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Frustrated with Clothing Sizes

Friday, January 13, 2012

Nothing new here, just a short rant. Buying clothes is frustrating. I spent a couple of hours last night trying on sweaters, because I'm really running out of clothes to wear to work! I thought I found something, but I think the super overly flattering mirror in the dressing room (you know the kind!) was lying to me, because when I got home I found the sweater was pretty unflattering.

Pants and skirts aren't so hard for me, but with tops I often find that regular women's clothing just doesn't fit me. I'm too big and curvy for most petite sizes, too short for regular sizing, and too small for plus sizes. BLAH. Also, the armholes and necklines on a lot of regular women's clothing are too big/low for me...

I know many (most?) women have trouble finding clothes that fit. We all know how arbitrary women's clothing sizes are, too...

But it's frustrating to try on a bunch of things and just not be able to find anything that fits. I need to learn how to knit REALLY REALLY WELL. And find a good tailor.


In other news, happy Friday!

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    Sometimes I buy an item in several colors if it actually fits. :P

    Also, second hand stores have clothes that are "pre-shrunk", so they are usually already at their "final size", which is helpful.

    I usually ignore size numbers and just hold stuff up and go with what "looks like it will fit" until I get to the dressing room.

    I was fitted for a bridesmaid gown last week, and I told the lady that I was glad to know what my size actually is (since she measured me, etc.). She said that since clothes are made all over the world, everyone has their own way of sizing as well as ranges within each size. This is also true of each designer. I was glad to at least hear a sensible reason (rather than "vanity sizing").

    I kind of like what Chico's does with their 0-3 sizing (I think they might actually translate to S-XL). The clothes in the store are consistent, and also separate from the societal feelings about size.....but expensive.

    Good luck! emoticon
    2976 days ago
    (aw, thanks for stopping by my sparkpage! ::hugs: : i've been very mia on here but i've been fairly regular on my blog:


    i could have written this post! i'm like more than twice my bottom clothing size on top and nothing fits me either. it's so frustrating. and no one believes that i don't fit in 'normal' sizes.)
    3108 days ago
    I agree with you, MIZMAGG -- I hate when I actually find something that fits, and it's got all sorts of weird baubles, bling, and strange detailing!
    3158 days ago
    One other addition to this rant - why oh why do clothing manufacturers think large women want giant prints and shiny crap on their tops? I find a perfectly fitting top only to discover that it has a huge heart on the front or studs around the neckline or a cheesy print running across the bust. Why?????
    Just because I'm big doesn't mean I want to dress like a four-year-old or someone with a demented sense of style..
    3158 days ago
    I have mixed feelings reading this blog. Part of me is wildly identifying and starting to think how fun-but-frustrating it will be when I'm a 'normal' size again. And then, part of my wrong way of thinking is saying 'I'm so glad I don't have to buy clothes for work anymore.' But, see, I've been hiding in these men's XL T-shirts with leggings underneath for WAAAAAAY too long. Yeah, learning to knit and sew are really the only way you'll ever get something to fit you exactly if you don't have one of those mythical 'off the rack' bodies. Try looking on Craigslist in your area for a seamstress/tailor. You could get lucky.
    3158 days ago
    Another option is to check out charity shops.
    you can find some really good stuff there, either very good second-hand or even new, donated stuff, and you can find just about any brand.
    In any case it's much cheaper than ordinary shops so if you get home and find whatever you bought isn't as good as you thought, at least you won't have spent a month's wages on it!
    3178 days ago
    Clothing frustrates me too - I'm too small for plus sizes, and a lot of regular sizes don't go up to 14-16. I too am not tall (but I'm not short), so that makes pants a major problem. So I totally understand your frustrations.

    Just keep trying things on. YOu'll find some designers fit your body better than others, and then you just stick with then.

    I personally find DKNY, INC, and Eileen Fisher fit my body pretty well. Also JJill, though I buy petites from them most of the time. (Not the other lines.)

    Hope that helps!
    3182 days ago
    thanks ALPHAPREP for the tips! Funny, I have also had some success with Ann Taylor (when I can find things I like on sale!) and Banana Republic (although I wish wish wish their petite sizing went up to XL!). I also look for raglan sleeves because I can go up a size without the shoulders hanging off of my frame awkwardly.

    I can't wait for these oversized, chunky knit, cable-knit, giant bat sleeves to go back out of style, though!!!
    3182 days ago
    Zen - this has frustrated me my entire life. I have always been a much smaller bottom, and much larger top - think 4-6 sizes between my bottom and top, even though I look (at least I think!) fairly normal. So - I try to go for loose fitting sleeveless tops (although I always wear something over them), and cardigans or fitted jackets that I get tailored. My other problem is that I refuse to buy anything that isn't on sale... But - I've had some success at ann taylor loft, banana republic and sometimes... old navy. One thing I learned to do recently is flag down someone at the store and say... hi. I need help. PLEASE! and then I bite my ashamed tongue, and let them do their thing. Recently I've been a lot more forward - I have xxx to spend, and I want to make the most of it.
    3182 days ago
  • LHLADY517
    What you're talking about is one of the reasons I was taught to sew. I learned to make my clothes fit. I really thank my heritage for this.
    3182 days ago
    Thank you, Ever-hopeful. I have to remember to ask about that option when I'm in nicer stores. The place last night was honestly more geared toward trendy, "young person" fashion so that wasn't an option (and the sizing is less forgiving, too).

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    3182 days ago
    i don´t know what it is like where you live but over here in münchen there are a few shops that do free or cheap alterations/tailering on the clothes you buy in their shop.maybe you have the same system over by you.doesn´t hurt to look.
    3182 days ago
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