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Two Year Sparkversary

Thursday, February 16, 2012

This week marks my two year "Sparkversary." In February, 2010, I found Sparkpeople (at this point I can't remember who recommended it) and joined it, needed to lose over 200 pounds. Honestly, I didn't do much with it for a few months. I looked at emails, saved a few recipes, etc. Then, toward the middle of April, I lost my job. For the first time in my adult life, I was unemployed for more than a day.

In May, 2010, I started getting serious. I bought the book and read it. I started exercising ten minutes a day, just like Sparkguy said. I started cooking Spark recipes for dinner for my family. I gradually worked up to where I was exercising over 30 minutes most days. And I lost 40 pounds in three months.

Then I got a job, working days for the first time in almost 20 years. Suddenly, I didn't have time to cook. I made myself believe that I didn't have time to exercise. For the next year (plus a few months), my drive for a healthier lifestyle came to a screeching halt.

Suddenly, on January 15 of this year, my family and I decided that it was time, once again, to get serious about our health. I didn't gain all of my weight back in that year, but fluctuated within a ten pound range. On that day, we got ourselves up off the couch and drove to the nearest 24 Hour Fitness. We joined, and worked out that afternoon. Today is February 16. Yesterday marked the one month anniversary of joining 24 Hour. It was also the 29th day out of 31 that we exercised there. (We have a weekly church activity on Thursday nights.) I am riding the recumbent bike for 42 minutes a night (including cooldown), and then doing strength training, alternating between upper and lower body each day. I have lost over 20 pounds in that month. As a family, we are within a pound of losing 50 all together. I'm tracking everything I eat on Spark People, and tracking all of my fitness minutes. For the first time since I joined Spark People, I will have over 1000 fitness minutes in a month. I feel great.

I still don't have time to cook much, because we are doing the exercising after work each night. But Subway is getting a lot of business from us.

I've also joined a "Biggest Loser" challenge where I work. After three weeks, I am in 8th place out of 43. This is week four, and the rankings come out tomorrow (Friday). I have lost 5.5% of my original weight in four weeks.

We are serious this time. We have the encouragement of a lot of Facebook (and RL) friends. Even the people at 24 Hour have noticed that they are seeing us EVERY NIGHT! I plan to start putting more pictures on my Spark Page soon. Possibly within the next week, when I hit my official 50 pound mark.

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