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I have to feel the part!

Monday, January 16, 2012

One of the many lessons I have learned over the many many years of struggling with my weight is that I need to make an effort to make myself feel good about myself. The past several weeks that I have been binging I have not put in any effort into my appearance. I have been wearing my glasses, no makeup, sweats and t-shirts. I have been really super hard on myself because I am up 15+ lbs from my lowest and I feel SO fat! I look at my profile picture and SO want to be back there. It is amazing what a difference 15lbs makes! So I have been feeling fat and ugly and I have been eating as such.

So, today I am changing my mindset. I pulled down some of my old clothes that had gotten too big on me... they are nice, pretty clothes that fit me now. Fashionable sweaters and blouses and nice fitting jeans. The goal is to wear these clothes the rest of January and all of February and then get rid of them for good! Then be back in my size 8's where I want to maintain.

I am getting a simple manicure and (painful) eyebrow wax done today. I had one last pair of contacts left and I ordered some more. These are just little things that make me feel good about myself and motivate me to eat right and exercise. Going to hit the track first this morning--- shooting for 5 miles in 1 min run/ 1 min walk intervals.

Have a great week!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You've always been a fighter and a goal-getter! I have always admired that! You have a great plan! I'm glad you are practicing self-care and boosting your self-yesteem! You will be back in your skinny clothes soon!
    2996 days ago
    You are beautiful regardless of those 15 pounds but I totally understand! Been feeling like that as well. Please know that I"m here for ya! We SO need to get together and walk!

    Miss you friend!
    2996 days ago
  • JLITT62
    You can do it - you're absolutely doing the right things taking care of yourself. Please don't beat yourself up - you went thru a really stressful time; it happens!
    2996 days ago
    Good for you!! You ARE beautiful, I hope you will feel beautiful too.
    I think your plan to wear your "pretty" clothes is a great one!! I admit, since I have been on family leave from my job this year, I have gotten really bad about wear sweats and my glasses too. I've been trying to do better too!
    Good luck to you!!
    2996 days ago
  • FRECKS96
    Awesome!! It's so true that we need to take care of ourselves. Also surprising what a difference it can make. Good Luck!
    2996 days ago
    You're doing the right thing! I had a college roommate who always dressed up for class when she felt sick...the worse she felt, the better she dressed. She said it helped! I always just want to wear sweats when I feel bad but I think she had the right idea.
    2996 days ago
    There's no reason why you can't feel beautiful everyday, whether it's make-up, clothes, nail polish or jewelry. We all deserve the effort. We just forget that we do too easily. You definitely have the right idea, Helen!
    2996 days ago
    I couldn't agree more! I so get where you are coming from and unfortunateley am in the same rut. I've been living in AE sweats and tshirts and pulling my hair in a pony tail everyday. I just feeling like i'm being pulled in so many directions and have so much on my plate, i'm finding it hard to do anything at 100%.
    Here's to a new week and a new start! :)
    You have so much ambition and great goals, I know you'll succeed at whatever you put your mind too!
    2996 days ago
    Great plan!!

    I know that I have been slacking on this in the last few weeks as I've been sick... This morning i got up & got dressed (in something other than sweats!) and put on my makeup and my 10yodd immediately wanted to know where I was going! Uh oh! Bad sign!!!

    You are so right -- when we look better, we feel better... and then we do better ! It starts a positive cycle instead of continuing the negative one!

    So proud of you!!
    2996 days ago
    I can so relate to this. I am also up 15 lbs and it makes such a difference. I used to laugh when people said 5 or ten pounds made a difference, but the smaller you get, the smaller amount of weight it takes to make a difference in those jeans!!!
    Also, I too have been wearing sweats and it is NOT a good idea. Better to suck it up and wear the tight clothes as a reminder. In sweats, it's too easy to cheat.
    It's has been the holidays so let's not be too hard on ourselves, but let's get back to business . We can do it.
    2996 days ago
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