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I Broke Down....

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

....and bought new pants today! Hahaha you thought it was bad! ;) I've been having to pull up my pants practically every time I move at work lately and today I finally realized why. My pants were two sizes too big!! I bought size 24 pants at the beginning of December when I got hired at McDonald's and of course I noticed that they had been getting big, but I was determined not to buy new pants until I really had to. Well since I can't even take one step without my pants slipping, I've started to worry about my pants literally falling down (a new concept in my adult life).

I admit I was nervous going into The Avenue today because I didn't know what size I wore and I was afraid of what I was going to find out. I grabbed about 6 pairs of pants in two different sizes, 20 and 22. I didn't want to disappoint myself right off the bat, so I tried the 22s on first. They were pretty loose on me and my first thought was "OMGns, it looks like I have a penis!" (sorry for the graphic, but this is the actual thought I had lol) So I took those off and put them in my "absolutely not" pile and put on the 20s in the same style. Much to my surprise, they fit perfectly. I was shocked and very excited. I even did the sit down test in them just to make sure. lol The only pants that I didn't like in the 20s was the skinny jeans. I'm not quite that brave yet.

Here's a pictures of me in a pair of the new pants I bought. I got 2 pairs of jeans and a pair of work pants. The shirt is new too. I got that one and one other.

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