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Review: Coach Nicole's 28 Day Boot Camp DVD

Monday, January 30, 2012

**I received this DVD for free from SparkPeople and did not receive any form of payment for my review.**

I got an e-mail towards the end of the year last year asking me if I would like to review the new SparkPeople "28 Day Boot Camp" DVD with Coach Nicole. I'm not one who usually works out to DVDs, but I decided that I would give it a try (for all those other people like me).

Before I got the DVD, I went to Spark to ask Coach Nicole what kinds of supplies I would need for the DVD. All I needed was a pair of dumbbells (any size suitable to you) and maybe a mat if you are working on a hard surface (all though not necessary). I already had several pairs of dumbbells so I was all set. Of course, if you don't have a pair of dumbbells, improvise!

I got the DVD in the middle of January. I was pretty excited to try it out, so I skipped a few of my regularly scheduled workouts to try out the DVD. First let me give you a little layout of the DVD. As it says in the title, it is set up for a 28 day boot camp. There is a calendar in the menu, that lists 28 days and different workouts for each day...

Each workout ranges from 22 minutes to 52 minutes, with several rest days scattered throughout. All you have to do is select which day you are working on, and your video starts right up.

If following a calendar isn't your thing, the DVD is separated into six different workouts you can chose from:
6-minute Warm Up
12-minute Cardio Blast
12-minute Strength and Cardio
20-minute Tone and Burn
30-minute Total Body Challenge
4-minute Cool Down
All you do is select which workout you want to do that day. Or you can do like I did and just select random days off the calendar, that way the videos are all lined up for you and you don't have to start 3 videos to get your warm up, workout, and cool down done.

Like I already said, I'm not much of a DVD workout girl, but when its a rainy day and I just need something fast to do rather than get out to the gym, I turn to a DVD. So on one of these such rainy days, I threw in the DVD, opened the calendar, and picked a day a random... Total Body Challenge, with a warm up and cool down.

The warm up was a typical warm up. Nothing too specials about it... same with the cool down.

This workout was kind of like a kettlebell workout, but without a kettlebell. There was a ton of squatting action going on! There are three people on the DVD doing the actions, Coach Nicole and two others. One of the girls does the modified exercises for the "easier" option. Coach Nicole does the regular exercises. And the other girl does the advanced option for the "harder" option. I put "easier" and "harder" in quotes because the level of difficulty really depends on each person's exercise ability. For someone just starting out, the "easier" option is probably going to be really hard. And for someone who is advanced and does things like P90x, the "harder" option probably isn't that hard. I stuck with Coach Nicole for most of it.

There was music playing during the DVD, but honestly, I don't really remember it. And if you don't like it (which a lot of people don't like workout DVD music), just put the DVD on low volume and crank up your own tunes. The backdrop in the DVD looked like a studio type area. I also didn't really notice it much (which I guess is the point). What I did notice was a clock in the corner letting me know how much longer my workout was going to be. I liked/disliked that... lol. It was good to know how much was left, but sometimes I'd look at it and think, "I still have xx minutes left!"... but overall it was a nice addition.

I felt tired after, and felt like I got a good workout. I wore my heartrate monitor during the workout and it showed I had a burn of 262 calories for the 30 minute workout (don't really track the warm up and cool down). Spark's fitness tracker says that for 30 minutes of Coach Nicole's Boot Camp video, I should burn 283 calories... so that's pretty close. The next day, I was definitely feeling all those squats! My legs were on fire (in that good workout feeling kind of way).

So, overall, I would say it is a good DVD, especially for someone just starting out. If you don't already have your own routine, this is a great way to set up a month of regularly scheduled workouts. If you already have your own workout schedule, this is a good DVD to throw into the mix when you need something to shake up your routine. And for those like me who don't necessarily love DVD workouts, this is a great DVD for those days when you don't want to get out and get to the gym. Just throw in a DVD and get to work!

Once you buy the DVD, you get 250 bonus SparkPoints. If you are interested in purchasing the "28 Day Boot Camp" DVD, SparkPeople has a special deal with Target, which has it available online for only $12.99. Plus, if you buy it from Target, SparkPeople has a coupon available for$3.00 off... just visit www.sparkpeople.com/28da

**I received this DVD for free from SparkPeople and did not receive any form of payment for my review.**
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