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My Favorite Workout Buddy

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

If you’ve followed any of my v/blogs, you already know my favorite workout buddy is my daughter, Audrey. We are each other’s biggest fan. This morning, when I hit the elliptical, I glanced over at my stack of blank post-it notes and saw this--

Looks like she’s made some post-its for the next couple of days. She’s part of why my streak keeps going.

Audrey is largely responsible for turning me on to hooping too. A couple of years ago, we stumbled onto a YouTube video. It was, “Why You Should Buy Your Girlfriend a Real Hula Hoop” or something like that. I dunno. Anyway, it was the first time we ever saw someone hoopdancing and we thought it was the coolest thing. I secretly wondered if I could ever do something like that. Me. A short, round, middle-aged chick, whose concept of grace is religious and not at all related to poise. Then, I stumbled onto a hooping book with a short DVD at, of all places, the grocery store. Shortly afterwards, hubs ordered my first hoop (heavy, Sweet Nellie-she who hoops around the block) and I started. But I didn’t get very far, strictly waist hooping. I couldn’t come close to doing any of the tricks on the DVD. I had no idea my hoop was too heavy.

Audrey, on the other hand, was still hooping with a kids’ size hoop and she picked up the tricks right away. She tried so hard to help me learn. She kept encouraging me and showing me. Finally, I told her that this was going to have to be her thing and not mine, but that I loved how she was awesome at it. We worked up a routine for her 4th Grade Talent Show (she’s in the 6th grade now). She was going to hoop. We knew what people would expect--oh great, another hula hooper. There’s always a kid who hoops in the talent show, usually waist hooping, sometimes neck or kneeling, sometimes with two. But we’d never seen anybody do this kind of hooping. We planned on her dropping her hoop at the beginning, to make it look like she wasn’t going to do so well. Then, she was going to launch into this fierce hooping and surprise everyone. I wish you could’ve been there. It worked just as we planned. You could hear the collective sigh in the room, as she came onstage and again as she dropped her hoop. Then, there was a gasp and people seemed to wake up and sit up straighter, as she hooped like a maniac. A dad next to me was saying, “Oh my gosh, she’s good!” He didn’t know I was her mom. It was the coolest thing ever.

After that night, Audrey kept encouraging me to keep trying, saying how much fun it would be to do this together. Finally, I ordered a lighter hoop, practiced and practiced and-- sha-BAM--became a hooper. Not a graceful, poised, elegant hooper, like the ones in the videos. But that’s okay. That was never my real intention. I wanted to do it because it looked like fun, it might help me lose weight and it was something I could do with my daughter. She’s 13 now and going to Junior High next year. I don’t know how much longer she’ll want to be in these crazy vlogs. She tells me, “Forever” and I hope that’s true, but, well--you know. I’m just exceptionally grateful for every crazy hoop memory we’ve made. Working out can be fun, especially if you share it with someone special.

And check it out-- I dug around and found some shaky video I took with my cellphone at the talent show that night. That’s my daughter!!!!!
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