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It's a BOY!!!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh BOY!oh BOY! oh BOY! We have a new GRANDSON and he only weighed 10 lbs 2 oz. Way to lose some weight Haddiego! Guess I need to go shopping for some 6 month or BIGGER clothes for the little tyke. Mom and baby are doing well...for you ladies, YES it was a natural birth with a little forceps help. OUCH

I started my weight loss way back when Alexis was little 6 years ago. My knees hurts terribly when I tried to carry her upstairs. Now with the new guy, I'm gonna have to maintain and maybe even go lower, because he's growing FAST. Just wanted to share a couple of pics:

Alexis and me 6 years and 80 pounds ago (well for me...she's a little bigger!)

David and Grandma Feb 2012 He's at 10 lbs and I've maintained at this weight for over a year...even been a little lower sometimes when I'm good.

The clothes I'm wearing now are size 12....I used to wear size 26. I love my Grandkids and I'm glad everyday that they give me a special reason to stay eating healthy......now where's that 5% Spring challenge to keep me ahead of David's weight gain ;^D
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