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What's going on when it's not going on

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The last two weeks were quite hectic. Lots of travel, lots of going on, and also winter got to full swing with sub-freezing temperatures.

I just didn't had time to track all my food, I couldn't do real exercise every day, and it was just plain difficult to do any kind of extra beside what happens automatically.

It was my habits working 100%, with zero willpower on decisions.

I decided to look back at this last two weeks as an experiment.
What can I achieve with my habits today?
Which habits are strong?

The outcome is quite surprising for me. The biggest change is where I have least expected.

It's in nutrition, and the majority (60-70%) of the food I eat is now naturally raw fruits and vegetables. These stuff now just flows into my shopping basket naturally, and even if I'm eating out, this is what I am going for.

Also, my daily calorie range, if I eat just by going after my feelings, is about 2000-2500 kcal. I think it's about the half or sometimes even third of what I used to eat last year by this time.

Running seems to be my baseline exercise activity, I take my running shoes and clothes everywhere with me, no matter at which GPS coordinate I land, I just go out for a run. I would have never thought that I will be such a runner. Even this super winter time, in full snow fall, super cold weather, I just got out and enjoyed my 10K.

Not so happy learning:
When I don't track food, my weight starts to increase slowly.
Especially if this is combined with a lack of intensive exercise.

Areas of improvement:
Tracking food is not easy enough. Somehow entering on my PC via the web takes too more time and effort then "happens without effort". So, when I don't have net, or the day was long, it gets difficult to sit down and enter all the food here on SP.
I have to think about a different solution - maybe install a netbook PC in the kitchen, or a tablet for travels. Something, that is with me and ubiquitous enough.

Exercise wise, I have to widen the range of exercise that is on offer in my menu, so I can adapt better to the changing conditions. Now I have running, swimming, cycling, and power walking (as backup for the daily 10 minute goal) in my repertoire. But I have to add things for when it's super cold outside, and even the Stamina Oliver decides to stay inside. Also, when I had already run for 5-7 days, and I need to take 1-2 days of for running. When the swimming pool is far away. When my motivation is low. And so on.
I thought the following:
- gym - workout with weight --> can be done in hotels, or in other towns/cities
- zumba in a group --> for motivation, and it's inside for super cold days
- zumba at home with a DVD --> when I'm really short on time

Otherwise, I think that next big goal, that I read about in a SP article, needs to somehow organize my nutrition and exercise. If not, it's just on the happens or not happens basis, and it is not good enough to make it happen. The goal until recently was to reach my weight target (99 --> 74kg), which was motivating enough to make all the changes in my life during the past year period. However, to keep on going, I need something new. I was thinking to target a triathlon competition, but the swimming and cycling looks to be difficult to organize with the lots of travel combined. Or maybe I should just go for running, with other exercises to cross train?

Any ideas, comments?

Today's 10K in a nearby forest (Gleisdorf, Austria)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    sounds like definite progress to me, if the running and healthy eating are still there ... i too would like to find something more regular for cross-training ... and am just working at adding more treats back in, staying healthy. it's hard. i think you're doing great!
    3073 days ago
    What a beautiful place for running! Good to see you are fully back and on track... You are very organised, wow!!!
    3074 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10497195
    You are so organized! the tablet seems like a good idea to me, also create groups of item you always eat together so you can track them quicker.
    Bonne chance!
    3074 days ago
  • LAURIE9404
    You do travel alot so the running is great! I'm so impressed that you still love to get out there and just go even in the snow. That picture just tells it all. Beautiful but really cold! I have to stay that I'm a DVD workout person. I just love getting up in the morning, shuffling into the other room, and pushing play. All of the DVD's that I buy through TeamBeachbody.com give a suggested schedule, so I never have to even think about what I'm going to do. I've also recently added a bunch of new DVD's to break up any motontony. Joining a gym still makes me nervous since I need someone telling me what to do next. I don't thrive sitting on a peice of gym equipment. You might like that and there are plenty of worldwide gyms that may find that work. As far as the eating goes, I still love your habits. You do great even if the weight crept back up. You might need to reduce some calories if you're not working out as hard. That's all I can offer now since I'm stuggling with a calorie burn/consumption ratio. Can't wait to hear about your next adventure!
    3074 days ago
    It is so wonderful to see your blogs again!! I actually did very well not tracking..lost 55 pounds but for this week I am seeing how much I lose by tracking. I think we all have a down period so not to worry I know you will be back in the groove of things in no time!! You have established such a healthy lifestyle that I really envy!!
    3074 days ago
    Hey, it's great you are back!
    Congrats to your healthy habits, which already stuck and you don't have to make an effort for!

    It is interesting that weight started to creep back on, as you exercise regularly and usually eat healthy.
    Most people I know and myself experienced a few more kg-s drop after reaching goal weight.
    I guess that has something to do with frequent traveling and ever-changing environment, and probably lack of tracking/measuring food.

    You should make nutrition tracking easier for yourself, I think it works on tablets and on smart phones too. I entered all my favorite foods, recipes and food groupings in the tracker, so now it takes less than 10 minutes each day. Another advantage is that I stick to my entered portion sizes to make tracking easier ; )
    I don't think you need any major adjustments, most likely it is not more than 2-300 calories a day.

    I don't have an tips for the exercise question, as I'm in the running-at-all-times phase. Do everything you enjoy!

    Beautiful picture, great place to run a 10K!

    3074 days ago
    Sounds good and I totally agree about tracking food.....when I stop logging food, the weight goes up.

    When i travel I do a few things. Usually I can find a gym pretty easy. When I can't, I have a few apps on my iPhone I use. 100 pushups, 200 situp are good. So is Nike Training Club. I do 15 minutes of abs and it's a tough workout.

    good to see you back!!
    3074 days ago
    This is such a great blog. How excellent to see how much of the healthy lifestyle is effortless and a habit for you! You are such an inspiration!
    3074 days ago
    First, so very good to hear from you. We were worried when we didn't see your (cyber) smiling face.

    I have no practical experience with your exercise question. By nature I never push myself and am happy with the status quo. My suggestion, based on nothing more than 5k walks, would be to concentrate on running until it bores you, if it every does. You seem to love it and there are so many different races available. There's nothing like an upcoming race to make you focus on improving your time.
    3074 days ago
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