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Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm still around been busy looking for another job happy to have had a interview Wednesday and got hired on the spot start next week yay! Good thing pay and hours is great. My job don't interfere in my workout schedule. I still have time to go workout for a hour or two before my kids come home from their after school program. I will take the weekends to workout at home. My trainer says for me to get to the percent of healthy fat 204 would be a great goal for me. Which is good because I was aiming for 190, but even though 160 is a great weight for my height. I will take between 205-190 if I stay on schedule with eating right and exercising with a little motivation I can get to 205 by October he says. I was giving myself a year, but I am motivated and staying on track to burn, burn, burn these calories and hoping to see that scale move, move, move.

I haven't got on the scale since Feb 1 trying to stay away from it, but I know I'm losing but don't plan to look at the scale until next Friday to see what I've lost.

Okay off I go I have to get in 2 hour workout today after lunch. Smooches!!!
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