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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So it’s been 9 months, and I finally gave “birth” via c-incision (chest) to a .5 ounce pointy headed “baby” with it’s umbilical (catheter) still attached. It’s name is PORTia. We chose this name because every time we see it, it will remind us that the money we would have had to spend (if we didn’t have insurance) would have bought us a Porsche, a Ferrari and probably more. But no matter what the cost, the final results is priceless!

YES!!! My most recent PET scan showed zero uptake which says I am free of cancer!!!

While these 9 months have been hard, emotional and scary and I never hope to repeat them, they have taught me something very important things I wouldn’t trade...

I have an amazing family and awesome friends.
I am stronger than I ever thought, more so than my original belief of this after my first marathon.
I can handle the pain without the drugs, but will use them when I feel it is necessary - they don’t show weakness.
I won’t sweat the little stuff and most problems are little. If I can’t fix them they will many times fix themselves.
Exercise is my friend. It got me though the cancer treatment by helping both physically and mentally, and is now helping me get back my energy.
I”m going to have to learn to work with my chemo induced joint pain because the alternative isn’t acceptable.
I’m not going to complain about how expensive insurance is, not having it would have cost more.
Mend fences.
The past is in the past, let it lie, let it die.
Now is what counts.
The future will come no matter what, so work to make it a good one.
I always wondered what I would look like with no hair... now I know.
It is health and not weight that matters.
Listen to your body.
Make the doctor listen to you or get a different doctor.
Don’t fear the diagnosis, face it head on, and work to fix it, if at all possible.
Celebrate! There is always something worth celebrating.

While I wouldn’t want to go through the last 9 months again, I wouldn’t want to give back what I learned during my cancer journey.

I didn’t just give “birth” to my port today, I gave birth to a new life.

For those who are curious, I will be checked every 3 months with an exam and a CT scan every 6 months for the next 2 years, but the probability of the cancer returning is extremely small.
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