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BMI underestimates obesity- especially in woman

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A study released April 2nd said that 39 percent of the people classified as not obese by their BMI, actually were according to their body fat composition.

"we definitely underestimate the level of obesity in our Country" said Dr. Jon Schram, a bariatric surgeon for Spectrum Health (GR Guy!).

Particularly significant for women who lose muscle mass and bone density faster than men.
48% of the women and 22 percent of the men who were classified as healthy or overweight, were actually obese.

Only occasionally did the BMI misclassify someone as obese who wasn't and they were all men- 3% of the sample. (15)

"they need to start doing exercise to lose the fat mass, and they need to get on a strenght training routine to gain muscle mass, because muscle mass is going to increase metabolic rate and result in more calories being burned throughout the day" -
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  • CAMAEL100
    I actually agree with you, though I would love not to!!! Up to this time last year I had lost three stone. I knew I had to lose more. But everyone kept telling me I looked greaat and shouldn't lose any more. I relaxed a bit and of course put on a half stone leaving me to lose a stone and a half in 2012 (thankfully I have blasted 14 of those already).

    I just knew myself that I could feel plenty of fat. I think unless one is is denial they are really the best person to determine what their goal should be.

    Now that I am doing 5K training, the weight is coming down fast which tells me my goal may be wrong. I shouldn't be losing so fast at 6lbs to my goal. And since I know and plan to add strength training to my regime and have no intention of giving up my cardio (makes me feel too good) I need to keep an open mind on my goal - it may be a lower weight than I planned!!
    3312 days ago
    Subcultaneous... that's hilarious :) Way to go on your 2 lbs. down!

    3316 days ago
    I believe this to be true...but damn Im crushed...I just fell under obesity into overweight...my Dr is big on the BMI...I know thar exercising makes a huge difference seeing as I am fitting into clothes from 12 years ago from when I was 15 lbs less...even with 60 lbs gone I still feel I got a case of the jiggles :)
    3316 days ago
  • NADS1959
    Great Lakergirl! I did want to forget about that subcutaneous fat. It sounds like something beneath even a regular cult. Subcultaneous
    3317 days ago
    I wish more people would get their body fat measured. I'm sure it'd be a wake up call for many. People also forget about the non-subcutaneous fat - the fat around our hearts and other organs, fat you cannot see but is there nonetheless.
    3317 days ago
  • NADS1959
    I hear you fly,
    If I tested good, I'd be thrilled but to come in high would be depressing but there is nothing to do but to keep on keeping on eh? No way there is an oz of fat on my thighs, calf's, ass or back. Every one parks it some where different so I feel lucky. Mine is in the gut and ..what do you call it? Handle bars? The fat there on my handle bars has decreased by half this year and is almost gone now. That's where I hate it the most. and it's the hardest to lose. According to the BMI, I have 8 more lbs to lose and I'll only be over weight but I think I'm one of those that would already test there any way. I'm wide shouldered with a fair amount of muscle. My son laughed real hard the other day when I told him I was obese.
    3317 days ago
    ouch. I remember being 140 lbs and one of the managers at the gym where I worked at the time measuring my body fat. Now, that was 18 whole pounds ago, and I was way more fit than I am now. I measured in at 35% body fat. I was so bummed! Dumb or not, glad I dont know my current percentage. I think it would be too depressing.
    3317 days ago
  • NADS1959
    They've known for years that the BMi is not the best indicator of obesity. It's just a formulas based on your height, weight and one of 3 levels of fitness.
    The best way for most of us to check body fat is to have it measured at the gym or maybe your doctors office. Using calipers, they check the fat levels in about 6 different places on the body like the back, the thigh, the stomach etc. by pinching the fat over and measuring it. If the tester is trained and proficient, this method is highly accurate.

    These researchers used a dual energy x ray absorptiometry (DXA) that measures fat, muscle, bone mass and used the obesity threshold based on the Physicians College of Bariatric Physicians- which is:

    Men- more than 25%? - OBESE
    Women- more than 30%?- OBESE
    3317 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/15/2012 6:22:35 PM
    So, did the study say what *should* be classified as obese?
    3317 days ago
    That is very interesting.
    3317 days ago
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