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Alright You (CENSORED) Scale! *growls* - LiveFit Week 2, Day 11

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Yep, he's at it again. No clue where I'm really at this morning, but the scale at the gym still has me moving in the right direction, so I'm going to take heart in that.

Last night I headed straight to the gym after work. And, boy, did I need that! Best form of therapy in the world, I promise! It was leg night, my favorite, and I was really looking forward to starting out on my favorite machine - the leg press. But some dude was totally hogging the thing and I walked around the track twice before giving up and moving on to my leg extensions first. As soon as I saw him hop off, though, I headed right over...and was met by some dude who had also been watching and waiting for the guy to leave (apparently he'd been on the thing for 15 minutes! Who the hell needs 15 minutes on the leg press?) so he asked if he could just work in with me. No problem, I told him. I glared at the 4 45lb ring-a-dings on each side of the leg press, was suddenly unable to do math, and figured what the hell, sat down, and struggled through my 12 reps. *lmao* A little too much weight if we're working at 60% there! But I'd say it's about 80% for me. I know I max out right now around 515 on the thing, so I'm guessing 425 (I was finally able to pull out my calculator on my phone) wasn't so bad. (FYI - the machine's plate itself weighs 65 lbs so 65 + 180 + 180 = 425) I did them just fine, thank you very much, other than the initial surprise at the weight.

I hop off after my 12 and my muscly friend says, "I'm going to have to take some off...I'm in recovery." I wanted to *proud* smile, but I didn't. I mean, I'm in "recovery" from an injury too. I didn't say anything, though. I did a polite, "Okay!" and helped him remove 2 45s from each side. And then when it was my turn, I put just one on each side (back at 335, where I lifted last week) instead of two. Still, each time I got off, we had to remove weight for him, and then I'd have to put it back on when it was my turn (though he helped so we each took one side each time, which was nice). Until after my third and final set. I go to remove the weight again and the guy puts a hand out and says, "Leave it on." I walked away smiling. Maybe I encouraged him, or maybe it was a part of his initial plan, but either way, it felt good to know that my fat legs were stronger than his fit, muscly ones! (I keep telling people that I must have some AMAZING muscles under all this fat, they just can't see it!)

Later, on the seated calf raise machine (I'm going to have to up my weight on this one next time...the standing calf raise is a serious challenge, but the seated one? Not so much.) I overhear this guy talking to one of his workout buddies. "I bet I know why you can't put on weight...my friend had this condition...it's hyper something...I can't remember..." I couldn't help myself...they were right next to me on my leg press machine (yes, it's mine, I just let everyone borrow it ;) ), "You mean hyperthyroidism?" "Yea!" he says and smiles. The two guys with him turn and look too. I tried a weak smile and joked, "I often WISH I had that" and start to walk away. But one of the dude smiles and says, "ME TOO! All I'm trying to do is lose 20 pounds and I can't lose a damn thing!" I laughed, "You and me both! And I've got plenty to lose so I have no clue why it doesn't want to get gone." He said something else, but I didn't hear it. I was still trying to work my set on the calf raise machine and his buddies were done paying attention...but I'm pretty sure I saw them watching me later that night. I don't know what was going through their heads...maybe that they didn't ask me to answer any questions and I should keep my nose out of it...but I was smiling to myself. It's the first time in my new gym that I've felt brave enough to strike up a conversation with someone. I miss that at my old gym. I didn't even know hardly anyone's name there, but we'd joke back and forth and nod and smile when we passed because we "knew" each other as that other person always at the gym, dedicated and driven. I want that here too. I see so many of them in groups or with partners working out and I wish I had that...sometimes (other times I think how great it is to not be ruled on how long my rest period is by how fast the other person finishes their set).

Last night's workout:
--- LEGS ---
Leg Extensions (1 set @ 50, 1 @ 60, 1 @ 70)
Leg Press (1 set @ 425, 2 sets @ 335)
Wide-Stance Barbell Squat (3 sets with 45lb bar)
Seated Leg Curl (1 set @ 60, 2 @ 70)
Standing Calf Raises (3 sets @ 70)
Seated Calf Raises (2 sets @ 55, 1 @ 65)

(all sets are 12 reps each)

Time: 44:35
Avg HR: 112
Max HR: 148
Cal Burned: 300
Fat Cal: 45%

This morning I (strangely) had no problems getting up the first time my alarm went off at 4:00 am. Usually I sleep a few minutes beyond when it starts before I finally hear and recognize what the sound is, but today was up-and-at-em like never before. I thought about going back to bed and napping a bit (I had a tiny bit of extra time now!), but I felt so good, and I didn't want to lose that with a little nap (which always happens). So I got up, made breakfast, and watched Scully and Mulder get foiled again by the government. *lol* (I didn't know BBC had X-Files on at 4am! *big grin*) It was a calm morning and I woke up my kids slowly so they wouldn't feel jolted and might have a calm morning as well. I took the dog out without a fuss even though it was cold. I was right within myself. Even with the scale being a bastage, I was alright within myself. Crazy considering the week I've had. Maybe because waking up this morning meant it was almost over...or maybe because it was my baby boy's 10th birthday. I kissed him and wished him happy birthday on my way out and then went to have an amazing workout at the gym....after stopping at McDonald's, of course.


HA! I just got some coffee. I didn't feel like fooling with it this morning, so I drove-thru to get me some hot joe. ;)

This AM:
Seated Dumbbell Press (1 set @ 15, 2 @ 20)
Dumbell Straight Arm Delt Raise (1 set @ 10, 2 @ 15)
Side Lat Raises (1 set @ 8, 2 @ 10)
Seated Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise (1 set @ 10, 2 @ 15)
Exercise Ball Crunches (3 sets)
Bicycle Crunches (3 sets)

(all sets 12 reps each)

Time: 38:50
Avg HR: 114
Max HR: 158
Cal Burned: 279
Fat Cal: 42%

I've started counting my cool down/stretching as part of the workout, mostly because I basically do a yoga routine to cool down and stretch. Some of it actually gets my heart pumping and I want to count it because I did it. Nobody can take that away from me. I have noticed my flexibility increasing again, so that's been great as well. Also noticing that I've had to go up on a lot of my shoulder exercises this week. My shoulders tend to seem "weak" but they always seem to bounce back fast and I think I'll be surprising myself soon with what they can do. (If I stand just right and hold my arm out, I can actually see that DIP in the top of my shoulder...do you know what I mean? I've always hated that dip...but now I love it, because I've only ever really seen it on REALLY fit women while they're doing something like lat raises.)

Food is all planned for the day, even factoring in the pizza tonight. I actually have a low calorie day scheduled, so even if I go off my rocker and consume an extra piece of pizza or a cinnamon stick or something, I should be just fine (though I have no plans too...remember, I'm THAT close to the biggest milestone of the past 10 years or more). If I eat everything as planned, this is how my day will pan out --

Calories consumed: 1747
Calories Burned: 279
Net Calories: 1468

It's still too low, and I know it. But I refuse to let go of the plan just yet. I have some days that are closer to my ranges, even eating on plan, and maybe I'll start incorporating more of those to up the caloric intake a bit (whole wheat pasta is on plan but OMG the calories!!). But not right now. I'm still holding my breath. Still trying to be loyal to the plan. Still trying to see if JE might, maybe, know what the hell she's doing here.

Of course, the scale needs a good kick in the teeth to recognize what's happening...but that's nothing new. *sigh* Not dwelling. Moving forward. Pushing through. Knowing it has to go eventually. HAS. TO.

For now I can say that I've successfully completed all of the first two weeks of exercise in the LiveFit program and have stayed on task about 96% of the time. (When I can count my "cheats" on one hand and know that I was still in calorie range when I had them, I call that a good day!) Looking forward to boosting into "muscle building" stage next week! (The first two weeks are "muscle endurance" phase...now on to building them muscles and burning a ton more fat! Might have to watch my late starts in the morning...not sure how much more time I'll need for the new routines.)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • BOB240
    whoa..I'm impressed. Where did you get the routine from? It seems well balanced....
    3318 days ago
    I'm glad NOTABOUTHEFACE said it. :) You are doing amazing though!
    3321 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    You're rockin' and rollin'!
    3321 days ago
    Sounds like a good plan and you should be proud of what you are accomplishing! I think by you entering into conversation , it opens the door for people to see you as someone who is open to conversation and the friendly ness will come. You are doing great things!!!
    3321 days ago
  • MAIA2011
    Hi Esther! It's heartbreaking when the scale doesn't move. I've been working with a personal trainer and I've lost almost 6 inches on my waist (or had until I got sick for two weeks Bleah) but, if anything, I GAINED two pounds and it stuck. Then the last two weeks with no training I lost a little but my muscles are already flabbing out. I love your dedication. I Spark in and out but I always love to read your blog. You are FEARLESS!
    3321 days ago
    Great job at the gym! It seems like maybe those boys may take you as a TRUE fit person instead of just some girl trying to lose weight. I would have been smiling ear to ear too!
    3321 days ago
    You, missy, are a rock star! I am in awe of your gym prowess.

    I don't know if you've tried Shirataki noodles yet or not but it's a good way to fit pasta in for 40 calories for 8 oz. You have to wash them THOROUGHLY. I wash mine 3x, then soak it, then if you're going to use it for spaghetti make sure you dry it with a paper towel otherwise the consistency is weird. And yes, I'm not gonna say what you already know but *looks side to side*...*whispers*...you're not eating enough.

    *runs away*
    *runs back*
    *gives hugs and feels rock hard muscles, gets intimidated and runs away again*
    3321 days ago
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