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A healthy trip to the local McDonald's

Sunday, April 15, 2012

On Wednesday, we went to the local McDonalds with the colleagues. The factory restaurant was closed this week, so each day we ate at a different local place outside.

I decided beforehand that I will eat a snack-wrap, and a salad, and maybe a small ice cream in the end, if I feel so. I discovered making the desert optional often gives me the option of ignoring the desert, if I already fill well eaten. I planned to eat a big cup of yogurt (we got some product sample to taste) back in the office, so I considered those already in the meal's calorie budget.

I was surprised and not surprised how my fellow work-mates eat. They chose big burgers, with chips, large coke. It felt like big amounts of calories, so back at home, I calculated for both me and one of them the calories.

Snack wrap (197 kcal/100g, 137g) 270 kcal
Garden salad without dressing (14 kcal/100g, 70g) 10 kcal
Balsamico dressing (76 kcal/100g, 16g) 12 kcal
Spar Bio Kaffee-yogurt (back in the office) (100 kcal/100g, 200g) 200 kcal
Total = 492 kcal
1.5 € + 1.0 € + 0.1 €+ 0.0 € = 2.6 € (~3.4 USD)

Der M (241 kcal/100g, 247g) 595 kcal
Big Mac (226 kgal/100g, 219g) 495 kcal
Gitter Pommes (300 kcal/100g, 183g) 549 kcal
Coca-cola 0.4L (43 kcal/100g, 400g) 170 kcal
Total = 1809 kcal
3.99 € + 3.49 €+ 1.99 € + 1.89 € = 11.36 € (~14.85 USD)

Some learning:
1. It is good to decide beforehand what I will eat.
I save time, and energy on wandering around the menu.
The in-store advertisements promise saving with big portions and combinations, but in fact they promote eating more and spending more.

2. The grilled chicken wrap is 250 g, but only 370 kcal. It is a better choice for feeling full. This is because the snack wrap has deep fried chicken.

3. The choice for calorie-wise eating in the local traditional restaurants is limited (usually only deep fried meat and sausages). Funnily, McDonalds at least has some choice, six salads, and the two mentioned wraps are moderate in calories. (All else is near or above 500 kcal/portion).

4. It's great that McDo show on the homepage the nutritional values!

5. Eating less costs less...

I almost forgot to mention:
I took the bike to the restaurant, the others went by car.
And somehow I was faster in both direction (although I didn't go fast).

On Easter Monday, I went to an excursion in the forests near Vienna (13K), it was a beautiful sunny day.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good thinking and congratulations on making the right food choices emoticon
    3000 days ago
    Yay for you! My coworkers are the same as yours:
    3000 days ago
    Way to go on choosing the healthier options!! Wow.. what a difference from what you ate and what they did calorie wise!! When I go I get the grilled chicken sandwich no mayo no fries and a diet coke!!! About as healthy as I can go..LOL!! And I am sure you burned a good amout of those calories on the bike ride there and back!!
    3001 days ago
    Great blog! MCDonald's where you are at has some different looking stuff, fries are completely different and the salad has a different packaging. But pretty much the same foods overall.

    I always substitute a side salad for the fries when I go there and have a grilled chicken sandwich with no mayo. Sometimes I give into temptation and have a McDouble, but that's only once in a great while.
    3001 days ago
    Another healthy choice at McDs if it is on your local menu is the Southwest Chicken salad. It runs about 300 calories I think. It's a little more than a hamburger but very filling and much less than those big sandwiches that your coworkers will order.
    3001 days ago
    Why is that these screenshots from the McDonalds appear so big here, and my beautiful photo is so small?
    3001 days ago
    Great job! =)
    3002 days ago
  • BD3269PM
    What great choices you made! Yea for you . emoticon
    3002 days ago
    You did great! : )
    I used to eat like your friends (not 2 but 1 large sandwich, with large fries),
    now I eat like you do: a hamburger with small fries to go, with a lot of steamed broccoli (600 calories). I love those fries : )

    The bike ride picture is beautiful, thanks for sharing.

    3002 days ago
    Good job and good to know.....I have tried to avoid McDonald's for years....sounds like they finally figured out the demographics!
    3002 days ago
    Nice view! Must remind myself to get the bike out of the cellar! WTG on making wise choices - it IS possible at McD's. I go there myself occasionally.
    3002 days ago
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