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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let's do something fun today. I don't know about y'all, but my emotional check-in needs a breather!

1) Fave color
2) Books, movies, or tv? Sub-question: fave one of your fave and fave genre of your fave?
3) Fave memory from your 20's? And if you're in your 20's... This question still applies :P
4) How do you get ready to go out on the town? I.e. What do you like to wear, make up or not, etc.
5) I would like to hear a funny story. So tell me a funny story about your "worst" date ever.

If you are struggling with making #5 funny, give me the basic deets and I'll make a fictional, based on fact, story on your behalf.
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    HAHAHA..... Fun!
    1) Fave color - RED! Actually anything bright. I like royal blue and bright green too. But red is my favorite

    2) Books, movies, or tv? Sub-question: fave one of your fave and fave genre of your fave? Ugh. Most TV is so stupid. Recently I've caught on to Big Bang Theory. I just love how they've turned geekiness into being funny and cute. Movies? Genre would have to be sci fi/fantasy (same with books) But there's so little out there anymore that's innovative. Loved the Matrix series, and Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. I haven't read a book for fun in so long, I can't remember! But a number of summers ago I ran through an entire series called the Chronicles of Deverry by Katherine Kerr.

    3) Fave memory from your 20's? And if you're in your 20's... This question still applies :P God, I was so young. I got married in my 20s, had my kids in my late 20s. Many details are pretty vague, but I remember it as being a pretty good time in my life. I was lucky enough to be able to stay home with them and I loved being a mom with little kids. I still love being a mom, even though I left my 20s behind rather a long time ago now!

    4) How do you get ready to go out on the town? I.e. What do you like to wear, make up or not, etc. I'm not really very social. I don't "go out on the town" much. But when I do, it's jeans and t shirts. No make up. I don't go out to impress people, I go out to catch up with friends or family and they don't care what I look like. Or to listen to music, in which case I'm totally oblivious to everyone around me. Comfort is key. I'm actually going out to a big law school function tomorrow night. The kind you have to buy tickets to (fundraiser). The kind where the women wear cocktail dresses. I have never in my life owned a cocktail dress. This should be interesting! LOL I wouldn't even be going, except that a friend talked me into it. That, and I received award from that fundraiser a couple of years ago, so I guess it's time for me to pay that back.

    5) I would like to hear a funny story. So tell me a funny story about your "worst" date ever. OMG... it was heartbreaking then, ridiculous now. I had the biggest crush on a guy from high school. We all rode horses together, and the stable we rode at had kids from all over the place, not just my school. He had a girlfriend from a different school who was a pretty good friend of mine, but she was a user. She'd toy with guys and then dump them. So one weekend at a party, he told me they'd broken up and asked me if I wanted to "be his girlfriend." Stupid me. (Whatever, I was 15.) He gave me his class ring, which I wore around my neck on a chain, and we spent half the night making out in his car. (Yes, I missed most of the party.) The next day he came over to my house and told me they had gotten back together and he needed his ring back. I guess I can give him credit for doing it in person and one on one, instead of in front of a crowd of people. I was hurt and embarrassed. Yet, slow learner that I am, I ended up hooking up with him a couple of years later, after the other girl was long out of the picture. So not worth it. Live and learn. I haven't allowed anyone to use me like that since then, so I guess I got some good out of it.

    Boy.... memories!!
    3036 days ago
    Fave color - I love purples and soft greens

    Books - I'm a complete Jane Austen fanatic...I especially love Pride & Prejudice.

    Movies - Obviously, love Pride & Prejudice, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, Bridget Jones' Diary.

    TV - Big Bang Theory, Glee, The Biggest Loser and pretty much anything on the Food Network and HGTV.

    Fave memory from your 20's - My favourite memories from my early 20s was my summers I spent in the Azores (Portuguese islands) and the late 20s would be my wedding day.

    How do you get ready to go out on the town - I'm also a person who takes 2-3 hrs to get ready as well. I usually soak in a bath, then I work on the hair (whether to straighten it or leave it curly). Then it's moisturizing and then putting on the makeup. Lastly figuring out what to wear, mostly wear jeans and then picking out a top and of course, shoes.

    I would like to hear a funny story. So tell me a funny story about your "worst" date ever - Can't even think of a worst date story. The dates usually weren't bad, it's dating them afterwards that led to the worst boyfriend ever.
    I did like this guy, and I seriously had a crush on him big time, for at least a couple of years. Somehow we ended up sleeping together a couple of times (this was at the time when I lost weight and was so self confident), well anyways, a couple of his buddies and I were talking one day and one of them turned to me and said that the guy I slept with had a saying...Big or Small, Short or Tall, I will f@*k them all. So needless to say, that sort of turned me off from him.
    3037 days ago
    Fave color: red right now, actually most of the time it is red.

    Books, movies, or tv? I love reading but when you are studying law you get a bit read out so tv becomes my relax/brain blah of choice. Movies are one of my interests which I would list on a CV. Used to be WAY more involved in writing/filming etc but for now am content to have film nights with friends and family.
    Fave Film: WAY too many films to list faves but all-time tops gotta be A Clockwork Orange, Bladerunner, City of the Lost Children and The Lost Boys.
    Fave Book: Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card.
    Fave TV: Right now am watching series called Misfits - British its great look it up I've actually cried with laughter. Also have been re-watching Season Two of The Wire - bloody fantastic isn't it??
    Fave genre all-round is Sci-Fi for books, film and TV (yup ama geek).

    Fave memory from your 20's: Being in my 20s. Actually I think your 20s is more fun in retrospect - you get alot of partying done but you don't really have much notion of who you are, who you should be and who you will become. 30s are the new 20s anyhow :)
    And if you're in your 20's... Well most people are actually surprised when they find out I am not in my 20s - maybe denial has alot to do with this - I have now turned 24 about 9 times.

    How do you get ready to go out on the town? OMG are you ready for this? I am a 2 or 3 hour get ready girl. It is almost a ritual for me - a fun ritual. I have a long shower and primp and pamper all the usual things :) I then moisturise body and face and brush my hair (it is really long) and tie it back wet. I then lax about in a towel listening to music and thinking about what to wear. I get dressed (finally) and put on makeup - foundation, concealer, powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, lip gloss and then dry my hair (this takes awhile - long hair). I then usually paint my toenails - sometimes my fingernails, put on accessories, check my bag and get out the door.
    Ps. In my 20s I would have ended the ritual with bright red lippy, a glass of wine and a cigarette.
    Worst. Date. Ever.
    Met a guy at a party - nearly got into a fight with him cos he was a dick, ended up making out with him. Next weekend had first proper date - ended up in bed with him WTF. Then found out he was best friends with my ex. (He had been out of the country so had not met him before - pro snowboarder). UGH. Hard conversations and the start of a two year messy on off guilt ridden crappy half relationship. Yup. WDE. Oh no just thought of another. A friend's uncle had asked me out - he was my age so I finally said ok. Went out to dinner where he talked about his ex the whole time, movies where he talked loudly as he had had too much to drink, my phone kept ringing during movie so finally took it and it was my son crying because our dog had killed our kitten. Yep that could be the WDE. No wait - first foray into online dating - guy had chatted to seemed cool. Arranged to meet at bar, at last minute found out his workmates would be at that bar so changed it to his house!! Made me park in his garage!! House was completely bare (flash but bare) except for a guitar, an ENORMOUS tv and two computers - even his bathroom only had a toothbrush. We were watching a movie and drinking wine and then he realised it was 11.55pm so he anally asked me to leave as he had to be in bed by 12 midnight. AWKWARD. He said sorry I feel like I'm kicking you out and I replied thats because you are! Halfway thru a movie. ANAL ANAL ANAL - not my type - I ended up meeting some friends and drinking at the same bar he refused to go to hahaha! OMG didn't realise I had so many WDE.
    3037 days ago
    Oooo fun!

    Favorite color - this weird blueish/teal color. It's kinda like the color that's on the background of my sparkpage, but a bit bluer. I almost dyed my hair that color once (in HS, for a halloween costume).

    Favorite books - The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce, and House of Leaves by Mark Z Danielweski.

    Favorite Movies - Gerry and Primer (two separate movies)

    Favorite TV series - Dr. Who (I've only watched the 9th - 11th doctors). I watch a lot of tv, but that series is by far my favorite.

    Fave memory? Mannnnn I'm bad at this... OK I *think* I was in my 20's when I studied abroad in the Netherlands with Mike. We spent 5 weeks there and had so. much. fun.

    Out on the town - I really prefer to not go to places that require me to dress up and whatnot. That beign said, I have a couple dresses that I think are super cute. I never do anything fancy with my hair (don't know how...). Makeup? If I do it, it's very minimal. I'll also put on a necklace and some earrings LOL I'm so fancy.

    Worst date - I don't know that I ever truly dated. I know, that's weird. But let's go through the list. Dan - first b/f, in middle schooll, our lives consisted of hanging out at each other's houses in each other's basements... Mikey - random guy I dated for a month, we really didn't spark. Left him for... Nick - dated for 2 years, yet again, never really "dated." We hada lot of mutual friends, would go see movies and stuff but I was always adament about splitting the bill, etc... Then we're onto Mike - 5 years and going strong. While we go out to dinner/movies/etc.. and do traditional "date" things, I dunno I just don't see it like that. Even at the beginning, we were friends for ages before we admitted to being more than that. LOL I'm weird.
    3039 days ago
    Lady, I am so far behind! One of my Feb goals is to get caught up with you!
    3039 days ago
  • TREP13
    So, I'm not part of your FNF challenge but I love a good survey. Here goes:
    1) Colors: peacock blue and tomato red (yes, very specific)
    2) Books: Naked by David Sedaris, Identity by Milan Kundera and Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut
    Movies: Sixteen Candles, Old School, Love Actually and Muppets Take Manhattan
    TV: How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Happy Endings and 30 Rock
    My fave genre for all of these is comedy-based books, movies and TV. :)
    3) My fave memory from my 20s is probably when I grew the balls to move across the country from CA to NYC without much planning. Best decision I ever made.
    4) I usually put on a cute shirt, skinny jeans and heels. Minimal makeup, maybe some mascara and lipgloss.
    5) I never really dated much before I found my BF but there is one particular date that was awful that sticks out. I agreed to go out with a guy I knew I wasn't attracted to and didn't see a future (why I went I have no idea, free dinner?). He was 30 minutes late which was annoying and took me to a chain restaurant (in NYC, this is a huge no no). He was so difficult to talk to and didn't really say much except for lewd remarks to me. After dinner he wanted to go for a walk in Central Park (it was pitch black at this point). I said no. He kept trying to kiss me and just didn't understand that I was not interested. And he STILL tried to get me to agree to go home with him after all that. Never again.
    3039 days ago

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