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I made the final cut! I won!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I am so overwhelmed right now. In shock, excited, and scared. In disbelief that I have made the final cut to the Year of You video contest hoping to win 4 amazing and life changing weeks at the Biggest Loser Resort. I was prepared to accept that I was not chosen and to be honest would have not been surprised.

I fought for this and gave it everything I had and in my heart I knew I deserved it just as much as any of the other finalists; and yet part of me was ready to accept that God had chosen another 10 winners he felt needed it more than me. But I was wrong. He did bless me and made it happen for me because I NEED THIS!!! I need the opportunity, the chance, the help to overcome obesity among so many other things I need to overcome.

Judges chose 10 out of the top 30 contestants and YOURS TRULY is on that list #4. I wanted to come here and share it with all you sparkers and hope that it is okay to share the good news.

I am so thankful for everyone that supported me and so grateful for this opportunity to change my life when I have been feeling that there is no point to anything and convinced myself no matter what I do I would never beat this. My head is spinning, my heart is racing and I am still in awee. So many emotions running through me and I am literally overwhelmed. I have been given hope today and I pray that my journey to health is a successful one for a change.


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