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Sunday, January 15, 2012

On January 14, SP_Staff issued a blog on a new feature that allowed articles etc to be sent to Facebook and Twitter. They automatically added the feature that any blog written by myself or you could be shared by the reader of my blog by clicking on send it to Facebook.
One of the great features of SparkPeople was the blogs, so many people have benefited by this great idea and we all know that some blogs disclose personal information that we assumed were only for Spark members eyes.
Most of the blogs I have written would not disclose any information that I would consider private, but there are things I have written, that I don't feel the world needs to know.
As of right now any blog you write , will have a screen pop up that allows you as the reader to send it on. We were not given the choice of wanting this or not, but Spark has given us a option where we can opt out, the next part of this blog was copied from the Spark blog and shows how to opt out.
"Note that we also have provided the option to hide this sharing bar on your posts. To do this you can edit your SparkPage and uncheck the "Show share bar on my blog posts" option on the upper right of the page."
My reason for writing this is that not everyone will read the blog announcing the change.

I want to make a statement again, that SparkPeople is a blessing for many of us, has helped us on our journeys to healthy living and has been such a asset to my own journey. I am so glad that I found SparkPeople and has helped me in so many ways in my life

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • JUNEBUG150
    Thanks, Monty. You are right, I did not read the blog announcing the change. Will have to go and change that right now.
    3409 days ago
    Hey, just noticed you wrote this blog....
    It sure caused a lot of controversy...
    Also, I have noticed that so so many people's comments on their feeds are now set to private, which means people comment on my blog and I can't reply....But, needless to say, I have vented and certainly shared many personal details of my life over the past 2 years... But, also, even sharing pics with your friends here opens them up to public too.

    Noticed your 116,500 fitness minutes today too,, WooHoo!
    I passed 50,000 points yesterday....
    Nice chatting..
    Take care.../
    Lila emoticon emoticon
    3458 days ago
    I most definitely wouldn't want to share this with anyone other than fellow sparkers. Not FB or Twitter. Thanks for the heads up.
    3476 days ago
    Thank you for the info, I did receive an e-mail and past it alone. Then I got another informing me that the feature had been taken off.

    I guess sparkpeople figure they are here to help people and they never stopped to realize some people write alot of personal stuff in their blogs,we don't mind sharing with our team but NOT the world.
    Can you imagine sharing my one on facebook where I am trying to get real and finding my way back to the girl inside me, I am standing there in my work out stuff LOL, I think NOT!
    I was going to take it off but then I learned about taking the like button off.

    Thanks again.

    Hugs Mary
    3478 days ago
    I just sent you a spark mail. SP removed the FB/Twitter feature but added their old one back which links to many other social sites. The only way to avoid this is to make your page private.
    3480 days ago
    By the time I'm reading this (!), SP has taken the feature off. Thank you, though, for writing this blog. I'm not sure I would have known they were doing it. I, for one, write for friends (and myself, of course!) while I don't really think anything I write is something anyone would want to share on FB, I prefer not to share on FB.

    You're AWESOME, Monty!
    3480 days ago
    The word is spreading that although sp is great , this was a not-so-great decision. I hope the revise before people decide to go private or leave entirely. That would be sad:(
    3480 days ago
    I really want to keep Spark and FB separate so I really wasn't happy about this. I think they should have pre-warned us.
    The good news is, I haven't written a blog in awhile...LOL
    3481 days ago
    Thanks for the info Monty. I DO NOT want my blogs shared so I have updated my page to reflect that. I share a lot here and I wonder if I should make my page private because of it. However, if I make it private then someone who might benefit from it wouldn't see it...hard choice.

    3481 days ago
    Yes I agree that spark is a blessing but I do not want my blogs or other info spread on facebook, twitter or myspace is not cool. I did not join then for a reason. I took a chance with blogging as it was and when I first joined spark my page was pirvate and blogging took me a long time. No to facebook and twitter etc. My Hubbie calls it spacebook he bout got it right. emoticon
    3481 days ago
    Thank you very much. I guess I have a privacy fetish and will only share information with Sparkpeople when I write here. If I want it on Facebook, I reserve the right to put it there myself (which will not happen).
    Thanks again.
    3481 days ago
    Thank you so much - headed over to my SparkPage now to do some editing....
    3481 days ago
  • NANCY1964
    My goodness, Monty, thanks so much for sharing this. It seems we are a "world gone mad" with privacy issues, and unless you are ultra-careful, the most private information can be released!

    I agree with you 100% that the things we share on SP are not for general public consumption. I've felt for a long time that the status updates were tricky, in which you automatically had to "uncheck" "share with Facebook" if you didn't want your status update shared with the world.

    Sigh. This makes me sad. But THANK YOU again for pointing this out to all of us!!!
    3481 days ago
    Thanks Monty,
    The word is spreading. I did not see the original announcement nor have I heard many friends that have; perhaps it was sent to team leaders? It doesn' t matter. Sadly this feature has caused some of my friends to close their page to "friends only" making them unavailable to new members. I love SP too, but they are pushing the envelope; it started when they started putting ads on our blogs. Now a header ad above our blogs and this facebook option. I have opted out of the facebook share, keeping my page open and sticking with sparkpeople---for now.
    I understand the importance of their advertising but it is infringing on enjoying the site. Full page ads pop up when I don't click on them but click on something covering them like "friend feed". Other glitches, delayed log ins for sparkpoints as the wheel turns, and turns, and turns, reverses and turns some more. Oops, sorry; this has hit one of "my" buttons. Still enjoy enough to hang around. Where else would I find the support I get from great friends like you?! Hugs.
    3481 days ago
  • FITAT50
    Thankfully the word is being spread around Sparkland about this Unwanted new feature, thanks for helping to spread how we all can opt out.
    3481 days ago
    Thanks Monty, I wouldn't have ever known if not for you. Awesome!!!
    3481 days ago
    I did read somewhere yesterday about this and did the appropriate thing and checked off that box and hopefully before anyone I didn't want reading my private stuff never got to. Someone suggested googling you own name and see what it brings up, it was bringing up blogs etc... I'm gonna do that now...
    3481 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    I have opted out of having my blogs shared. If I want to share them with strangers, that's one thing . . . but to have others read them and share them on Facebook, Twitter, etc., without me knowing, that's another thing entirely.

    I love SP, it's the best site on the net and I will never leave it but I do not want my privacy invaded in this manner.
    For those who feel the same, just Edit your page and uncheck the latest thing at the top, for letting others share your blogs.

    Thanks for bringing this to other's attention Monty, I wouldn't have known about it if someone else hadn't let me know!
    3481 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7840601
    Thanks for the info Monty.
    3481 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8541578
    I was livid when I found this out. There have been a few new problems with SP that have made me question my continued use of this program. I have taken the steps necessary to make sure the share tab doesn't appear on my blog page.
    3481 days ago
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