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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

So here I am again; another year and another attempt at weight-loss.

Last year I managed 45 pounds in a litle over 5 months, going from 355 pounds down to 310. As of NYDay I was 330 though for some reason I feel like I am much heavier than that...but I doubt that all of the scales I have tried are lying to me!

Today is the 4th (for me, I'm in Australia) and I am down 2 kilos already (4.4 pounds), which is nice. I'd like to be down 15 pounds by Valentines Day this year and I think it's fesable so long as I don't foul up big time.

Since I moved to AU in May of last year I have found it very difficult to lose weight. There were numerous new foods to try and the fish and chip shop is literally a 2 minute walk from my front door, the cupcake place only 3 minutes. Yikes! The FnC shop gets a visit from us almost three times a week...yum..deep fried potato scallops. *Looks at waistline* Not anymore they don't! I am distributing my wieght so much differently these days, I tell you! I used to put it all in my butt, gut, and boobs, these days it really does go to my hips. My hips are almost a full 60 inches...I measured a few days ago and was shocked. Definitely have to do something about that!

The other issue since moving here is that the food costs are insane, triple that of what I am used to back in Kansas. We live off of unemployment and get 1000 a month. On top of bills and rent...we barely have money for healthy things. It's Wednesday for me and I swear to God that I don't know how we're supposed to make it till next Tuesday (payday) with what food is left. That alone makes it very difficult, we can't afford 150+ in food per week, we can afford 60...maybe 75. No wonder the brother-in-law only eats once a day, too darn exensive to do more some days!

I also won't be using the food tracker here because not only is half the stuff in the tracker not even in this country (no egg beaters for example) but everything is in kilojoules instead of calories. I don't have the time, energy, or patience to not on ly track everything I eat, but to also converte KJ to Calories for every single thing I consume. I'd be all day on SP just trying to enter food! I'll keep track of what I eat at home, but on paper and only the calories and fat content. It's a lot harder to enter the stuff here than it was back home, which took me barely 5 minutes with each meal. Here? Try about 30 and that's if I don't quit out of seer frustration.

I know this entry may seem like a lot of complaining, but I am not goiong to hold back in MY journals. They are for how I am feeling not necessarily just for going "Yay me!!!!"

And right now I am feeling frustrated because of so little money and so little healthy food.

And while I am at it...portion sizes...OMG! I have been making many spark recipes that claim to feed 8, so I can feed me and my husband for 4 nights and save some dosh. Well, we are lucky to get 4 serves out of one casserole that claims an 8 person serving. Please tell me...who honestly gets full after 1/2 cup of food? We don't. And side dishes...yeah...if we're rich. Usually we buy a kilo baggie of frozen veg and streatch it for a week if we can...that is our side dish.

Just frustrated right now...too much going on at home as well with feelings of insecuirty and other crap, but that is for a different journal elsewhere!

At least I'm 2 kilos down and still pushing forward. I'm gonna get at least 75 pounds down this year if it kills me! (Not literally.)

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    It must be difficult to move so far away and have to make so many changes. It's exciting though to have those new experiences. I am glad there is not a cupcake shop that close to me right now!
    Try stocking up on frozen veggies when they go on sale. If you have lots of sides you will hardly notice that the casserole portion is so small. It's tough to eat right when money is tight but you can stretch that dollar with healthy choices.
    Congratulations on the weight loss!! Keep going!!
    3487 days ago
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