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Who am I now? (Transformation in a year of Spark statuses...)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Monday this week (January 9, 2012) marked the one-year anniversary of the day I started my Spark journey in earnest. I'm delighted to report that I'm halfway to my weight-loss goal (I refuse to be disappointed with not being farther along). But what's really remarkable is how much I am changing in other, non-physical, ways.

I am acutely aware of being in the middle of an inside-out transformation that I only dimly understand at this point. It's not reflected in my weight chart or nutrition tracker but it's happening. I feel it, and I can see a reflection of it in the 360-or-so verbal snapshots I posted this year in my Feed. There's something of a growing confidence and momentum in their tone as the year goes on. A gradually shifting energy and change in focus from thinking and feeling toward BEING and DOING. This year I even changed my name...

Day 4 on the wagon, and I am 1% of the way toward goal.
HILARYMD restarted P90X today. X for X-treme! I'm being patient with myself.
HILARYMD has just posted to my blog for the first time. Please check it out and share!
HILARYMD is going to demolish P90X today!
HILARYMD hasn't lost too many pounds yet, but definitely already feels slimmer...
HILARYMD kicked KenpoX ass today!
Weekends are dangerous.
The intelligent want self-control; children want candy. ~Rumi
A huge breakthrough: I'm right back on program today after a too-big dinner out with family last night. There was a recent time when it could have taken me days (or weeks!) to reset.
Non-scale victory: Arrived 40 mins early for a class, so used the time to get a little cardio. Just ran up and down the stairwell 10 times. Beet red and legs of rubber, but proud of myself!
Do emoticons work in a status update? emoticon ...hmm, guess not.
HILARYMD is hungrier than usual today, but still stayed within calories...
WI day is Monday. Fearing Superbowl fallout, I put it off till today (but did NOT lowball my calories yesterday). Drumroll please.... I'm down 3lbs, Superbowl be damned! Woohoo!
HILARYMD is watching Biggest Loser.
I'm ready for my goal weight now. Please deliver it to me at my home address immediately. Thank you.
What beverages do you count in your water tracker? Only plain water? Coffee/tea too? Diet soda? Juices? Regular soda? Just wondering what folks do...
Tonight in acting class our teacher lined us up in order by bodyweight. I was third heaviest, standing between two men almost a foot taller than me. Mortifying. This is the last straw. Done being fat!
Roar for today's NSV (walked to/from doctor's appt for a total of 4.4 miles): Rrrrrroar!
HILARYMD broke a new decade this morning! It's not my WI day but I had a feeling, so I checked. (I won't log it until WI on Monday.) ROAR!!!!
NSV: Got off metro a stop early, added 1.5 mi walk to my day. FML: my panties kept falling down (I mean completely off my tush) inside my pants. Either the elastic is shot or they're too big now...
I used to hate walking but now, surprisingly... I kind of love it. 5.6 miles today. RRRRRROAR!!
HILARYMD is done with calories for the day, but still a bit hungry. Guess I'll have a big glass of water, go to bed, and dream about breakfast...
TGFS - Thank God for SPARKPEOPLE! I'm down another 2.2 this week! When I think of all the money I spent on Weight Watchers.... well. I just *won't* think about it.
NSV! Two things that did NOT derail me this week: baking a batch of amazing cupcakes, a birthday party with lots of delicious pizza. Roar!
By Friday, March 4, I WILL be under 200lbs.
Stupid weekends... gotta get a handle on 'em. Back in the saddle now, but don't like this tendency to kick off the week in need of damage control.
Help! What's your strategy for weekends when the usual routine is interrupted and hard-to-track eating opportunities are abundant? Huge stumbling block. Suggestions desperately needed!
Stumbling a little this week... Recommit. ReRecommit. RererererereRECOMMIT!
Giving myself awards... need all the positive reinforcement I can get.
For support in being more active, hang out with active people. Problem is... I honestly don't know any. All my friends are suburban, restaurant-going, theatre-loving sitters like me.
Yesterday I was off-center and in danger of sliding into the abyss. Clung to my food and fitness trackers for dear life. Today, equilibrium seems to have returned.
HILARYMD made a veggie pizza from scratch for 334 cals per huge, loaded slice. I feel totally indulged and still have 176 calories left in my budget for the day... THIS I can sustain.
To do: 5 miles - CHECK! (And a gorgeous sunny day for it here, too!)
Awesome NYT article: Can exercise keep you young?http://well.blogs.nytime
HILARYMD is going to give the SP meal plan a try. See if tracking the week ahead all at once is less tedious...
Loved today's lunch! Black beans and brown rice on a bed of field greens with feta cheese and balsamic dressing. 2 clementines. 482 cal altogether. MMM!
Woke up hungry... a good sign I think. Breakfast time!
Just curious... what is your SP recommended calorie range? Mine is 1200-1550.
Yeah, planning the week ahead is the way to go. Soooo much easier just to check off boxes than sit down and log recipes and meals from scratch three times a day. I get a big "Duh!" for this one!
Woohoo 19 points till trophy level 6...
It's Monday and I feel fiiiiine....
In general, mankind, since the improvement in cookery, eats twice as much as nature requires. -Benjamin Franklin
HILARYMD planned ahead and feels good about it!
HILARYMD is looking forward to breakfast.
Spark wheel teased me with the prospect of 1000 points only to give me a grudging 2. :-/
Love how many animal lovers there are on SP. Paws up for our furry friends!
Feeling neither hungry nor full, and totally nourished. Great. Dinner.
HILARYMD wants to stay up and spark some more, but eyelids keep falling down. Goodnight, sparklers...
Mornin' Sparkfamily! Let's make it a great day!
"I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'" -- Muhammad Ali
Way off my menu plan for today, BUT still within calories. Roar.
5'5", 205, Sz 18-20, wrinkles, chin hairs, freckles, scars... I love my body.
Anyone else lose appetite when Aunt Flo visits? Can't get excited about food today... :-/
HILARYMD is praying for friends in Japan.
Was hoping to see 205 this morning, but I'll take 206 and -1lb.
While I was meditating last night at 3am (during insomnia), I heard the following words: "Self-discipline is an act of love." and "When you truly want it, nothing will stand in your way." WO.
Note to self: the amount and rate of weight loss is NOT proportional to time spent browsing on Sparkpeople. Try a walk instead, girlfriend. SP will still be here when you get back. ;)
HILARYMD is curled up with hubby and pooches. Cozy Saturday night.
Plannin' my work, workin' my plan, and the plan is workin'!
Just discovered SP's quote library. Cool! https://sparkpeo.hs.llnwd.net/e1/res
Suddenly I'm being taken back to the SP login page every time I click on anything. My cookies are enabled. It hasn't been doing this previously. Confused and annoyed. Ideas? Help!
HILARYMD sings... "We keep on waiting (waitiiing), waiting on the weight to change..."
SP appears to be experiencing technical difficulties today.
HILARYMD is turning in early tonight.
HILARYMD sees new definition in her abs. Too sexy! ;)
Gooooooood mornin' Sparklers!
Strawberries plus chocolate soymilk plus blender equals 161 calorie blisssssssss...
HILARYMD needs more rewards. Guess that means it's time to set more goals...
Quizzes sure help with points. Only 236 left to trophy level 7 already!
"Yesterday I was clever. I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise. I am changing myself."
Before: Couldn't keep any cheese in house, would eat whole block/bag at once. Now: Keep a few kinds of cheese on hand. Track w/ SP. Use 1-2oz at a time. Feel no temptation. Truly miraculous!
Sweet potatoes are a gift from God.
HILARYMD is working today.
HILARYMD is watching Nurse Betty. LaBute is a freak of nature.
Surrender. Acceptance. Peace. Love. Focus. Action. Surrender.
Rainy Monday mornin'...
HILARYMD is 8 sparkpoints away from trophy level 7...
If you do the things you NEED to do when you need to do them, someday you can do the things you WANT to do when you want to do them.
What are your go-to treats for sweet cravings?
HILARYMD is antsy.
HILARYMD sings: Where is the sun (doo doo doo dooo) Where is the sunnnn?
Check out my latest blog, y'all... I think it might be my favorite yet. (And not too long)...
If you can lose 5 pounds, you can lose 50.
Of all the sunny and glorious days, today must be the sunniest and the gloriousest!
Whoahhh, what is THAT?! That hum of wellbeing flowing through my body...? That warm, streaming charge of health, joy, peace, love... OH! Right... that's the Spark.
Reason number 1*10^100 why SP is more awesome than FB: I have never been friended or left a comment by Mark Zuckerberg. (And I'll send a goodie to anyone who gets my silly math pun.)
Want to buy some new workout T-shirts with inspiring/motivational quotes or designs on them. Slim pickin's so far online... ideas?
New one for the collection: You cannot STRUGGLE your way into JOY; you can only JOY your way into JOY.
HILARYMD has square eyes. Time to log off and go to bed. Night, sparklers!
HILARYMD is having a delish quiche for lunch while catching up on SP messages. Thought I'd finished my slice, but just looked down and found one bite left! Happy surprise... yummmmm....
HILARYMD gets on "food kicks" where, for days, all I want is a certain dish. Eventually I'm satisfied and can move on to something else. Now, it's quiche (mmm!). Before it was burritos. *shrug* What can I say?
Negative thoughts don't just sit there harmlessly; they multiply, infect other thoughts and motivate negative actions. ~Carolyn Hax
The obstacle is the path. ~Zen proverb
Family drama. Friend disappointment. Ugh. Tiresome.
Dear Hilary: Remember, you're not perfect either. You disappoint your loved ones sometimes, too. Have compassion. Breathe. Forgive. Love, Yourself
HILARYMD is having her odd-to-rare cup of coffee and totally gets why people love The Joe so much.
Life's too short to regret a cookie. ~Melanie Vincent Jarvis (random sparkler)
Last night's fortune cookie: "Force equals too much; effort equals too little; BEING equals enough." wise, wise Confucius...
"Check all judgments at the door." ~SPRINGHAZE. Woot!!
HILARYMD is going to weigh-in daily for awhile as a re-set button to tighten up the routine. I've gotten loose...
HILARYMD 's mom is visiting and brought chocolate covered marzipan. My favorite. :-/
Sometimes all it takes is a perfect red lipstick to make you feel like you can take on the world... ~Jesse Nersesian, owner, Salt & Seaweed, Charleston, SC. Woot!!
Noddin' my head like, "yeahhh...." Moving my hips like, "yeahhh..."
HILARYMD wonders where my consistency award for March is...hmmmmm....
HILARYMD loves measuring cups. Precision is SEXY!
Today, The Lazy Song is my anthem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v
HILARYMD is menu plannin'...
What if I really just... CAN'T?
I *think* I can, but I don't *know* it, and I'm *scared* I can't...
Lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng day.
My favorite dress FITS AGAIN!!! RrrrrrrrrrrrrrrOAR!!!
Sometimes I think the Sparkwheel is Downie's way of inoculating us against disappointment at seeing smaller numbers than we hope for.
Impress yourself!
MARMAK's Vegetarian Meatball Stew on Sparkrecipes is awesome!!! Easy, delicious, filling, and right on calorie target. Check it out.
SURPRISE yourself!
15 minutes of stair climbing is totally do-able.
A wedding haiku: bobby pin mountain / happy throbbing feet danced raw / all alive with love
I know my Spark fam will appreciate this: Hotel has no fitness room, so I climbed 40 floors of brick and mortar stairs (up and down) this morning (and yesterday morning too). RRRRRRRRRRRRROAR!
Procrastination makes me FAT!!
RIP, Uncle Jim. You will be missed.
Eyes front. Right foot, Left foot, Track. Repeat.
New blog entry today, check it!
Got my first "hey you look smaller!" comment TODAY! Rrrrrrrrrrroar!
Great success story: http://www.cnn.com/2011/HEALTH
HILARYMD is a tough cookie.
It's actually HOT in the house... phew!!
HILARYMD posted new pictures today, check em!
My goofy friend Adam's goofy video about soda addiction: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v
Day one of 28-day bootcamp challenge, and 10 minute daily streak IN THE BAG. RRRRRROARRRRR!!
Geez, what is UP with these MOOD SWINGS!?
Git up offa dat thang! Dance till you feel bettah! Ever'body: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v
Yesterday the stairmaster kicked my ass. Today... PAYBACK BABY!!! Don't MESS wit da LioNESS!! ROAAAAAARRRRR!
Wo ooh Wo ooh, you got the besta my love... Wo ooh Wo ooh...
Me, to the scale staring up at me from the bathroom floor: "I promised myself I won't weigh until MAY 7 when the Spring 5% challenge starts, and DANGIT I'M NOT GONNA! So there."
HILARYMD finds herself in the mood to go shoe shopping. (Wonder what I saw/heard/smelled... that made my amygdala suddenly crave new shoes?)...
Boom boom boom, even brighter than the moon moon moon...
Milestone!!! Lost another 2% body fat, which brings my total chub fraction from ~50% to ~48%! UNDER HALF! RRRRRRRROARRRRR!!!
New level on the stairmaster AND finished the program without a break. RRRRRRRRRoarrrrrrrrrr!
Time for bed. Sweet dreams, sparklers!
At the rate this world and this weight loss is going, I should be at goal just in time for the apocalypse.
I don't want to die trying, so I guess I better just DO IT!
28-day bootcamp challenge, week 1 in the bag. Week 2 starts tomorrow. ROARRRR!
HILARYMD is having a low self-esteem episode.
For a change in honor of just because, let's name things that are RIGHT with the world. Ready GO:
Hey, it's Thursday again!! Time for another DANCE BREAK, come on... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v
If you want to climb a wall, first throw your hat over. I have just signed up for the National Press Club 5K and Bootcamp Workout with TONY HORTON. Bring it, baby!!!
Sometimes, getting sick of being disappointed with myself is all the motivation I need. Disgust is a powerful emotion. So... go ahead, DISGUST yourself.
11:50PM and my fitness goals for the day are MET! Better than not at all, I say...
"Are you losing weight?" Second unsolicited comment yesterday. Woot!
What's in green tea that makes me a bit giddy? ...teehee! I think I feel another DANCE BREAK coming onnnnnn.... www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KSMG8
Friday night apps & drinks with friends, came home for a (literal) midnight interval run. RRRRRRRoarrrrr!!!!!
Wouldn't it be awesome if we felt as amazing DURING running as we do after?
Energy from last night's midnight run is staying with me. Great sleep. Body feels ALIVE this morning. And I looooooved the peaceful solitude running at that hour, past all the sleepy houses.
NEW video blog today!! Check it out...
Woohoo! Goal #1: MET! https://sparkpeo.hs.llnwd.net/e1/myp
A free Sunday night with no plans.... NICE!
I really don't have any willpower. I have a cause instead. Maybe that's the secret, to find your inner cause. What takes a higher fitness level that you are passionate about? ~INDYGIRL
Happy Monday! now..."Let's burn some goo."
HILARYMD is out running.
HILARYMD is plum wore out!
HILARYMD still has such a lonnnnnng way to go...
A good plan violently executed today is far-and-away better than a perfect plan tomorrow. ~George S. Patton
My adorable Chinese massage therapist: Waaauuw you lose lot weight! how much? 20 pound?! good keep a-going!
Ran into a friend I haven't seen in a couple of weeks. He kept saying "Wow!" and looking me up and down. I think he was afraid to ask, but I could tell what he was thinking...
My friend Michael: You look great, so keep doing what you're doing!
STREAKFREAK was HILARYMD. New user name to kick off a new commitment to STREAKIN'!!!
Just put a Streak Tracker app on my Blackberry. I'm an X-checkin' fool!
Running sure does clear the sinuses... ew!
In spite of the progress I've made to date, I find I still avoid my reflection :-/
STREAKFREAK did 4 miles today. RRRRoar!
hmmm, what shall I blog about this week...?
Third spontaneous comment: "Have you lost weight?" Yes! Yes, I have! Thank you for noticing!!
Why does walking / running in humidity make your hands swell up like sausages?
STREAKFREAK did 6 miles today!! RROARR!
Half-a-cup of Grape Nuts has 200 CALORIES???!!! WO.
STREAKFREAK is another half-inch down in waist and hips. ROARRR!
STREAKFREAK won 100 SparkGoodie Points on the SparkPoints wheel!
STREAKFREAK is pooped!
O. M. G: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v
Strawberry chobani plus fresh kiwi = O ma ga!
8.5 hours to National Press Club 5K... rrrrrrrroarrrrrrrr!
STREAKFREAK is so sore it hurts my abs to fart... TMI??
STREAKFREAK is feelin' good after a short run... wonder if I could go around again...?
Dogs got sprayed by a skunk tonight. Oh joy, peroxide/baking soda/dish detergent baths for all... and probably a carpet shampoo tomorrow. Oy.....
No news... just a big WHAT UP, Y'ALL?!
Is that a collarbone I see?!?
It's happenin'! Sloooowly. But it's happenin'!
STREAKFREAK lost 1 pound! Congratulations from yourself, because for some reason SP isn't posting it...
Baby greens w/dill plus mozzarella plus spinach/artichoke hummus plus kalamata olives equals bliss in a pita pocket
Husband, today: Look at that CUTE BUTT!!!
Hubby, outside, turns around to come in and sees me leaning against the door jamb: "F***, you look good!" WO.
STREAKFREAK can cross her legs comfortably now!
STREAKFREAK is .8lbs away from 30lb goal. Look for a new reward video blog THIS WEEK!!
STREAKFREAK is -31.7 lbs this morning!! (5.1lbs less than my wedding weight!) ROARRR! Let's FINISH THIS! I appreciate my body for its beauty and abilities more and more every day. Happy Sunday, y'all.... now, LET'S BURN SOME GOO...
Don't mean to be vulgar, but WHERE is this... er... *desire* coming from?! Since starting this WL/fitness/wellness journey my body has come alive, holy smokes!
STREAKFREAK is kickin' @$$ today.... RRRRROARRRR!
Strength, check. courage, check. optimism, check. Welcome, Monday morning...
Hubby said, "You're getting cuter by the day!"
Picked up parents from airport; haven't seen em since Christmas. Both their eyes popped, "WOW YOU'VE LOST WEIGHT!" Rrrrrrrrrroarrrr!
OK, I've been the fat chick long enough. I know what that's like. I think I'll be the hot chick now. Find out what THAT's like...
Seeing some thrilling body changes... maybe time to take another set of progress photos...?
Two awesome comments at church this morning: "You've lost a lot of weight!!" and (my favorite) "You're a string bean! Smaller and smaller every time I see you!!" Rrrrrrrrrooarrrrr!!
STREAKFREAK NEW video blog posted TODAY! Check it...
STREAKFREAK is feelin' pretty good!
Father-in-law's birthday dinner. Haven't seen the fam since April. Nobody could shut up about how great I look. I said STOP it, you all are embarrassing me. But I secretly loved it. Is that so wrong?
STREAKFREAK can't get this junk off fast enough!
STREAKFREAK won 500 SparkGoodie Points on the SparkPoints Bonus Wheel!
3 mile bike, then for time: 150 kettlebell swings, 150 box jumps (25:06), then 3 mile bike. ROAR!
Keeping my promises to myself and meeting my own expectations makes me love myself. Loving myself makes me keep my promises to myself and meet my own expectations. Upward spiral!! Zoommmm!!!
Hubby said, "You look great, you're doing great, you seem really motivated. I'm proud of you." *grin*
So excited for a GREAT night out tonite. Dinner with one old friend and a bunch of new friends-to-be, then to see Cate Blanchett in Uncle Vanya. Friends plus great theatre = blissssss!!!
11am and already past 900 calories. Baby shower this afternoon. Anyone wanna wager on whether I stay in range today or not??
Think I strained achilles tendon. Pain flexing, pointing foot, as when descending stairs, but oddly none when walking. Minor swelling toward medial side of tendon. Rest, ice, Naproxen. Other advice?
What should I have for lunch?
John (who's been away for many months): "When did you get so skinny?!" Me: "Stop it or I'm gonna have to kiss you." Rrrrrrrroar!
STREAKFREAK won 25 SparkPoints on the SparkPoints wheel!
Retail therapy. Rockin' new jeans in a rockin' new size! Rrrroar!
There is no longer anything in my closet that is too small for me. (Woot!) There are, however, lots of things that are dated and have gone out of style... :-/ O well, time for another PURGE!
STREAKFREAK is 5lbs away from 40. Woot!
Morning wake-me-up: 60 kettlebell swings, 60 wallballs, 10 minutes. Now, breakfast.
"Filthy 50" (50 reps each): box jump, jumping pullup, kettlebell swing, walking lunge, hanging knee-to-elbow, 45lb push press, back extension, wallball, burpee, double under, puke. 49:47. Roar!
Intensity a bad thing?! Passion, zeal, fire, spirit, vigor, commitment at least are NOT BLAND. I crave intense experiences. Maybe that means I am intense. So be it. No apology. Dispassion is not me.
Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general.
"Wow, you've lost so much weight!" ~lady at the gym who I haven't seen in several weeks.
STREAKFREAK basically ate my way thru the hurricane. Damage recovery time inside and out!
FOCUS - Follow One Course Until Successful
Ran 900 meters with a 25lb sandbag. I used to actually weigh this much... no wonder running sucked then.
I think I'm lonely...
Gotten sloppy with nutrition. Time to tidy up! Gonna post stats daily for awhile to refocus... Soooooo today: 1463 cal, 20.7%protein, 33.9%fat, 45.4%carb. Roar!
STREAKFREAK is heartbroken.
Nutrition stats for today: 1055 cal, 29.9% protein, 23.9% fat, 46.1% carb. I might still eat a little more if I get hungry before bed. We'll see.
3mi bike, then: For time: 45 thrusters (45#) and 45 pullups (7:06), then 3mi bike. Roarrr!
Today's stats: 1340 cal, 19.2% protein, 35.5% carb, 45.3% fat. Cals are ok, but a bit too greasy today...
My friend Stephen said I look "wild and sexy" today. Luvit! *That* is gonna stay with me and make me work even harder... ROAR!
Guy at the gym, after class: "Dang, you're FIT, girl!" Roarrr!!!
Sometimes all I want is broccoli.
Friend me on Facebook (let me know you're a Sparkfriend): http://www.facebook.com/hilary
Today's nutrition stats: 1364 cal, 30.4% protein, 27.4% fat, 42.4% carb. Everything right in target range. Woot!
My nutrition stat updates always get a flurry of responses and questions from my Facebook friends. Who knew they'd be so fascinated by what I eat?!
Today's nutrition stats: 1459 cal, 32.3% protein, 26.9% fat, 40.9% carb. Satisfactory.
Posting today's nutrition stats early because I undid my whole day at a thai restaurant at lunch: 1980 cal, 17.3%% protein, 29.4% fat, 53.3% carb. Oy!
For time: fifteen 85lb cleans, 100 burpees, 20:22. Faaaaaaaark.
Hiloise's tip for the day: Sleeping in your gym clothes makes it easier to get out the door for a cracka dawn workout.
Now... to nourish!
STREAKFREAK won 50 SparkGoodie Points on the SparkPoints Bonus Wheel!
Today's nutrition stats: 1250 cal, 26.3% protein, 24.9% fat, 48.9% carb. If I get hungry again, I might still eat a bit more tonight. If not... yesterday's drunken noodles will hold me till tomorrow.
Lost another inch in waist and two in hips. Whut, whut!!
Guy at church who hasn't seen me since last spring: "You've always been lovely, but when I saw you tonight... I kinda got a -er- *feeling*, if you know what I mean." Pahaha! ROAR!
Sent two new SP referrals today... ppl blown away by my results wanted to know what I've been doing. Spread the Spark!! Roarrrrrr...
If you haven't heard yet, this just in from Coach Nicole: A big THANK YOU to my followers for being awesome! Got word today that I will appear on a Times Square billboard thanks to YOUR votes! :-)
Today's nutrition stats: 1711 cal; 24% protein, 25.9% fat, 50.1% carb. Bit o' guesswork and ballparkin' re dinner out. Can't be perfect...
8 min: fifty-two 55lb push presses, 72 jumping lunges. Then 60 pushups and 60 inverted burpees in 15mins. Roar!
Long. Hot. Bubble bath. Ahhhhhh....
As much as possible, avoid breaking your own heart.
GAWD this is taking forEVARRRRRR!!!
How many times does a friend have to be too busy to see you before you back off and leave the friendship in their hands?
Decided I need a sport in which to use my newfound and growing fitness. So I'm starting Karate classes on Tuesday. Excited and nervous!! Hope I can handle it... will report.
Today's nutrition stats: 1248 cal, 23.6% protein, 28.3% fat, 48.1% carb.
100 pullups, 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 air squats. Roar!
Karate... eek! WHAT have I gotten myself into...????
Somebody goose me. I'm draggin...
SP's new iGoogle Gadget is aWeSoMe!! https://sparkpeo.hs.llnwd.net/e1/myp
Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug. :-/
"Hold on. Your video is almost available." Love, Sparkpeople.com
Ahhhh, finally, she's live!
Baked sweet potato (8 mins in microwave) plus dollop of unsweetened apple butter plus sprinkling of cinnamon equals Oh Em Gee
STREAKFREAK is still hungry.
5Ton 5K! Playin' all day in the box with awesome crossfitters! Only thing that could make me happier is playin' all day in the box with awesome actors...
STREAKFREAK is really not ready for winter yet.
STREAKFREAK is gonna call it an early night.
He said I liked him too much. Well... he's nipped that in the bud by becoming one of the most unlikable guys I've ever known.
Time to make the donuts...
STREAKFREAK is happy to see the sun!
I'm all warmed up by a lovely compliment from my friend Gabriel: "You have a lot to offer. I am impressed by your metamorphosis."
Been looking forward to the day when someone would say, "Oh my God, I DIDN'T EVEN RECOGNIZE YOU, you look amaaaaaazziiiiiiingggg!!" It happened TODAY!! ROARRR!
My friend Jodi tonight at choir: "Honeyyyy, *please* buy some smaller jeans. Those are falling off you! Or are you going gangsta?" LOL!!!
Mandi, the owner/trainer at my crossfit gym: "Gurrrrl, you are disappearing!" LOL! RRRRROARRRRR!!!
Heard in church this morning: "You are a mere shadow of your former self!" "Who's that skinny chick sitting in the soprano section?" Roarrrr!
Depending which meter you trust, my body fat is down 7 or 9% since last check. And 16-20% since I started. Hard to compare readings from different sources, but the downward curve is awfully pretty!
Breakfast of champeens... Baked yam and seared "beef" strips with coconut oil. Cal 273, carb 17, fat 13, prot 21. Mmmm, body happy.
Peace, bliss, peace.
STREAKFREAK is officially 40lbs. down (finally!). Milestone video blog will post TODAY! (Or possibly tomorrow...) Rrrroar!!
For time: 18 muscle-up body rows, 18 pushups, 90 wallballs, 36 dumbbell presses, 60 power cleans, One puke. 29:50. Roarrr!
90 sumo-deadlift-highpulls, 75 pushups, 15 minutes. Roar!
For time: 100 toes-to-bar, 25 push-jerks, 11:30. Roar!!
Filthy 50 PR: 46:29! Roar!!
STREAKFREAK is OUT of the 180s, baby!! By .1 pounds, but still! I haven't seen a 7 in the tens place in almost 10 years! Roarrrrrrr!
Trying to do Paleo as a vegetarian is no picnic. All best veg protein sources are not allowed. Only spirulina. I'm gonna be drinkin' a lot of pond scum this next 8 weeks... ughhh...
STREAKFREAK is pleased with progress.
Nonfat strawberry greek yogurt with a splash of coconut oil... no longer nonfat, but good macronutrient balance and tastes like tropical heaven. Mmmm...
Doctor at annual checkup: "You've lost a lot of weight! Wo, look at your muscles!!" Bwahahaha! Roarrrr!
Motivator?!?! Wowwww, y'all... thank you!!! xoxoxo
Man at church, looking me up and down: "Wow you REALLY look, uhh..." Me: "The word you want is HOT, *winkwink*" LOL!
BIG bowl of "beef" with broccoli. Make body happy.
STREAKFREAK won 1,000 SparkGoodie Points on the SparkPoints Bonus Wheel!
Yesterday's beautiful 90 minute yoga left me sore all the way around my core... front, sides, and back. And hamstrings too. Today, rest...
Chaos! Pandemonium! Disorder! Tearing around the yard like banshees! Bringing sticks into the house! My dogs are crackin' me UP!
STREAKFREAK is 46lbs down but still fat. Feeling very impatient lately...
For time: 5 Ton, 5K! 55:24. Roarrrrr....
Two medjool dates one hour before a tough workout just might be the superhero secret...
Mentally tough, physically hard, spiritually strong. roar.
Are you losing weight? [Me: yep!] Looks good! --guy I haven't seen since end of July. Roar!
Me, to a friend I haven't seen since summer: "Hi, lady!" She just stood there agog, looking me up and down, saying WOWWWWW... Me: "Yup, 47lbs!" She: "I didn't even recognize you!!!" LOL, ROAR!!!
Oh Em Gee. Just graduated from girly knee pushups to proper badass full-plank ones. ARR OH AY ARRRRRR!!!
If the recent pattern continues, I should hit my 50lb mark end of next week. Yeeeeeeeeee!!!
STREAKFREAK is filling her life chock full of things that make her heart sing... (thanks, Dave!)
Everybody head over to OHMEMEME's page and give her a ROAR for reaching ONEDERLAND!!! Woohoo, Tricia!!!
This has absolutely nothing to do with WL or fitness. It's just hilarious and I can't stop watching it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v
20 minutes, as many rounds as possible: 3 wall climbs, 10 up-downs, 5 paralette swings, 10 grasshoppers. Score: 4 rounds and 13 reps. Satisfactory.
GREAT team WOD today!! In pairs, for time, 2 rounds: 200 double unders, fifty 55# overhead squats, 50 pullups, 1 mile run. 51:52. Amazing afterglow... Roar!
Monday! Fresh start! Kickin' off with a killer dawn WOD... 30 handstand pushups, 60 deadlifts, 150 double unders. Let's do this.
[See next blog: Who am I now? Part 2]
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