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Three Quarters Done with Phase I

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I've found it helpful lately to think in these terms. Percentages done and chipping away at the totals. For example, I'm in Week 4 of 4 weeks of Phase I, which means I'm more than 3/4 of the way done with the first 1/3 of the program. Not sure that I've ever stuck it out this long with anything before and I have no plans on stopping anytime soon. What's more, there were 21 scheduled workouts for the month of April and after this morning's Back & Biceps workout, I'm 11/21, which means I'm more than halfway there! (Plus, I get the added bonus of my strength and rowing circuit with Tanner last week, but I'm not counting it because it's just a bonus workout.) My calendar is starting to look mighty pretty. (Okay, calendars. I have two really - one has stars, the other using the Easter stickers I got right after Easter. *lol* The Easter ones are adorable, while the stars are shiny. :) )

This morning went pretty well. I'm lifting a lot heavier (if you want to know what my workout was, check Tuesday of last week, though I have increased the weights on some of them) and feeling a lot stronger. Plus, I'm already starting to see "regulars" at the gym. People don't look at me funny anymore. I'm just another regular. Another devoted morning lifter. I like that feeling.

This morning I had a rather pleasant chat with an older woman in the locker room. She piped up with, "So are you a heavy lifter or are you just working out?" *lol* I think she's noticed me grunting with the boys these past few weeks. I told her about the LiveFit program and told her about my reasons to do it (four weeks of no cardio to let my foot heal - which it is doing, though VERY slowly). She didn't doubt me or talk about how I should try to do more or give me some BS about "bulking up" or anything. She just said, "I need to do that!" and started asking more about the program. I told her about bodybuilding.com and said she could put in her age and fitness goal and it would give her several programs to choose from - she kept repeating the website to herself, vowing not to forget it.

Yep, a 50 year old + just asked me for advice.
And I was able to provide it.
I feel much taller today.

Only downsides to this morning:

1) I think I may have pushed a teeny bit too hard on my curls because my left bicep kept screaming at me. Thing is SORE as sore can be, and this isn't DOMS. I tried to ease up on it a bit at the end, but I couldn't even finish my last rep of hammer curls at the end because it just would NOT go. Poor thing. I'ma take good care of it for the next few days.

2) I'm deathly afraid that the hyperextension machine is going to break on me. *lol* We have two of these things. One is like Superwoman back extensions where you're literally laying flat in the "air" (with supports under your belly and over top of the back of your feet to keep you in place). That's what I did last time because I couldn't find the regular back extension machine (the one that sits at about a 45 degree angle). I found the regular one today and went for it. But the squeaks! OMG! I was sure it was about to snap off on me! Still managed my 3 sets of 10 and quickly moved on.

On a positive note(s):

1) My arms look smaller, if only just to me. Plus, they look more solid. Actually, they look bigger and smaller at the same time. And I'm sure that doesn't make sense to anyone but me and my boys, who remark on how solid my shoulders are become and see the bumps in my arms where the muscles are separating and growing strong. *proud*

2) I've been tight in my right hamstring (and other areas of my legs) for days now. Probably since last Friday. Usually a forward bend is no problem whatsoever, but the past few days...UGH! It's felt weird to not be so flexible. After two days of really focusing on stretching it out, I finally managed to do a forward bend without pain today after my workout. Phew! Going to have to remember not to ever sacrifice my stretching time. I know from the PF how friggin' important stretching is. (Seriously, this is KEY advice to anyone ever working out anything EVER. *lol*)

A few side notes:

1) Still scared about starting up cardio next week. Yes, my foot is healing. It gets better every day and better still every week. My major fear is that I'm going to sacrifice the healing process by bringing cardio back too soon.

That being said, I've been flipping around ideas in my head.

A) I could do 3 days of cardio instead of 4.
B) If 30 minutes is too much at first, I can do 15 or 20 for the first couple weeks.
C) Cardio options - bike, swim and (MAYBE) fast walking.

Yea, my shoes are shot. No arch support and there are visible holes in the top lining. I need new shoes stat...just have to find a good online deal or something because I super can't afford this (but I certainly can't afford to continue or worsen this injury either).

2) My Hubs is pissed at my diet habits lately. *lol* I've been cooking a LOT of my own meals, but apparently the kids and Hubs are afraid to eat anything I leave in the fridge for the week. I told Hubs today that he is welcome to join me in eating the healthy foods, but he just needs to tell me when we're almost out of something so I can replace it/make more/buy more/make adjustments. I may have to correct this situation a bit next week.

3) I need new recipes. There are only so many bowls of chili and turkey meatloaf muffins a girl can eat! So I need to seriously sit down and figure out the macros of each recipe so I can make substitutions properly and prepare a wider variety of foods.

4) I need to buy more protein powder and eggs tonight. *lol* Sorry, busy head today so I need some place to remind me of my shopping list. Oh, and baking soda! And canned pumpkin!! And walnuts!! *lol*

5) I notice when I don't take my vitamins. Had to ice last night my ankle, hip and knee of my right leg (might have something to do with the tightness in that leg too). Realized I've skipped my vitamins for several days now and have felt tired and sluggish and slow and tight and sore...moreso than normal. (Could also be TOM symptoms, but either way, the vitamins can't hurt, right?! *pops 'em*)

Busy day today.
Big meeting today with the boss' boss, basically (best way to describe it).
A "defend your work" type meeting.
And lunch is being provided, which most people would love but for me is just added stress.
And then tonight after work I have to work another 2+ hours facilitating a work event. Should be interesting. (Though it's nice that they picked me to do this.)

Okay, gotta run. Already missed my first snack time (see, the day is going to be like this all day, I'm sure) and my head is fuzzy so my body is PISSED! *lol*

Happy Lifting!!
For those still with me, how far into Phase I are you?
Any fears for Phase II?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great job Esther! You have actually made it past the "habit" mark. (21 days of doing something has set a habit- making it easier to continue).

    Watch out for overdoing on weights- so if your biceps are in pain or you can't complete reps, maybe you are pushing a little over what you should. Remember you're supposed to be pushing 80% of maximum in weeks 3 and 4. It goes up to 85% in weeks 5 and 6 (so, you may just leave the weight the same for next week, because you'll have lower # of reps)

    If you don't feel healed, than that is the most important thing. Reinjuring an *almost* healed foot is maddening. So any of your strategies seem like good compromises.
    Its only supposed to be medium intensity in Phase 2, so anything you listed will do.
    And if it came down to it, skipping one more week of cardio, won't take away from the other work you're doing.
    I'd say try one of the alternates you listed, then decide how many days your foot can handle it. If only 3 or 2, then so be it.

    As always, you're
    3316 days ago
  • MAGPIE17
    I'm going to check out the programs at bodybuilding.com. Thanks for sharing, E! Hope the meeting goes well!
    3316 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    Sounds like it's going well!
    3316 days ago
    started week three yesterday, I will tell you the today my legs feel like LEAD! But in a good way, right?!

    Good job on thinking ahead to the cardio. I really can't wait for that. I love me some cardio!

    have a great week!

    3316 days ago
    Hey lady, again I owe you mail! I hear you in my head reminding me to stretch at the end of each workout! We are totally kicking this thing!

    I should have time this weekend to rifle through my recipes and try to figure some things that fit into the eating plan so you can add more variety in :)

    You are totally kicking rear end on this thing. Your plan for cardio looks smart to me. That was the phase that was hard for me last time because I thought you absolutely needed to do the cardio immediately after the lift but my fitness friend at work assured me as long as it was done same day, it could be at any time.
    3316 days ago
  • BOB240
    new recipe... tuna :P
    3316 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7009225
    Oh! I get the arms thing!! I see my arms looking bigger too, but more defined and beautiful. It is really odd. And measurements show they are the same so go figure!
    3316 days ago
    Great job! Just take your time with your foot. Once you start you'll be able to tell when it's too much too soon.
    3316 days ago
    Great job girl! I've been meaning to ask if you use a foam roller at home to release the soreness from your muscles? I have to go down and roll my shoulder blades and hamstrings so I can get through another Turbo Fire tonight. Back and Bi's really killed me Sunday so I can't imagine the soreness you're encountering!
    3316 days ago
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