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Lifting Myself Out

Thursday, March 22, 2012

For the record...THIS is what a plateau looks like:

So, yeah. Dealing with that...and the fact that I can't manage to do any cardio without wanting to cut off my foot to save myself the dull ache and pain that just goes from bad to worse and back again (kinda like my plateau)...I'm moving on. Actually, I'm moving up....to the lifting room.

In my old gym, the lifting section was downstairs...but in one of my new gyms, it's up on the 4th floor. (Those stairs should give me a good warm-up, right?)

The other day, after my solid 6.6+ miles on the bike which I thought would be awesome for both my body and my heart...I went to the lifting room (which did more for me than anything else I've done in a while). Oh, how I forgot about my love of lifting like a man. I love to grunt and sweat like a pig and glisten as I lift weights that most women don't dare to even touch over and over again. How did I ever forget this feeling?

And, want to know a secret? Lifting HEAVY actually raises my heart rate faster than my fastest sprint on a stationary bike. I dare say it might even trump running, though I can't test that theory out right now. Oh, Spark...how you've missed the mark by counting my ST/lifting as little more than nothing these past few years. Where's my trophy for benching 85 pounds or hitting 500+ on the leg press machine?! Where the hell is that trophy?

So, in sight of my recent "I don't give two craps about cardio anymore because it's a lost cause" moment, I hopped back on to my favorite site - bodybuilding.com - and got myself set up with a program.

I had previously tried one of JE's programs...but the meal plan actually made me ill. Please, don't ever tell me to eat another sweet potato because those things make my tummy turn! And there is such a thing as too much chicken and fish. This girl NEEDS variety! Which was why I was so happy to see that JE's LiveFit program provides just that.

Phase One - First 4 Weeks

emoticon Nutrition
* Eat every 3 hours.
* No carbs/starches after 7pm (or 3 hours before bedtime).
* 5-6 meals a day.
* Can have coffee & tea with Stevia.
* Take multivitamins and other supplements.
* Drink LOTS of water. We're talking about upping my water intake from 8-10 to closer to 15.

Breakfast -
5 Egg Whites, 1 Starch, Unlimited Veggies

Mid-Morning -
2 Turkey/Chicken Muffins, Unlimited Veggies OR 4 homemade protein bars OR Small meal option

Lunch -
6 oz lean meat, 1 Starch, Unlimited Salad & Veggies

Mid-Afternoon -
2 Turkey/Chicken Muffins, Unlimited Veggies OR 4 homemade protein bars OR Small meal option

Dinner -
6 oz lean meat, 1 Starch, Unlimited Salad & Veggies

Evening -
5-6 egg whites, Unlimited Veggies

The best part about this? There are so many different combinations - and many not that different from what I already do. First of all, eggs and oats is my favorite breakfast. Second after that is omelets. Both of these fit into my breakfast options. Things like chicken fajitas, chicken/tofu and rice, fish tacos, etc. All of it is something I can make on this plan. And her homemade protein bars sound yum so it'll be something new and fun to try. (My boys are even excited about this. *lol*)

As far as the supplements go, I'm going to continue to take my potassium and glucosamine, and I'm adding in a multi-vitamin, glutamine, and fish oil. All of these should help with my joints and we all know I need help with that. I'll have to make sure my multi-vitamin has enough calcium as well, or I may add in an additional supplement for that.

emoticon Workouts

* No cardio for Phase 1.
* Workouts should take about an hour in the gym.
* Lift about 60% max.
* First 2 weeks - 3 sets of 12 reps with a 60 second rest in between sets.
* Protein recovery shake or next meal within 30 minutes of completing a workout.

First 2 Weeks -
Monday - Chest & Triceps
Tuesday - Back & Biceps
Wednesday - Legs & Calves
Thursday - Shoulders & Abs
Friday, Saturday, Sunday - REST

Weeks 3 & 4 -
Monday - Legs
Tuesday - Back & Biceps
Wednesday - Chest & Triceps
Thursday - Legs
Friday - Shoulders & Abs
Saturday, Sunday - REST

I've already got my first 1/2 of the 12 week program's workouts programmed into my Gym Buddy App on my iPhone. (If you don't have this app, let me say it totally rocks. I can put down my scheduled workout, pull it up at the gym, record my weight/reps/sets, and don't have to worry about carrying around a stupid notebook (and probably losing it) and all my info is right there from the last time I did the workout. I can do it as many times as possible and I never have to worry about getting a poor signal at the gym (to check online) or having my pencil roll around on the floor where someone could slip on it (probably me) and get hurt.)

Like I said, I'm not expecting this to be a miracle thing that will have me drop weight and break this plateau.
...but that'd be alright with me if that's what happened. *lol*

Either way, I'm no worse off with this than I am now -- AND it gives me a chance to heal up. After a few weeks I'll know better how my body is responding to this and whether I want to do the whole 12 weeks (I would LOVE to finally stick to a full program!) or grab a copy of NROLFW, which I've heard great things about.

I also think this muscle endurance phase (first 2 weeks) will really help me...and those 2-3 days of rest sound good too! *lol* When I lifted before I went all out hard and heavy and was sore ALL THE DAMN TIME. And, honestly, I didn't mind...because it meant I was finally doing something. We'll see if this one eases me into it a little better, but even if I have DOMS for the next 12 weeks, it'll be the GOOD kind of sore/pain - which I totally prefer to the other injured kind of pain. ;)

Who else is lifting right now? Who can help keep me accountable?? ;)

And, yes, I'm doing what I tell people NOT to do...I'm waiting to start until Monday. But there's a good reason for that. A few actually.

1) I need the DOMS in my arms to go away. Okay, this might/probably won't happen before Monday. I lifted on Tuesday and will lift again tonight with the trainer, I'm sure.

2) I have to have some prep time. I need to have time to plan. I have to make sure I have time to grocery shop, meal plan, and batch cook. I'll spend most of Sunday putting my meals together for the week so I can just grab-and-go in the morning. I also have to adjust my eating times a bit. If I'm going to get up early, then I'll be having my first meal at or before 5am, which is going to cause the rest of my schedule to move up about an hour to accommodate and will leave me having to eat dinner here at work instead of at home. I need to wrap both my head and my body around this. Dinner is a social occassion for my family, and I won't be joining them for evening meals even though I'll probably be home super early compared to before because I'll be working out in the AM. We'll have to see how this works, but I'm sure I can figure out a way around it...make the boys some dishes this weekend, maybe, so they can "grab-and-go" their dinner as well. Heat-and-eat type stuff.... Either way, it's a planning part that needs to be worked out upfront.

3) I want to make meals, not meat with rice and steamed vegetables. So I have to work this plan into my foodie needs so as to not get bored. I can cook some wonderful dishes with these options...I just need to work my head around them.

4) I have a super-cool date tomorrow with Hubs. *lol* Let's face it, I don't want to be hung up on anything tomorrow. We're going to spend the day together, grab some lunch wherever, and then go see The Hunger Games. (YAY!)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • _SASX_
    lifting = more cals burnt than cardio

    awesome that you are doing this program!!
    3308 days ago
    OH yeah love to lift! I am been accused more than once of having "man muscules" Enjoy!
    3330 days ago
    I love to strength train more than anything else. Right now I mostly do yoga and at-home circuit workouts. Weightlifting is no joke, especially if you do circuits where you're constantly doing some exercise or another. And lifting heavy requires you to exert a TON of calories. sparkpeople must be counting strength training like you're doing 10 bicep curls and resting 30 seconds between sets or something! It's a workout if you make it one!! I need to start doing some heavy lifting. I am a strong woman too and I always shy away from it because... because I'm a dummy maybe? haha. no but I worry about bulking up even though I'm not supposed to worry about that ;)
    3330 days ago
    I need to get back to the lifting, great reminder of why!
    3330 days ago
    I too was sad to see that the exercise counter doesn't like ST or circuit workouts as I'm filling non-cardio days with a variety of things from the NikeTraining Club app but can't seem to find a place to "log it" at sparkpeople....so I use the quick tracker and at least put in my minutes....keep forgetting to log those....

    This sounds interesting but will take a lot of prep.....good for you for trying something new to kick it up!!
    3331 days ago
    I told you doing circuit training with weights is one of the most ignored ways to get your heart rate up- but everytime I try to explain it- everyone tells me they dont need to work on ST :(
    3331 days ago
    Loving the 12 week plan. I think you will rock it. Once you get the timing down, it will all be smooth sailing.

    Get prepped this weekend and then ROCK ON GIRL!
    3331 days ago
    oooooo....very interesting, I can't wait to hear about your first week on this...sounds like I might want to try as well, my plateau is so irritating as well and I need to change it up and I just wasn't sure how and I never really thought about this, very cool!!!!
    3331 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    I love how you just keep bouncing back! You go girl!
    3331 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7009225
    I agree about ST not being cardio on Sparkpeople. I feel it much more than cardio since I am so limited by how hard I can go in cardio. But lifting...I am all over it. My trainers say anytime you lift more that 3 reps it becomes cardio.

    Good luck! I like the plan...And I love my lifting because it is the one thing I have been able to be proud of as I lift heavier and more even when my body won't lose weight.
    3331 days ago
  • BOB240

    Drops reps from 12 to 6.... 80% max :)

    iPhone in gym - careful- iPhone+dropped weight plate = loss of social life...

    Paper log book is less valuable.. and immune to dropping plates.

    You may notice that after wieghts session that your body gets hot (NOT in that way!) This may be EPOC effect (do google.)..


    3331 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/22/2012 11:56:20 AM
    I'll be sending you a SparkMail on my thoughts on the program but in brief, I think you'll love it. Since I've been struggling to stay on top of the strength part of it, I may have to start Monday with you to ensure I have someone to be accountable to!
    3331 days ago
    I wish you luck darlin'. Plateaus blow and whatever you can do to shake things up is a good thing!
    3331 days ago
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