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Face Facts and Move On - LiveFit Week 4, Day 22

Monday, April 16, 2012

I know I was rather vague yesterday, but I was seriously not in the mood to talk. My plan to eat less during the week and then more on the weekends, a sort of "spike day" or whatever...which worked amazingly well the week before, well, that plan crashed and burned. For three days in a row I was seeing sub-300 numbers on the scale. Three blissful days in a row I felt like I'd FINALLY figured it out. And I almost gave up my plan for spiking on Friday, but I've been trying to follow this, "Go through with what you set out to do...don't back out or second guess yourself." plan of action. So while I got to see an amazing (and wrong, I'm sure) 294 on Friday morning, the result of my "spike day" landed me at 307 the next day.

*falls to her knees*

I was devastated. I knew it was from bloat and water weight and high sodium and all that. I honestly knew that in my own head. And had it been something like 301 or 302, I would have been able to take it knowing I could just drink a crapton of water and eat really well on Saturday and weigh-in could still be a success. But 13 pounds is just too high a hurdle to jump. I know my body. I know the fluctuations it makes from day to day. It wasn't going to let me have my sub-300 official weigh-in this week no matter what I did.

So I did what I do best. I said, "Screw you then!" and ate whatever I wanted. And felt like complete crap afterward, but somehow got it out of my system without making things too awful bad. I was defeated on Saturday. I slept on and off most of the day. I felt weak and stupid and like I had, once again, wasted another week.

But then I woke up on Sunday. And I decided that a week like I had last week was NOT wasting a week. While no one can see my muscles (they probably never will at this rate), I know they're there and getting stronger. I set out to do the best I could for myself on Sunday, and reformulated a plan of action. No spike day this week. We seem to be good sticking around 2000-2200 calories. Not sure yet if I'll have to start eating back my exercise calories soon as I'm netting around 1800+ but adding in cardio is going to up the calorie burn, so I'm going to probably have to change things up again when that starts.

I set to work yesterday and cooked:
Fried Tofu
Fried Rice
Brown Rice (plain)
Grilled Chicken Breast
Green Beans & Tomatoes
Chicken Zucchini Burgers
Chicken Meatloaf Muffins
Chocolate Banana Protein Bars

It was a LONG day. I ate within my ranges even WITH the pancakes Ethan made me for breakfast and a couple cups of coffee my way (with full fat, full sugar creamer foamed on top). Logan had already made me some of my Chicken Chili so that was already in the fridge ready to go. I should have more than enough for this week, and Hubs and the boys even ate half of my burgers yesterday! *lol* (Finally, something healthy that Ethan likes! And Hubs had two!)

So, in the end, am I mad about Friday? Well, yes and no.

I woke up early and ate a healthy breakfast.
The boys and I left the house around 8:45am and stopped at a couple stores before heading to the city.
On the way out of town, Ethan said he was hungry, and I realized I should probably eat something again soon or my workout was going to be sacrificed. We went to McD's. I got a fruit and yogurt parfait and ate 1/2 (top of the yogurt and some blueberries). It was just TOO sweet!
Got to the gym around 10:15am or so.
A little over an hour later (okay, around 11:40am) I'm getting called out of the locker room over the PA system. Guess the daycare area closed at 11:30am and I was running behind. I paid the girl (and tipped her) and then told the boys to sit still while I went and finished putting my things away.
Around noon, we left the parking lot and headed off to eat. I asked the boys what they wanted and we ended up at what I like to call "the sushi buffet". They have Chinese food as well, and some random americanized type things, and then they bring out sushi fresh and you can pick what you want from the options. Unfortunately, they were doing a lot of things coated in eel sauce and spicy mayo, so I stuck to the things I knew I liked.
I did pretty well at the buffet. I didn't overstuff myself. I did have some fried rice (they have some of the best around, hands down) and a few pieces of sweet & sour chicken (w/o the sauce) but I mostly had sushi and vegetable vermicelli noodles. I had about 2 bites of ice cream and a few bites of one of those little cake things and that was it.
(Chinese buffets are evil. Even when you're good, it's bad.)

After eating the boys and I went shopping. Got our puppy Champ a new kenel/bed as he had outgrown his old one. (This one is HUGE and I doubt he'll outgrow it ever!) Also got him a new stuffing free toy for free with my pet perks card. I tried on some jeans at CATO, and decided that since I now fit into 20s there (but snug), I refuse to buy anything there until I can wear an 18 (this may also have to do with the fact that I'm broker than broke right now *lol*). Went to the bookstore and got Ethan and I a few more books in the series we have been reading. And Ethan checked out some things at Dick's Sporting Goods where he had a $20 gift card but everything he wanted was at least double that. *lol*

Finally, even though I was exhuasted, I drove the boys up to the movie theatre. We had planned to see Mirror, Mirror but had missed our show time and didn't want to wait around for the next one. So, somehow, the boys talked me into going to see Hunger Games...again. (I'd already seen it, and didn't care for it all that much, but they hadn't seen it yet.) It was a great place to get a nap, I tell ya! Boys were occupied and the room was dark and I wasn't interested in what was happening, so *snore*. *lol* I slept through about half of it and felt much better after waking up.

I did eat a bit of popcorn and a small handful of Snocaps, but honestly, I thought I'd done pretty well.

Before heading home, I grabbed some water and a sweet tea (the tea was simply something to buy so they'd give me a cup of water and not a stupid bottle).

We got back to town and hit up the grocery store, where we picked up a few things for dinner Friday/Saturday. The boys talked me into a cookout (with hotdogs), and I got a bag of chicken for the week.

The only thing I "regret" on Friday was that I ate BOTH a Reese's PB Egg AND a Chocolate Covered Peep. I should've just picked one. Not sure what happened there.

Anyhow, while I thought I'd done pretty well considering (save the last thing), it meant a 13 pound boost on the scale and the loss (once again) of my sub-300 numbers.

So, yeah...that's what happened. And Saturday was much worse. But Sunday I was back on track.


One more week to get through and I'll have completed all of phase I. I can't quit now. Even though I'm exhausted and I have a LOT on my plate this week. I must get through it. I must pull through.

1) I think TOM has hit. This isn't exactly easy for me to tell since I'm on BC, but I feel super sluggish for no apparent reason.
2) I've been trying to quit smoking. So that's added some stress.
3) I have a presentation today...and I don't feel quite ready for it.
4) I have a big meeting tomorrow with my boss' boss and I'm hoping he understand that my numbers only LOOK bad because I've taken on all the crap no one else wanted to do and got it done.

Going to go try not to fall asleep while I go back through my PowerPoint presentation. *sigh* Wish me luck!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD4429274
    You may not have intended to write a motivational blog, but you did. We all can relate to the bad choices, the frustration, the giving up, and most importantly... the rallying back.

    You're doing great!
    3304 days ago
    Girl, you made it through and that is what's important! I'll send ya a SparkMail soon - we've got this last week in hand, I just know it!!
    3306 days ago
    Hey a great day with the children . they make a day special . I love spending time with my great grandsons . they say such cute things . I get to see life through their eyes . a wake up call for sure . Hang in there . all will come out in the wash . just kidding . It will fool you and you will have a hugh drop on the scales . a big plus .
    3306 days ago
    Good job on re-Committing!!! Your efforts for the last THREE weeks are NOT wasted. As long as you don't stop, you'll just keep getting closer to your goals!

    Go LiveFit! Glad to have you on the team!

    3306 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    Hang in there!
    3306 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11253612
    I have been toying with the idea of having a spike day as well. From what you are saying it is not the best thing to do. It sounds like you have so much fun with your husband and boys. I love how you keep going and are not allowing the gain to get you down. Have a great week. Hope work goes well.
    3306 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7009225
    Hang in there! I know you will but wanted to share those words of wisdom with you anyway! LOL! You had a great day with your boys and that is something beyond measure!!
    3306 days ago
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