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Inches down; weight up. UGH!

Friday, January 27, 2012

I've been doing great sticking to my New Years Resolution to get healthy. I've been training to run a 5k for the past 7 weeks. The run is in May, so I have time to get awesome, which is good, because I was in REALLY bad shape! ha. I started out running in 30 second intervals and that was killing me! I had no hope of doing a 5k. If I had attempted a 5k at that time, it probably would have taken me a couple of hours. I should mention here that this is a zombie run 5k, so there are zombies trying to steal your life (flags hanging off your pants) so . . I no doubt would have been "killed" before I crossed the finish line. I am so proud to announce that yesterday I ran at 5.8 mph for 20 minutes straight! What a huge difference! I still have a few months to get my form down and work on my time, and I feel like I'm headed in the right direction to actually run the whole time and NOT be a zombie victim! :)

My Resolution this year was to get in better shape. I have like 30 lbs to lose, but I have been trying to focus on endurance for running the 5k instead of the numbers on the scale, and so I've been adding weights to my workouts, so 3 days of 5k training and 3 days of weights, alternating upper and lower body workouts, and I'm trying to do a couple 30 minute yoga sessions in there per week to add in some balance and stretching. I have been very consistent with my workouts taking Sunday as my rest day. So far so good.

I have been recommitted to my weight watchers plan this year too. For January I've tracked like, 90% of whatever I've eaten, and it's been within my points range too! I'm rocking the plan I'd say. It's been much better since I've got WW on my phone and I got it on the tablet I got at xmas time. So it's been much easier than the paper versions I did before and had to guess points values on things.

Ok, well, on paper it looks like I should have lost 12 pounds already this year. Well, I am down 2.4 instead. That is crazy and doesn't make much sense to me. This last week I gained 1.4 :( I am so grateful that I have tracked measurements on that weight watchers site because after I entered my new measurements it was very eye opening to see how many inches I've lost on my body since I've started my 5k training. So, I am happy to see I am resculpting my body, BUT I don't see how my frame can hold so much weight and not be dropping pounds with all the exercise I've been doing. I looked on my weight watchers info online and again they were a big help. It looks like 2 weeks ago I ate more than I did last week, so I am hoping that is the key to my weight loss. I am going to attempt to eat more points this week and see how my weigh in looks next week. Maybe I am not feeding myself enough for my body to do what it needs to do. I do hate how this is such a guessing game to me. Shouldn't it just be exercise more=lose more weight?? If this new plan doesn't work, I really need someone to tell me what to do, because this just isn't something I can obviously figure out on my own.

So, I'm continuing my exercise plan. I am so proud of my improvement in running. I'm so happy to see muscle definition and less jiggle in my body! And I don't want to sound ungrateful but I reeaaaallllllyyy want to move down in clothing sizes. :)

So cheers to continued good health and energy to keep this going! I'll figure it out sooner than later!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Frustrating about not seeing a change on the scale but it is way overshadowed by your successes! Being able to run 5 k is amazing and committting to your food plan is to be very proud of. Woo hoo and emoticon
    3431 days ago
  • SHEL1181
    Inches off is way better than weight off....probably just means you're adding muscle and that will end up burning more calories, so the weight off will come with time. Sounds like you're doing great with the exercise.....good for you! The 5K sounds like a great time, can't wait to hear how well you do emoticon
    3435 days ago
  • MOMS100
    Don't worry.... the added weight is probably muscle, which is MUCH better in the long run. The inches off are great!
    3436 days ago
    ENJOY the inches off...that makes more of a difference.
    3436 days ago
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