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Friday, March 23, 2007

I hate that everyone don't know the whole story to the problem. I hate that ok yeah I didn't read the post at first but, after getting threaten that she was going to leave it caught me off guard wondering ok and why you got me all confused. So then she pointed it out but, ok got defended because she made it seem like I knew what the HELL she was talking about when I didn't so after reading though it ok got a little upset because I felt ok i'm the team leader i made that group so why broadcast it on the board saying you going to leave unless changes be made ok so why not come to me with it and I would have surely done something about it from the get go but, instead iam made to be the bad guy because i didn't change my icon because i didn;t know what the hell was going on from the get go. So after joking around which that is what I thought it was a joke left by another member if someone says this person said the snakes is bothering her. Ok since we play this game I thought it was a joke just like if i went into another team thread and said, the chicks is messing with me that is what i thought but, after being jumped down my throat about what it really mean i jump to defend myself had a bad day thinking ok i can log on to 100 plus and have a better day but, nope that dang well backfire on me. Now at this moment I am having all this balled up anger in me from my daughter's GI dr talking about no one in the family matches my daughter for a liver. So right there my anger is there but, it stop when i got to come to 100 plus and post but, then anger hit back again because i felt that that person should have came to me with it instead of having everyone on the board knowning what was going on but, me NO i dont read all the posts now its getting to the point thank goodness I dont and I may have to keep it that way yeah i have a life outside of this thang board mainly my kids, and work is my life this board is a hobby that I surely can give up at anytime and do this on my own. I just had that everyone jump to one side of the point when if it was on the other foot they would have thought ok why you didn't come with me with it. Thats how i felt but, after cooling down yeah i fixed the problem but, the third party went on and on with it after i fixed it so yeah i got more anger because i fixed it but, still being jumped on after fixing it i am only one DANG person. so i had to vent away and that third party to my vent to another level to jump right back on it and bring more problems to it.

I went to explain to the third party what i felt at that time all this crap was being laid out and said my reguards but, why others think i should apologies to the third party when i fixed the problem and she made it worster afterwords ok so i said SORRY now where is still more and more still going on and on about it when I felt that is how I felt so why others can broadcast how they feel about something but, when i do it i get knock the hell down on my dang feet wishing i can curse at this moment but, i am trying not to. Ok i am the team leader and my icon says it all because i feel invisble when that first person should have took that up with me from the start so then it would have been over with.

Yeah not all seen my evil side and maybe i did broadcast it to the board yesterday but, i am HUMAN and yeah the first person is also HUMAN it's just that if she seen it from my point of view would she had throught why dont i take this up with the team leader she the one that start the team and the BL3 team so why dont i talk to her about my problem and see if she can fix it.

Knowning me I would have fixed it right AWAY there was problems before in the pass and when someone sent me a sparkmail and let me know how she felt i help to fix it without making matters worst.

At this moment I ask Tess to take over some threads for me. I will keep doing my threads and post in the daily threads that is on the board.

I felt that the third party left the group in a mess leaving everyone begging her to come back i aint going to beg she made up her mind then that's on her like i told her I wish her the best of luck in her weight lost and that if she wants to come back the group is always open to her. One thing I hated as that she said, i didn't ever feel she was welcome now that is BS how when I didn't mind her taking over my team or some of the threads now if I didn't let her feel welcome then I wouldn't have had her doing the daily threads.

I haven't yet to talk to the first party. If i was to talk to her I would say how was things going to get better when I didn't know anything about it and you threating to leave didn't sound all so good when I could had easy made some changes to the whole problem.
I just wish she went another way in how she broadcast it.

This is my vent it wasn't to put anyone down it was to vent my problems about a problem that has got to my head lately. I am letting it go and moving on from here.
I will still be on my post but, since i am invisiable to most of the memebers I will surely stay that way and post to the daily threads only.

My thoughts my desire. I have a life to live and somethings to do to help find my daughter the care she need so i am now to be focus on that for now on.
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    It's hard. You can't please everyone. I am just returning to the site and our team and I noticed the whole site is different. Your main focus should be your girls. I understand---everything you said---you had to say. It's what you felt. There should be no hard feelings. It's done and over with....just move on...its done. Your daughters are adorable......your in my prayers. Take care of what needs to be done....... ur only human...u need to vent sometimes.
    5221 days ago
    You know what? Stuff happens. People need to move on.

    I'm really sorry to hear about the stresses in your life right now. It must be terribly upsetting to not have a match for your daughter yet. (BTW, I think your girls are absolutely ADORABLE). I'm thinking positive thoughts for you.

    5239 days ago
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