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I am back at this and doing this for real this time!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I know I've been back & forth on this site. I'll get really into losing weight, then something will happen and I lose focus. After all the financial troubles, marriage troubles, and family troubles...I am finally just over it. I'm tired of being stressed out & upset. It's time to be positive and change my life. My husband & I moved back to WA state to live with his parents so that we can get back on our feet.

I think what really motivated to want to lose weight was seeing my husband & father in law go workout at the gym almost every day. They would always invite to go along, and I would just say no. I would drink soda & coffee all the time, and I just wanted to eat everything.

Suddenly one day, I just realized that after I drank all this soda & ate all this food-I really didnt feel so good. Listening to the guys talk about how good they felt after working out made a lightbulb go on in my head. Maybe I should go try it out. I've always been hesitant about going to a gym to work out. All I could think of was all these skinny girls and muscular guys working out, and how they would look at me in disgust because I was fat.

Finally my husband convinced me that everyone in the gym basically have the same goals as I do. Lose weight, get fit, lead a healthier lifestyle. He said there were plenty of big people in the gyms working out. So one day I finally decided to go with them. Sure enough, there were people of all shapes and sizes working out, and they weren't paying attention to me-they were focused on themselves. I just turned on my ipod and started working out. I loved it! I couldnt wait to go back the next day.

Now I love going to the gym. There are so many things that I can do. Treadmills, ellyptical (Not sure if that is spelled right..), weight machines, dumbbells, the yoga ball things. I think it is fun. I'm now learning to play racquetball. It's definitely a cario workout. It's hard but it is fun. I've even found workout videos on our on demand feature on the tv. I like doing the cardio dances and the walking video. I also go on walks around the neighborhood or the nearby park.

I'm still adjusting on the food part. I have completely cut out soda. I haven't had a soda in almost 3 weeks. I drink coffee here and there, but I cant even finish a cup. I also use splenda instead of sugar..but the creamer is the downfall. lol
I'll drink a fruit smoothie in the morning with 2 scoops of my father in law's Visalus protein powder (which is pretty good). I eat more fruits and veggies. The hardest part for me is the carbs. Breads, rice, chips, pasta...its hard!! I do eat the Special K cracker chips..so thats healthier than regular potato chips. If I eat bread, I'll eat whole wheat or multi-grain. The pasta is hard...I dont like whole wheat pasta-I think its too dry and not good. Maybe its the brand that I used or what...but I just didnt like it.

If I get a sweet tooth I'll have chocolate milk. I use 1% milk and 1 tablespoon of nesquick. I figured that is better than cookies or candy or something like that.

All in all, I think I'm doing pretty good. I've lost 3.6 pounds in the past 2 weeks. I'll weight myself again tomorrow. Hopefully I've lost a little more. I just have to get this weight off of me. I need to have a healthier lifestyle and I want to be able to fit in the cute clothes that I see all the time & I cant fit into or it doesnt look right on me.

I'm excited!!! emoticon
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    Thanks for the suggestion LHLADY517!
    3281 days ago
  • LHLADY517
    "The pasta is hard."--my suggestion--watch your portion size and watch the type of sauce you use. Also spaghetti squash is a very good alternative to spaghetti.
    3282 days ago
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