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Who am I now? (Part 2)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Can no longer afford to get sloppy with food and sleep on the weekends. Weak. Slow. Clear cause/effect. NOT. havin. it.
After crappy performance on 7am WOD (see previous status), went for 2nd attempt at 5pm. Awwwww yeah, THAT'S how we DO it! 45lb heavier and FOUR MINUTES FASTER, baby!!! Suckit, WOD! Roarrrrr!
STREAKFREAK is getting it DONE!
Chris Downie is an extraordinary human being. Role. Model.
12:05am... too late for a run? mmmyeah, probly. :-/
LOTS to do today...
Haiku on a Great Run: Lungs like bellows breathe / Apple-faced, electric skin / Wet. Hot. Spent. Alive.
My first Rx'd WOD evar!!! Woohoo! 20mins, as many rounds as possible: ten 75# push presses, ten 35# kettlebell swings, ten 20" box jumps. Score: 5 rounds. Roar!!
For time: thirty 25# dumbbell presses, 300ft. farmer's carry w 50# load, 75 squats w 50# load. 11:47. Satisfactory.
For time: fifty 20" box jumps, 40 air squats, 30 situps, 20 pushups, 10 pullups. 10:53
During short 400m warm-up run this morning, pants and undies would. not. stay. up. Lol, guess it's time to go shoppin'...
"Medium?" ~department store sales woman, eyeballing me and guessing my size. Not XL, not even L... she said Medium!!!!! (and... it fit!) Roarrrrrrrrr....
Guy who hasn't seen me since July: "WOW, what a difference! Congratulations!" Roar.
Great blog for a great life: http://30sleeps.com/blog/
"You look AMAZING!" ~woman at gym who hasnt seen me in many weeks. Roar.
Box squats to 5 rep max load: 115#! (failed 125 on 3rd rep). That's a PR baby! Roar.
Took new measurements while shopping online for tops. Down another 2" in waist, bust, and hips. Woot! (No wonder my panties won't stay up... ;)
Hungry girl's dream: 2C spaghetti squash (gut, nuke 10min, scoop out), 1C "meat" sauce w heap of sauteed mushrooms equals *gigantic* dish of delish! /-384cal, 56carb, 8fat, 32prot. ? Body DEF happy.
For time: thirty 20# dumbbell presses, 60 pullups, 90 situps, 120 air squats. 17:53. Roar.
STREAKFREAK ate an @$$load of chocolate cake today. Oh well....
Kiss me! It's my birthday...
STREAKFREAK is making kale chips!
Wading through dark moods after a few days on the "birthday diet." This morning for breakfast: fresh veggies (yes, really), a flood of pure water, vitamins. I already feel the light returning...
For time: 500m row, fifty 35# thrusters, fifty 35# good mornings, 50 double unders. 15:22. Roar.
Steamed brussels sprouts and baked sweet potato. Breakfast of champions.
I am barely breathing and I can't find the air...
Just saw friend-of-friend's FB post: "40 lbs lost in less than 6 weeks." :-o Doesn't say how, but I'm having to remind myself that it in NO WAY diminishes my own slow, hard-won success. Press on!
Massage therapist, while working on my upper back, shoulders, and neck: "You've been lifting weights." mm-hm, roar.
One glob at a time, takin off the goo. Not easy or quick but little by little we're getting there...
Finally stepped on scale after about 3 weeks of reckless misbehavior. Damage? Only 2lb. Pretty lenient sentence considering... Now, time to forget it and press on...
Gotten sloppy with tracking. Gonna start posting daily nutrition stats again for awhile. Watch this space after dinnertime. :-)
Today's nutrition stats: 1500cal, 18.8%prot, 21.1%fat, 60.1%carb. Not the *best* quality today (eatin' on the run...), and a little carb heavy... I give myself a C.
Today's nutrition stats: 1530cal, 21.9%prot, 19%fat, 59.1%carb. Still carb heavy, but whole foods. B
Thirty-five 75lb. clean-and-jerks, 10:43. 60 pullups, 17:00. Roar.
STREAKFREAK won 50 SparkGoodie Points on the SparkPoints wheel!
For time: Forty-nine 55# thrusters, 49 burpees. 15:37. WOD bless us, everyone. Merry Christmas, Sparkfriends!
Relief to wake up actually hungry for breakfast again after all the holiday excess.
Heading out for the last WOD of 2011.
For time: 100 double-unders, 75 (14#) wallballs, 50 pullups, 25 (65#) thrusters. 26:34. Bit slow. I blame it on Christmas.
Back squats to 5-rep max. Was up to 5 at 145# when time ran out. Not a true max, but super happy with that.
For time: 150 20" box jumps, 150 36# kettlebell swings, 150 situps. 46:08. I'm a slow box jumper (I step down instead of jumping down, to protect my ankles)......
5K from home to gym: ~33mins. Then, for time: 500m row, 10 rounds of 15 double-unders & 7 burpees, 1 mile run. 34:52. Roar.
Don't eat crap. Don't buy crap. Don't take crap when it is handed to you. (That's in life in general, as well as on a platter at a party.) ~Lisbeth Darsh
Bella's workout of the day: 70 ball fetches down the stairs and back while mommy did 100 air squats.
STREAKFREAK has come a long way...
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