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316 to 52: Recap of BL week 2 and 3

Saturday, January 07, 2012

I could not get it together last week to prepare a blog! Computer acting crazy......
Wk 2
I had another gain week 2(1.5)and I knew why! Ya just can't eat cake EVERYDAY dimi!!!!
I did get more exercise minutes than week one emoticon

Wk 3
Down 2.1 almost everything I gained HAHAHAHHAAH Yes I am happy. I have been doing the exercise in Jim Karas book(Cardio Free diet) He is not a huge fan of cardio....neither am I(except my hip hop dance class) I had purchased his book the petite advantage diet and started reading it he has a plan for us shorties! My budget would not allow me to follow the food portion but I must say it did not leave me THINKING I would be deprived.(I followed the basic principles with what was in the cupboard) YA!!!
Exercise consists of 20 min of strength training 3x/wk working the muscles to failure... YES I HURT! But I am not crazed with hunger like I am when I do a lot of cardio. I will keep you posted. I never push any plan because I think everyone has to find what works but if something I say resonates with your personality by all means look into it!

My proud moment of the week: Friday was day 3 of exercise and I woke up late.. Initially I decided I would do the exercise after we got home from the game. THEN my sensible self said ...NOPE you know better. This is only 20 min. GET IT DONE!!! DEDICATION.... HARD WORK! So I did it. And it was good that I did as when we got home the pupster was sick. I had to bath her after she had her moment.

What I will take to this next week.
I will do my strength on Sat, Mon and Wed..... continue with my LARGE breakfast with protein, moderate lunch and light dinner....

This week's ITC challenge is my least favorite(yes I said it) Each person will do a challenge and tag the next person to do a different challenge. So dimi why dont you like this? Good question! Because it takes a lot of work checkin in and you gotta depend on the WHOLE team to get it done. So what do you learn from the challenge TEAMWORK! So despite how I feel about it this is a good thing to learn(I am an only child and I like to depend on me) AND as I say to myself and the team. Challenge teams are different and when you join a challenge you JOIN the ENTIRE CHALLENGE even the parts you don't like. (it took me 2 challenges to learn this lol
SO {{cough}} lots will be revealed this week! DON'T GET MAD AT ME TITANS!
See ya next week!
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