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What did the Elf On The Shelf see this Christmas Eve?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

In our house the elf on the shelf has flown away to the North Pole to report to Santa of our 4year old grandson Ian's, good and bad behavior. Ian was so shocked to see Naughty at Papa and Grammie Susie's house. He had driven so far over the mountains and through the woods and into the desert lands where they live. There he was sitting way up on the chandelier above the table. Ian insisted he be held up closer to see if it truly was his elf Naughty, who he named and put a Christmas sticker on to check at home each day to see if it was truly him, when he found him in a new location other than he was in the day prior. His eyes grew wide and mouth dropped open as he realized it truly was his very own elf at Papa and Grammie Susie's house. "Is that so he can tell Santa where I am? That must be how Santa knows when kids are at their Papa and Grammas house!"

Christmas eve had arrived and as we were cleaning up the from our traditional curry dinner, which Majora Scott made Christmas Eve all the wonderful years we were lucky too have her in our lives, she is so dearly missed every holiday. Keith's mom, Majora and his sister Melanie both will be our guardian angels as we honor and miss them everyday, but especially the Holidays. There are no two hostesses like them. After the Thanksgiving feast my daughters put on this year, I am sure they are watching with great pleasure seeing what an amazing spread they put together. The table setting was so Martha/Rachel Ray....a little of the traditional and a little modern flair.

I digress, back to clearing the table after dinner. My son in law asked Ian if he thought they should check the radar and see where Santa was. Ian was so curious and asked; "Can we really see where he is?" Dad replied; "I think we can, let's get on the computer and look?". He found him and Ian grinned from ear to ear. He said; "Look mom he is real, he is right there in Detroit, he is in our United States". Ian then asked his dad to see where all he has been so far? Dad showed him and he had been everywhere. The United States was his last stop before heading back to the North Pole. Ian was so excited but suddenly had a very worried look on his face. He said; "but Naughty is still here, how will Santa know I have been a good boy? He looked up worried, but Naughty was gone!" He asked; "When did he leave?, did he get there in time?" All as he walked all around the table to get a good look from every angle.

He made his cookie, spreading frosting all over, then coverd it in red sprinkles because that is Santa's favorite color. He placed it where Santa would find it and insisted we all get to bed, even the dogs and the cat should hurry now.

Last but not least he insisted he had to see the North Star, so reluctantly we honered his serious and very sincere wish and made a quick trip into the cold, we hurried with him. He pointed up to the star, became very excited and said; "Happy birthday Jesus, go to sleep now, Santa is on his way and I think he comes to the North Star last before he goes home to the North Pole.

Children (my four year old grandson) say the darnedest things and if we listen we might learn something! He honestly comes up with these sometimes profound ideas for a four year old all on his own and like tonight leaves us speechless.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Ian's story, told by Grammie Susie.....
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