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Commence Operation "Just Keep Going" - LiveFit W1D3

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yesterday = Longest. Day. Ever.

4:30am - wake up call from Mr. Bleep-Bleep (alarm clock) Ignored

4:45am - Second Bleep-Bleep message. Geez! FINE!

5:00am - Breakfast
Eggs and Oats with some Xylitol Brown Sugar Blend

5:30am - Run around like Chicken sans head to find everything and get ready. Totally not feeling it. Doing it anyway.

5:40am - Leave the house for the 1 hour drive to the gym...try not to fall asleep.

6:30am - Arrive at gym, put on HRM and lifting gloves, stuff big bag in locker and shut three times to get it to close properly. Realize I still really need to get a lock for the damn lockers.

6:35am - Head out into the weight room for my morning routine for Day 2

This one took me 35 minutes.
Back & Biceps Day
Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown - 1 set/12 reps/40 lbs, 2 sets/12 reps/50 lbs
One-Arm Dumbbell Row - 1 set/12 reps/15 lbs, 2 sets/12 reps/20 lbs
Seated Cable Row - 3 sets/12 reps/60 lbs
Underhand Cable Pulldowns - 3 sets/12 reps/50 lbs
Alternating Dumbbell Bicep Curls - 1 set/12 reps/15 lbs, 2 sets/12 reps/10 lbs
One-Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curls - 3 sets/12 reps/15 lbs
Standing Biceps Cable Curls - 1 set/12 reps/20 lbs, 1 set/12 reps/30 lbs, 1 set/12 reps/25 lbs
TIME: 35 minutes

7:15am - Head back to locker room and jump in the shower.

7:30am - Dress into work appropriate attire. Drive to work. Arrive 10 minutes early (better than 40!)

8:00am - Time to eat Snack #1.
1/2 cup cottage cheese with sugar-free strawberry/banana jello mix mixed in plus 2 of JE's Carrot Cake Protein Bars. (Not bad, actually...recipe: www.bodybuilding.com/fun

And then I commence to TRY to work...to TRY not to fall asleep. My head is still aching. My stomach is starting to act funny. This diet change has gotten me twisted in knots and the time/scheduling change isn't helping much. I got a full 8 hours of sleep the night before and still felt like I needed another 8. I felt rested when I woke up, but it didn't last very long.

11:00am - Lunch time.
1 Ground Chicken Zucchini Burger (see yesterday's blog) on whole wheat sandwich thin with mustard and a HUGE salad with lite balsamic vinaigrette dressing (MUCH better than that nasty other stuff I had the day before!).

By noon, I was just gone. I took my official lunch break and went out to my car to sleep...and even overslept by about 5-10 minutes. (Oops! *lol*) I had set my alarm on my phone, but had woken up, pushed the snooze button, and drifted back to sleep.

I thought the nap would help me...but it did very little. I was SO exhausted. And not feeling well at ALL. I wanted to go home and curl into a ball...but I thought of all the mealtimes I'd miss and the appointment I had at the gym after work, which I'd already rescheduled once. And I stuck it out and even got a LITTLE work done. (It's so hard to function properly when your head is clouded over like that.)

2:00pm - Snack #2 time.
4 Carrot Cake Protein Bars. These would be good with walnuts in them...

5:00pm - Dinner time.
1 cup of JE's 3-Bean Turkey Chili (again, with ground chicken in place of the turkey) and more roasted veg. I gave up on the Brussels sprouts. I know I can do better next time!

5:45pm - Change into my 2nd workout outfit. Try not to think about what I'm about to do and how little energy I actually have left.

By 6:20pm I was at the gym waiting for someone to come to the front desk so I could tell them I was waiting for a trainer. Raj eventually came up and somehow I ended up with him instead of my scheduled session with Janine (sp?). NOT FUN. Raj will NOT be my trainer. Someone else...PLEASE.

First thing's first...they all want you to "warm up" first, so they ask me what cardio machine I want. Then I go through the nervousness of telling them I'm injured and all cardio machines hurt but that I will suffer through anything for 5 minutes. A-wipe puts me on an Arc Trainer and then says, "I'll be back." By minute 2 my foot started hurting. My minute 3 it was really bad, but I just told myself, "Just TWO more minutes." By minute 8 I was pissed as hell. He still wasn't back. I have no clue where he went and why my time wasn't important enough for him to stick by me. And when he finally came back at almost 10 minutes, I was almost crying with pain...and then he took a phone call on his cell phone. *insert "I'm going to strangle you and then tie you up on the chin up bar by your shoelaces, a-hole d-bag!!!" face here*

He asked the stupidest questions. He tried to be encouraging but wasn't. He ignored me when I told him something hurt. He made me to fast step ups (which are a no-no with PF) and joked that I should do some jumping jacks (I literally said, "NO!"). I told him I had already worked my arms, chest, and back...and then he made me do even more bicep cable curls and then tortured me with lat raises. And then he put me on some step machine (well, thank you...I really wanted to see how far I could push my PF today, a-hole d-bag #(%*&%!). He made me do these sit down, stand up things with my arms over my head holding a weighted bar. Yeah, that was not fun. He refused to tell me how many seconds I had left in my wall sit when I asked saying, "Don't worry about the seconds." I'm pretty sure the level of my answer would have been considered screaming when I said to him, "I NEED to worry about the seconds because if you tell me there's 10 or 15 or 20 more, then I can tell myself that I can do this for 10 or 15 or 20 seconds." I was about to add, "Otherwise I'm quitting RIGHT NOW!" He burst out with, "15 more seconds." Thanks. I lasted 15 more seconds. And my most favorite part of this a-hole d-bag? He's like that Billy Blanks DVD I hate. He counts under on purpose. Now, in my session with Tanner, we often lost count - either he'd think I was counting or I thought he was or we were both just talking too much, and we'd ended up doing a few extra just to make sure - but to sit there and count in whispers that I can hear, and then say 3 twice and ask me to do 3 more after I've already done the 15 you ask for without using it as a competition and more as a torture device. Yeah, no thanks. Someone else can have Raj. I will punch him in the face at some point...I just know it.

Thankfully, he wasn't really interested in training me either. He finally looked at me after 45 minutes and asked if I wanted more. I said no. So unlike me, I know! Had it been Tanner, I would've done the 15 more minutes I was allotted. But I just wanted AWAY from him, and add to that the fact that I was already sore and tired. Yeah, 45 minutes was JUST fine.

I went to the mat and stretched like a good girl before heading home.

TIME: 46 minutes

(See, it doesn't ALWAYS pay to push a person too hard...just sayin'.)

I drank a protein drink in the car just to get me home.

8:15pm - I FINALLY arrived home...and forgot that Hubs had asked me to stop by Walmart to buy a new tie-out chain for our dog because he'd broken his earlier that day. *bangs head on steering wheel* I grabbed my youngest so he could "help" (more help keep me awake in the car) and drove back to the town I'd just driven through. And get all the way to Walmart to discover - they're out of the tie-out chains I need. (They've got one for a 10lb dog...should work GREAT for our 90lb Husky/Elkhound mix, right?!) *bangs head on steering wheel* Drove BACK home, whipped myself up my Evening Snack.

5-6 egg whites (I honestly can't remember how many I did)
dab of EVOO
salt/pepper/garlic powder
1/4 cup 2% cheddar cheese

Ate and then refused to move from the couch until about 10pm when I finally was able to get up and drag myself to bed.


Today is looking slightly better just for the simple fact that it's not yesterday. I do have another appointment tonight, but it's not a workout and it shouldn't take too long (I'm hoping), and it's close to home, so as soon as it's done I'll be home in 15 minutes.

The only thing I'm dreading today is a possible phone call from Kroger telling me I passed my background check and drug test (DUH!) and they want me to work this weekend. But I can't stop that from happening, nor can I stop the fact that I need to do it even though what I really want to do this weekend is have a movie marathon and then a sleeping marathon.

Head feels a touch better today...but it usually worsens around 11am or so, so we'll see. If it gets too bad today I may have to bite the bullet and just go home. I can only take so much. As for my tummy troubles, they seem to have faded, however I think Raj may have caused me to pull a muscle in/around my groin so, yeah, that's not fun AT ALL.

Whatever. Just keep going. Breakfast and Snack #1 and Workout W1D3 done so far. Now to make it through the day eating on task and then I can get back to bed...where it's safe and warm and cozy and I can sleep! (I have NEVER craved sleep so much IN MY LIFE!)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • ERIN1128
    Boy, if I were you I'd complain to the gym - disappearing on you, and then taking a phone call while he's supposed to be working with you, sounds pretty unacceptable to me. Sorry he was such an a--.
    3325 days ago
    You are working this, girl! I'm sending all my awakeness vibes so you can get through to the weekend - I'll send fresh vibes then.

    Can't believe that dude was being such a jerk - at least you now know who isn't worth your time!!
    3325 days ago
  • BOB240
    very very impressive.. I got tired just reading it :)
    3325 days ago
    Way to power through your workouts when you are so tired. I know that it's really tough to do when you are really tired.

    Hope you get some good sleep in the coming days.
    3325 days ago
    congrats on your determination and perserverance - and on sticking with the work out despite a bad trainer.
    I notice you don't mention your water intake. I found that getting 10-12 glasses a day really helps my energy level. Just a thought...

    3325 days ago
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