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Day 3: Commitment

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

No, that's not that I should be committed. *snort*

Yesterday's Goals Update:
emoticon Drink Water. *gulp*
emoticon Take supplements. (Nearly forgot. Thank goodness!)
emoticon Make meatballs and freeze. Yep! Popped 'em in the crockpot this morning, and other than the sidetracking I'll have to do for more egg noodles (don't ask...let's just say I put it on that counter without thinking about our current pesky mice -- we think there are two and they fight constantly with each other. Rather annoying, actually. What I get for living in the "rural" area.)
emoticon Organize coupons again. Proud to say I got it done. Not proud to say I was up until 1:30am doing it, causing me to oversleep this AM. Thankfully the boys were on a 2-hour delay due to the snow/ice, so I took the oldest to the bus stop and was at work only an hour behind schedule. (It was WAY too icy to make him walk that 1/2 a mile. I know because I tried it last night!)
emoticon Do 1.5 miles. This is one of my proudest moments from last night.

I planned on doing it after lunch - hoping to walk off the Chinese sodium blast, I guess (didn't work *lol*). Problem was, when fam and I got up to leave the Chinese place, we realized that what had just been a few flakes falling had turned into almost white-out conditions (and later did!). It was coming down so hard it stung my face as I walked to the car. "Great!" I say to Hubs (you can hear the sarcasm from across the net, right?) "And I'm supposed to do 1 and a half miles in THIS?!" (insert growl or proper expletive here) Hubs shrugged and said, "I don't think you can. Sometimes you just can't do it. It's a force of nature."

HA! Force of nature stop me?! I'll be friggin' ....I don't know, something... if I let a stupid snow storm keep me from doing one and a half lousy miles!

I prayed it would simply stop. It did, for a second, then got worse. Approaching 5pm, I realized it was going to be pitch black soon. Snow or not, if I was going to do this, it was going to be now. (Damn the gym for being closed!! *shakes fist in the air*) So I put on my shoes, my gloves, my coat, my scarf, my penguin hat (*big grin*) and grabbed my headphones so I could track my distance. 1/8 of a mile. That's how far I made it on the road before I realized this was NOT a good idea. It was icy and slick and there were cars... just not a good idea. I turned toward home.

I could've given up. I probably would have a couple weeks ago. But something in me said, "There is NO WAY we're going to wimp out on JANUARY 2ND! NO FRIGGIN' WAY!!" So I did what any normal? sane? okay, a little whack-a-doodle person would do - I carved a path in the snow in my front yard and did laps in the small space there. 8 laps, or thereabouts. That's how many laps I had to do for each 1/4 of a mile. That means I walked 40 times around my own yard, just because I wanted to be able to say that I did it.

Guess what?


emoticon Do 30 Day Shred. And how did I follow all of that? I went inside, changed into my workout gear (read: not wet, snow covered socks, jeans, sweater, etc.) and then cooked tacos for the kids, let them play video games for a bit before bed, sent them to bed, and THEN I pulled out my 30 Day Shred DVD and did it all while Hubs ate the leftovers I'd set aside for him.

Know what happened? I felt a tiny bit like that Wonder Woman feeling I had in the past. No, not because I "cooked for my man" or catered to my children's every demand. Because I set out to do A, B, C and D...and I did every single one. CHECK! CHECK! CHECK!

(Okay, confession? I missed one. I didn't get the decorations back out to the garage. It's blocked off right now and while my youngest can squeeze in there to put things away, I can't right now...I wasn't sending him out there in that. ....though he came out anyhow while I was walking and played with the puppy in the yard... but I digress...)

So, what's in store for day 3? Well, after I pee (doing the pee-pee dance right now *lol*)...

* Already scheduled Ethan's eye appointment for next Friday. (This is kinda cheating, adding something to the to-do list you already did, but I did do it, so it counts right! *lol*)

* Drink water. (Halfway through my 8 cup goal already but after Chinese day yesterday, I'm shooting for closer to 12 as a flush of sorts.)

* Do ST tonight. Already picked out some exercises. 1-2 for each major muscle group.

* ZumbaLite. Now, I'm likely not sticking around the gym until 7pm (I get off at 4:30pm every day this week because of the holiday yesterday), so I'll be doing this at home with the Kinect probably. (Probably for the best, as I'll be able to cry, kick and scream my way through it without feeling totally embarassed.)

* Pick up the egg noodles for the Swedish Meatballs.

* Prep the chicken for tomorrow's Brown Sugar "Candy" Chicken. Think I'll either make rice with it or some potatoes. (Did you know you can make baked potatoes in a crockpot? Too bad I don't have 2. ...yet!)

* Scan ads/coupons for deals, especially stockpile deals that are "50 Cents or Less, But Free is Always Best!" And start thinking about menu ideas for next week.

Tomorrow is my "rest" night, where I'll be sure to stretch but otherwise rest these tired abs and legs! *lol* It's funny how switching up your routine can make muscles ache you thought were done aching. Just glad it aches for all the right reasons now!

I know my blogs have been kinda dull lately. Nothing thought provoking. More "yay me, I did something really simple!" kinda things, but I need this accountability so much right now. I've got my sights set on that full makeover and I really don't want to let myself down. Going to do the best I can every day to keep myself checking things off the list and pushing aside the excuses. I'm ready to see changes again. I feel like I can finally see what Thin Me might look like, and I don't think it's half bad, actually. *wink wink* I just have some work to do...and it will be hard...but I have to do it consistently before I can say "It's not working!" It's like that whole, "You can't complain if you don't vote" thing. I can't whine and say it's not working if I'm not doing my best to work it and stick it out. Example? Today I've been super hungry. I ate my lunch earlier...and within an hour I was already eating both my snacks. BUT - everything I ate was healthy and fit within my calorie goals. Even factoring in dinner, I'll still have room for another snack if I want (more room when/if I workout!...more on that later). So, I ate them without shame. And I feel better now. Guess my body just needed what it needed and it wasn't shy to tell me that.

BTW - 30 Day Shred is killing me (in the best ways...)! I've been working on putting more at-home workout DVDs on my wishlist for friends and family to shop from, because these are great "fall-back" exercises when I just don't want to go to the gym or I want to work out but I can't until 11pm (when the gym is closed). Hey, I might one day even workout on a Sunday with one of these!! *shock* *awe!* (my gym is closed Sundays so it's just always just been a rest day for me most of the time. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I think having more choices at home will give me the freedom to switch it up now and again.)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Love the front yard laps!!
    3412 days ago
    Way to rock your goals! Very creative!
    3413 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9394210
    emoticon And I was complaining that it was cold when i went walking! emoticon
    3414 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10073260
    You are doing awesome!! Good job!
    3414 days ago
    That's how you make it work. So proud of you!
    3414 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    I LOVE that you found a way to make your walk work in the snow! Way to get creative!
    3414 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8041482
    3414 days ago
    What amazing dedication to walk in 40 circles. I honestly don't think I could do it. Loving your gameplans and your ability to stick with it.

    Keeping rocking it girl! Love the way 2012 is starting... minus the horrible weather.
    3414 days ago
  • JEREMY723
    I did a couple days of 30 Day Shred a couple of years ago and had forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder! I've been running as cold as 23 with no snow and calm winds, but now it's 18 degrees, 2 inches of snow and 30 mile an hour winds for the second day straight. I haven't excercised either day but will be sure to tomorrow, one way or the other. Hope that you have a good rest of the day!
    3414 days ago
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