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229 to 52 (week 4 BL) Spring Cleaning

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Week 4 I released 2 more pounds. So my total loss to date is 5 pounds! I am doing the snoopy dance! OH and I am in 150 ville!
Cheri I am trying to get closer to your location!!! emoticon

This weeks challenge is about Spring Cleaning.
I have been working on this for the last week! YEA! This week "I'm cleaning out my closet" (thanks Eminem) Last week I got stuff out of my drawers.(except for my paper drawer) This will take more than 1 wk because I will have to do this in stages. Starting with the floor. (shoes)
My plan is to have it completed by the end of the challenge.
1. Floor(shoes and whatever else has landed there)
2. Shelves
3. Clothes(getting rid of what I no longer like and what no longer fits(too big)

NOW my wonderful co-lead THINANDFITEMILY has challenged us to declutter our weight loss efforts as well! GREAT QUESTION EM!
These are the questions that she asked!

1. What do you need to "clean up" in your diet plan?
-Elbow Grease!!!-
2. What changes do you need to make with your exercise?

3. What are the bad habits that you need to de-clutter- to get rid of in order to succeed for the rest of the Challenge?

4. What good habits are you going to keep and polish and put front and center and be proud of?

My answers:
1. I need to continue working with water. I am making steady improvment!!!
2. Right now I am at a place with exercise that I have not been in a long time! I love Zumba and I am learning yoga and pilates. I need to sneak in a little more strength training with weights
emoticon emoticon emoticon
3.Decrease my computer time....ARRRRGGGGHHHHHH! This will help me work in some meditation at home. I feel so great after my combination class of yoga, taichi and pilates she ends with with meditation. ahhhhhhhh
4. My eating habits are pretty good and I get enough sleep.

Other news!
I finally had a little meat on yesterday(3 drummets at whole foods) Today I will have some Talipia then it is back to being meatless for the week! I will also increase my green smoothies this week as well.

I want to thank everyone for their support and I might not get to your page quickly to thank you personally but I DO appreciate all of my supporting teams and friends!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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