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If I never set goals.....

Saturday, January 28, 2012

....then I will never achieve them.

My mind has been working overtime trying to look ahead to the future, setting weightloss goals for myself...

But I have the voice in the back of my head that says "ho hum..... here we go YET again. Here you go setting goals for yourself that you know are going to fizzle after a few days. WHY even bother???? You are always blogging on here about what you want to do and plan on doing, yet you never follow thru. Your Sparkfriends get sick of reading the same thing over and over and they are tired of hearing you dream big, but never achieving anything"

OK, so YES many times I have set goals for myself that didn't transpire. BUT I need to remind myself that this type of negative thinking is what kept me severely obese for 13 years. It wasn't until I started telling myself that I could do this and despite my many failures I HAD to try again. And I did it.... I lost the majority of my weight....

Now I am stuck in the vicious cycle of those "last 10-25 lbs". I got down to my all time low of 133 last October (see how awesome I look in my profile pic!) but very promptly regained 20 lbs. Now I am starting to lose it again.

But I am going to write down my goals here in my blog so I can come back and re-read it to motivate myself. It has worked for me before so I am doing it again.

*Wear my size 12 jeans for the next 2 weeks, then be able to get rid of them forever (NOT put them back up in my attic). Be wearing my size 10's, a little snuggish, but comfortable enough to wear. During our meeting at work they came out with a new dress code: "NO SWEATS". They want us looking more professional. A lot of ladies were upset, but I am cool with it. Motivation I need to keep up with my appearance and feel good about myself.

*Currently am not "feeling" like tracking my food, but I am just going to make a conscious effort to make the right choices. I KNOW what I need to do. No binging and getting myself back on the horrible cycle of non stop eating! That's not going to happen. They had donuts at our meeting this morning and I wasn't even tempted to grab one. They didn't even smell good! I LIKE this feeling.

*RUN! On the weekends in February do 5, 6, 7, then 8 miles (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th weekend respectively) at a 1min run/1 min walk ratio. During the week run 2 miles straight thru twice a week. In March, increase my run/walk ratio to run for 2 min/walk 1 min. During the week do a 3 mile run staright thru twice a week. This is going to be my starting point for getting back into exercise.

So..... as a "reward" or something for me to look forward to is.... I am FINALLY going to schedule us to get family pictures done professionally. When the boys were little we were SO good at this! But as I got older and fatter, lol, I hated seeing myself in family pictures. Esp. since they would always place me right in front of my super skinny husband and it would accentuate how big I was. And even now that I HAVE lost a lot of weight, I still drag my feet because I am not at my lightest and am not happy with how big I am. So, giving myself Feb. and March I should be close to my lightest weight of 133 and I am going to do it. I put in for leave the 1st week of April and I will schedule them then.

Also, while I am on leave.... the week before Easter, I am going to treat myself to a pretty Easter outfit. Hopefully I can find a dress! Something that makes me feel girl-y. I have really held off on buying clothes (well, excepet when I found a $4.95 rack at Maurice's). I want to hold out for summer clothes. Every summer I tell myself I want to be fit and in shape and wear fitted, cute summer clothes, particularly a bathing suit that I feel good in. Yet every year I seem to gain right before summer hits and I have to wear my bigger stuff. I want this year to be different. Let me prove to myself that I CAN.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Don't feel that we are tired of your blogs and goals...what I DO get tired of are people who are all perfect, all the time. That doesn't help me...imperfect people like me do!!!

    ps. Congrats on being Motivator of the Day!!!

    2985 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    Don't quit.
    2985 days ago
    I feel the same about setting goals, achieving them, going back to not-as-healthy ways and then having to reset goals, etc, and it's frustrating. But at least we try again, right?

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Dana in Oakland, CA

    2986 days ago
    That is so me! I don't like to set goals for fear of not achieving them. Not a good way to focus on losing weight. Love the ones you have set so far!
    2986 days ago
    You are doing great!! Writing your goals on your blog is a great place to start.
    You will do this!! You WILL succeed!!

    2987 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4519295
    You can do this! You are motivating me too. I was my lightest when I moved to Germany nearly 19 months ago, and I have been creeping up since then. I am determined to get this weight off once again too. You can make those runs, and make your others goals too.
    I need to write mine down and make the same recommittment you are making. Thank you for your courage to speak out your inner voice. Now shout it down and prove that you can do all things beucase of He that lives in you!
    2987 days ago
  • FRECKS96
    Awesome and Good Luck!
    2988 days ago
  • JLITT62
    Another on the train of we don't get tired of your blogs! Because you know what? We've all been there. This IS, unfortunately, a never-ending process & we're here to cheer you on every step of the way!
    2988 days ago
    We never get tired of your blogs and messages, whether you're inspired or whether you're frustrated. I have been given grace for a fresh start countless times. I am so proud of you, that you're determined and focused . . . and making specific commitments!!

    I strongly encourage you to use the "Other Goals" tracker and ADD these target behaviors, individually stated line by line. You can select how often you're aiming to accomplish each thing. Every day I toddle over to the "Other Goals" page and click, click, click. It is strangely satisfying, like a gold star on my chart. I put everything on there (like "take morning vitamins") and then it's a little concrete reinforcement---plus I can see at a glance what health tasks I still have to take care of that day.
    2988 days ago
    Absolutely everything ASRMOM said!

    We (your SP friends) emoticon you.

    2988 days ago
    Don't listen to that voice in your head.
    1) yesterday's plan got you to where you are today. Make a new plan today if that's what you want to do! +
    2) Your SparkFriends (ie, me, and others that care) are encouraging you!! Not rolling their eyes. WE know that you can do it, and we are just waiting for you to see that too!
    3) You have made awesome progress--don't stop where you are because there is a challenge. You have overcome challenges before!

    I like your goals! They are not number orientated, you listed WHY you want them, and I think they are obtainable for YOU! that's all that matters!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2988 days ago
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