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UGH! Christmas Parties!!!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I have 2 this weekend. DH just sprung one on me this morning for his office. This is the one I am most worried about. It is only going to be a handful of people (12'ish) at a restaurant. I have never been to this local place before, but it is advertised as a Mexican bar and grill. I LOVE the fact that it says "grill".... that is always a good sign that I will be able to order something healthy. I am just nervous because I have never been there and I do not know what they serve. What is healthy at a Mexican restaurant? I am thinking just some seasoned meat and if possible, lettuce and tomatoes? No dressing? What about refried beans without cheese? Maybe they will have an American menu where I can just get a chicken breast.

This one is kind of exciting for me, though.... DH doesn't always like to do things with his office, but wants to do this one. In the past, I have always refused to do things with his work because I was embarrassed at how I looked. I felt like his coworkers would whisper about me---- "Rick has a fat wife" or they would scrutinize what and how much I ate.... so stupid, I know, lol. But today, I am not feeling that at all. I am not feeling like I am going to embarrass him in the least. In fact, they are going to say "Rick has a HOT wife!", lol..... Just kidding.... Just a pep talk I am giving myself, HA!

My one tomorrow I think will be a little bit easier. It is at church for all of the volunteers. SO I am guessing there will be a ton of people and it will be like a buffet style, come and grab something. If there is nothing there that seems healthy, then I can easily pass on the food and just wait until I get home to eat. I won't stand out in such a large group of people if I choose not to eat. I am not feeling tempted by any holiday goodies, yet, lol. I keep thinking about my holiday weightloss challenge and how I am weighing in on Wednesday. Have to stay accountable! There was mention of some "great door prizes" at this Chiristmas party and that always entices me, lol.

DS has a Christmas party tonight and I am making some bacon wrapped sausages. Wrap a half a piece of bacon around a Lil Smokie, throw a toothpick in it and pour brown sugar over it and bake. Totally unhealthy and fattening. But fun to make and always a hit at parties.

My plan for exercise today was to go to the gym, do 45 minutes on the cross trainer and 45 minutes on the treadmill. But whew.... these new cross trainers they got really kick my butt! I was doing intervals and when I was on the highest my heart rate was getting up to 166! For me that is super high.... my resting heart rate is under 60. I was so wiped out after doing that I came home and refueled with some lunch. And a cup of coffee. Now I am going to go out and do a power walk.... 3 miles. I am psyching myself up to start running again in January. My leg is feeling OK On my power walks and I am formulating aplan to not over do it when I start up again in January.

Oh, and as usual, I completely over reacted and jumped the gun on my financial worries. The one issue, it turns out we are going to HAVE to postpone for another 6 weeks, which should give us time to prepare. The other issue, well, basicly it was a Dr's bill that insurance was refusing to pay. Just when I had given up and had resolved to just pay it, yesterday I finally got a phone call back from someone who heard all of the information, verified it, and personally promised me she would take care of it and walk it through the proper channels to get it taken care of. Praise the Lord! I shouldn't have to worry about that one any more.

So all is good this weekend! I got to sleep in after lacking sleep all week. Felt great. I feel rested and full of energy. Hope y'all are having a great weekend too!!!!
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    Enjoy the Christmas party and just do the best you can. I still believe in moderation...so if you have to eat unhealthy foods, try to eat slowly and only eat half or less. People will probably not pay attention to what you're eating anyway. Have fun...it's only one meal!
    3037 days ago
    You are so blessed to have Christmas parties to go to. Just be careful - and have fun. Food isn't fun, it's fuel. So just eat what you should be eating anyway, or just salad. Always safe.
    3037 days ago
    I read your post and all in all you have a plan and are upbeat. I hope you yourself and do the best you can. The biggest thing is going back to the plan. As long as you can do that and watch what you eat, then you can rebound just fine.
    3037 days ago
    You are thinking this through ahead of time . . . THAT is the key thing. Good for you!
    3037 days ago
  • JLITT62
    It may be too late, but refried beans are NOT healthy . . . usually fried in lard. Not really a whole lot healthy with Mexican . . . regular, not refried, beans are. Quesadillas aren't. Guacamole is . . . in moderation. Corn tortillas are healthier than flour.
    3037 days ago
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