I've made these handy dandy cards, 1 thru 8.

They will hang on the frig, and be moved as I drink throughout the day. And my sister introduced me to MiO liquid enhancer. One squirt and I'm ready to drink. Although I like water, I can guzzle this stuff. I'll move those cards in no time! And a bonus, this glass is really worth 2 glasses (20oz).

So - if I don't get anything else done in these 6 weeks, my game plan is to (1) start & FINISH the Spring into Shape Challenge and (2) develop a habit of drinking enough water for the day.

Also (3) to blog everyday - maybe catching you all up on my fascinating life? I didn't get too many comments on my telepathic blogs. Guess writing them down works better.

emoticon - week 1, day 1 DONE

Now off to hem the flower girl and bridesmaid dresses. I still have one more day. No sweat!
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