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Mindful eating successes

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Like I said in my last post, I'm trying not to spend too much time tracking my calories and worrying about weight loss.

However, that's not to say I'm letting myself EAT. THE. WORLD.

I am tracking my food and nutrients, as well as my energy and general well-being. I'm keeping a journal of when I am hungry and satisfied and too full to find what triggers me, what satisfies me and what makes me feel like a blimp.

While I'm not religiously counting my calories or weighing in I am being very conscious of what I eat, when, and how. I'm not beating myself up over the fried chicken leg I ate on Sunday, but I did find that I felt lethargic and crummy after instead of energized and happy.

The biggest help to eating mindfully is TIME. The more time I have to think about a meal or snack or craving the more likely I am to make a nutritious choice. (Note, I intentionally avoided using the word "good" here as I think assigning moral qualities to food is not helpful and can feed into the "forbidden fruit" phenomenon of temptation)

Case Study!

Yesterday at about 3:45 I was craving an icy cold beverage. The cafeteria downstairs (with ice & filtered water) closes at 3:00 so I decided to walk a block over to McDonald's and get a Diet Coke.

I was (mostly idly) thinking about what I was going to have and where I was going as I walked down 4 flights of stairs and out the doors of my building, halfway down the block.

When I got to the corner I decided to take a left and walk 2-3 blocks to the local coffee shop instead of McD's. I didn't really want coffee so as I was walking I was considering their menu, maybe an iced chai, or Italian soda, I nixed both of them for being too sweet, I was definitely craving COLD, but not really sweet. I decided on a plain iced green tea instead.

That's kind of a long story about getting an iced tea, but here's the point:

If my floor had a soda machine on it, or if I had brought a soda with me to work (as I have in the past) I wouldn't have had the time to think about my craving and consider what I was REALLY wanting (just cold!) before I would have bought the soda and it was half gone.

I'll try to remember this when making impulse decisions in the future. Taking time to think about what I want will usually result in a better decision.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great blog! I have always kept a hand-written food journal, it really helps me work through my mindless eating issues.
    3268 days ago
    Let's hear it for plain iced green tea!
    Being mindful.. thoughtful.. does allow us the opportunity to make better choices. Good for you!
    3286 days ago
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