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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What does "nutrition" mean to you?

No, I am not asking for the dictionary definition, Jillian Michaels' definition, or Dr. Oz's definition. In fact, I'm not necessarily even asking for a definition!!! Just what does it mean to you...

Follow up question: how does it play a role in your daily life?
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    Nurtrition to me means: Choosing healthy foods, buying them, putting them together and then putting them into my body at regular intervals in moderate amounts. Yup that about covers it.
    3044 days ago
    Nutrition to me is both objective and subjective. I think it covers whatever consumable item is necessary to keep the body (human, animal, plant, etc) alive and functioning. Though, you can have malnutrition too, which can mean too much or too little of various nutritional elements - either one is "bad" aka "mal."

    I do think of my food choices in terms of how nutritious they are and what vitamins and minerals and other contents they provide. In this sense, nutrition to me means foods that offere a range of health benefits and enable me to run as long and far as I want to run, lift weights safely, and have strong bones, teeth, hair, etc. I have no problem with using the word nutrition in science or diets...I think people just have to know what it represents and then apply that knowledge to them on a personal level. Everyone's definition will be different and that is OK. It's just about interpreting it to fit your personal needs, goals, tastes, etc.

    I minored in nutrition in college and have a strong desire to go back for a masters in the topic. I love everything about the field. I think there is a lot of misinterpretation and misinformation provided by the media which causes confusion and uncertainty. Research, keep up with true facts from legitimate and trustworthy sources, and ask lots of questions. That's the best way to keep a healthy perspective on nutrition!
    3045 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/25/2012 2:14:34 PM
    Nebulous.... that is a pretty good description of "nutrition." Honestly, the word itself doesn't have much meaning at all to me, mostly because dietary nutritionists and I have extremely differing views on what is considered "nutritious." They are locked into numbers and food pyramids and believing that everyone needs the same "nutrition." I believe that whatever doesn't make you sick and fat is proper nutrition. Okay, that's a bit simplified, but you get the picture. When someone tells me I'm not getting the proper nutrition even though I'm healthy and thin (or at least less fat), and I know that their idea of "nutrition" would make me exactly the opposite, it kinda blows "nutritional theory" out the window. So yeah... I don't like the word much either I guess.
    3046 days ago
    Automatically, when I hear the word nutrition I either think of fruits/veggies/etc... or I think about foo dlogging or about searching websites for nutrition info. LOL. love it.

    I find nutrition to be a pretty nebulous topic. I feel like most health professionals know little about it (mainly b/c they don't actually take classes in it) and I'm not convinced we really understand how the body uses the food we eat. So from a scientific perspective, I'm pretty hesitant about the word. Additionally, I dislike words like "healthy." For this reason, I rarely frame my food around these words. It seems to all or none to me. I prefer moderation.
    3046 days ago
  • JELLEN726
    Hmm... I would have to say when I hear or read the word nutrition I think of vitamins and nutrients within vegetables and when consumed going into my body and doing wonderful amazing things. That being said, I guess I never truly consider the imagery of what is the nutrition of a donut. Because regardless of the food being bad or good, it has a nutritional value. I just somehow seem to act like it has no substantial value and is junk. Dang your good at mini epiphanies!
    3046 days ago
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