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The Woes of Daily Weigh Ins

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Ugh.... Pity party, time. So it WAS going well as I was getting myself back on track, losing weight every day. But, this past week I spent 3 days at 143, one day at 142.2, then the last 2 days were 142.8. Really sucks when I have been doing everything right.... the eating, the exercise. But, I know that I am due for another drop here any day and I am going to be patient. The truth is, my sodium has been a lot higher than it normally is... thinking about concentrating on a low sodium diet over the weekend and weighing in on Monday to see if that does anything?

I am excited with how well my running is going. Been doing 2 miles twice a week (gonna bump it up to 3 next week) and a long run on the weekend (did 7 mi. last Sat. and am planning 9 mi. this Saturday in the c-c-c-c old!) doing 1/1 run/walk ratios. I keep thinking about my Half Marathon I have planned on March 31st and I am getting excited to run another (this will be my 3rd). Running is becoming very spiritual for me. I love making a praise and worship playlist that just fills up my soul every time I run. I get to thinking about God and His amazing glory and it really keeps me going. I remember where I came from--- 210 lbs and very little hope. But it was HIM and the "Voice of Truth" that helped me overcome my barriers.

Eating is going good, but is high in sodium. We are doing a "Secret Valentine" thing at work where we are giving a gift to a co-worker every day the week prior to V-Day. Yesterday I got a package of Dk chocolate.... my favorite!!!! I am eating one bar in the evenings---- after successful days of eating and exercise. Gives me something to look forward to! Me and my chocoalte! My one indulgence for the day. :o) Oh, today I got a bag of toasted coconut coffee.... I came home and made me a couple of cups.... OMG SOSOSO good. I am already looking forward to getting off work tomorrow so I can come home and make some more, LOL!!!!

My wood floors in my room were installed yesterday and they look awesome! Esp. with the pretty yellow color I put on the walls. Now comes the fun part of decorating.... I am just ticked at myself right now because I just put my desk back together---- BACKWARDS!!!!!! Y'all wouldn't believe how typical this is of me.... I always do this!!!!! I am no engineer, lol.....

So that's my update! Still "sparking" and gaining momentum. The change is amazing.... I have no problems getting up in the morning and I don't even have thoughts of taking naps in the afternoons. When I wasn't exercsing and eating right, the thought of a nap comsumed 90% of my thoughts from the moment I got up till I got home from work. And MANY times I would give in..... Now, it doesn't even cross my mind. I like this!!!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So happy for you!! You are doing great and this motivates me also!! I've been struggling lately but we are strong and persistent!! Congrats on the new decor and floors!! Sounds lovely!! Great work!!
    2976 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10470498
    I hate daily weigh-ins, but cannot seem to live without them. I did skip today though, because I knew after wine and pasta last night, I would be heavier.

    Congratulations on coming this far in your journey. I think you look amazing!
    2976 days ago
    As I was reading your blog I was reminding myself of the frustrations of daily weigh-ins. I have been doing this lately and it's so irritating to see it go up/down/up/down but all in the same range. This morning I told myself enough! Once a week at MAXIMUM otherwise I get too caught up in that silly number. I think it's that whole saying of not seeing the forest through the trees or something like that. (I never really got the actual saying right but I know what it means... we focus so much on one part we forget to see the whole picture.) So, maybe try to reduce the sodium and then back off the scale.

    So excited for your floors! How exciting! And TOO funny about your desk. :))
    2976 days ago
  • FRECKS96
    You're doing great Helen! Try not to focus too much on the numbers and look at the trends. You're still trending down, and I'm sure you'll continue to do so.

    I'm thinking I need a new running playlist with worship music, thanks for the reminder.
    2977 days ago
    I am so proud of you Helen. I just have to ask why weigh yourself daily? I had to stop only because I was getting mad. I mean two days ago I gained 4lbs...I know I will not be 4lbs heavier on my weigh-in day. Daily is maddening IMO.

    I thought you were doing monthly. I know you are tring to get back on course so weekly I feel is better for you. I feel when I see the scale seesaw each day makes me lose hope and momentum.

    Just a thought dear.

    I am really looking forward to you blog about your run. I skipped my run yesterday thanks to this cold I seem to have developed. I am so desparate I am willing to try Dr. Oz garlic and oil rub tonight on my feet....LOL

    I love the rewarding yourself with chocolate. Chocolate (dark chocolate) and coffee my guilty pleasures as well.

    HUGS and have an AWESOME Friday.
    2977 days ago
  • JLITT62
    If you're going to do daily WIs, you HAVE to accept that there WILL be fluctuations. And yes, too much sodium can make a huge difference.

    You sound good! But the secret valentine thing sounds dangerous . . .
    2977 days ago
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