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My new running buddies....

Saturday, December 03, 2011

We got these sweet babies at the Humane Society yesterday.

This sweet little guy is "Parker". He is the puppy I mentioned in my previous blogs about dogs. He is only 4 months old and they say he is an Australian Cattle Dog mix. I don't know a whole lot about that breed, but he seems so eager to please. I wasn't crazy about the puppy phase, but he listens really well. Haven't caught him chewing on anything he wasn't supposed to.... yet, lol. The potty training is going OK, I think. He pees in the house, but everytime we take him out he goes in the grass first thing. I know we just have to work very hard and be consistant with him. I am guessing once he is fixed it will get better? Any advice in this area would be appreciated!

Here is "Ivy" (we kept the names the shelter gave the dogs):

She is only 8 months old and her papers say her predominant breed is Collie???? Do you think? I guess she was adopted out as a puppy to a very nice family, but they surrendered her back to the Humane Society because they were moving. She is already housetrained and is so well mannered. I can't believe she is only 8 months old. We feel so blessed to have gotten her.

Just wanted to share.... I haven't taken them out running just yet as I am recovering from injury, but my son has and he says that the dogs take HIM for a run, lol.

Oh..... Stupid question.... They were microchipped before they left the shelter. I was given a tag for each of them.... Uhhhh..... Do I keep the tag with me to be able to claim them if they are lost? Or does it go on their collar? I was going to ask them at the shelter, but I had already embarrassed myself when I asked them to give the exact date I could bring Parker in to be neutered.... Evidently he has to "drop" and they can't give me an exact date. I didn't know that! They mentioned before they don't neuter before 6 months, so I thought it was an age thing.... Oh well!!!! Any puppy advice would be helpful! I feel like a new Mom, lol....

Now I am off to KOHLs to spend my KOHLs cash from Black Friday. Going to get my 3rd "animal" for the weekend.... That is a DYSON Animal, lol!!!!!
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    CONGRATS on the running buddies. they typically will take YOU for a run, until they learn to run with you. you need to register them with the microchip company under your name, and put the tags on their collars so that they can be identified more easily.
    3038 days ago
    Ivy is a gorgeous girl! I had a dog who looked very similar... she was part Border Collie and part Beagle.
    3040 days ago
    They are adorable!! Congrats!
    3040 days ago
    We adopted 2 dachshunds from a no kill shelter 2 weeks ago and it is like they have always been part of the family! Wally is 11 months and Daphne is about 5. You can read about them on my blog, Our New Dogs! So gratifying to get them from a shelter as they had been there since July! Wally is potty trained but Daphne is not as well trained. I have to watch her. Today she went out and peed after her breakfast and then promptly ran inside. I followed her and caught her sniffing around, took her back and out and she did her thing. Just have to keep up with them.
    3041 days ago
    Congrats! They are so cute! How fun to have 2 new babies!
    3041 days ago
    So cute! I'm glad you found your just-right dogs!
    3042 days ago
  • DWELLS1994
    3042 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11308104
    Congrats on your new fur babies/running partners....

    However: Until your pups are fully grown, you shouldn't run too far or too fast with them, you COULD damage their growing bones.

    Re: Microchip...depending on which type it is...see the paperwork you should have...you can go online and change the information.
    3042 days ago
    Adorable pups!
    3042 days ago
  • KAYDE53
    They're are so cute & adorable!!! Congrats!!! Bless you for adopting!!! emoticon
    3043 days ago
    I love your pups, just adorable. Thanks for adopting!!!! I think the others have answered your questions but I wanted to see your new babies!!!!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3043 days ago
    Oh my gosh. They are adorable. I just want to give them a hug. It won't take long for Parker to get the hang of everything. Keep us informed on how they are doing! Would love to see more pics of them!
    3044 days ago
    Congratulations on the pups! They are both beautiful. I agree they should not run for very long yet, a little jog is ok but not serious running on roads until they are at least 1 year old, ideally 18 months and then condition gradually. Running on dirt, in the park etc. on their own is ok for play etc.
    Parker looks like he's half cattle dog with the other half possibly being German Shepherd, but it could be several other breeds.
    Ivy may have been called a "Collie" not as in the Lassie type but as in Border Collie-type. There is a whole group of breeds that are generically called Collies by farmers and ranchers, meaning herding dogs that herd with eye (staring at the flock).
    To me she looks like she could be a Border Collie/Hound mix (hound again in the generic sense of Hound group), possibly with some Beagle in her because she's a tricolor and has a shorter coat than most Collie breeds. Of course there are also tri-color Collies so it's really hard to know.
    About the house training, mostly focus on rewarding what you like and ignoring what you don't want (accidents in the house). Whenever you correct accidents in the house the dog will only learn to go potty when you are not looking, both in the house and outside because he will associate the corrections with you being there more than with the location of where he went potty.
    You can give a treat as a reward while praising the second he goes in the right spot. Also don't use a command like "go potty" until the dog is actually going, because they are really learning the language by association. If you keep saying "go potty" and the dog is just sniffing around they will not understand as easily.
    About the microchips: If the microchip company is AVID (it will say on the tag) you may have to have the microchips transferred to your name (and address and phone number) by calling AVID. There is a fee of $15.00 dollars for this (at least that's what it used to be). I personally would not put the microchip tag on the collar but would attach their Rabies tag and another tag with your name and phone number to the collar. Almost all shelters will check for microchips and vets have readers for those, too.
    Have fun
    3044 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/3/2011 10:45:13 PM
  • JLITT62
    Running isn't really good for puppies . . . I mean of course they should run around, but they usually don't wan't them to go running with you til they're at least 1 yr - their joints are still developing.

    Consistency is definitely the key with house training. If they do pee I. The house, you want to clap to startle them into stopping, then hustle them outside to hopefully finish - if they do, mske a big deal out of it. Larger dogs are usually easier & quicker than my little guys were, but they got there.

    Chester was fine by 6 months except for pooping - he had severe separation anxiety as a puppy - but he still got it. And Lola wasn't house trained at all when we got her at 10 months!

    There can be a honeymoon period - they can be little angels at first & then their quirks start to appear - or not.


    3044 days ago
    They are lovely, lucky pups....whatever their lineage!

    I adopted Lucy as and adult of 7...and I hope we have wonderful years together. The past 3 have been miraculous. She is the perfect dog for me. I waited decades to get my baby.....I'm glad you're young and full of energy...so you all can keep up with each other.
    For that, I'm envious.

    Good luck and congratulations on your new arrivals.
    Parker and Ivy.....they're keepers!

    Libby emoticon emoticon
    3044 days ago
    emoticon They are so precious. Don't know about the "collie" part though. I don't see any collie, but you never know. We rescued two dogs almost 2 years ago. A 5 and 1 year old. They had both already been neutered. The younger one wasn't completely house trained, but we just kept taking him out on a regular basis and used the same word every time we took him out (potty). Had a few pee stains, but otherwise he trained quickly. The microchips should have come with paperwork for you to fill out and send in with your info and then you can put the tags on their collars. However, if they get lost, they should be checked for a microchip automatically. So awesome the Humane Society did that. We had it done at the vet.
    Hope you heal up soon and can take the babies for a run. They will love it!!!!
    3044 days ago
    They are beautiful! Congrats.

    My vet neuters/spays at 4-6 months and my pups were done by 6 months.

    Ivy doesn't look predominately Collie to me....but I guess it would depend on the mix.

    Ours were completely house trained before they were altered so I can't comment on if it will help with going in the house. We did adopt one older dog (8 months) that was already neutered but not house trained. It took a good month, but with consistency he learned quickly and stopped going in the house...that was almost 2 years ago.

    Have fun and enjoy them!
    3044 days ago
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