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362 to 52( What I learned today)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

It is important to listen listen and LISTEN again! (this is a little long)
Initially I never got the connection. You can tell by my previous note!
I related all of that to stress but did not get the connection to my eating patterns.
I am writing about what I learned from episodes 11 and 12 on my Inside out weight loss podcasts! xoxo to Lisa and Cathy who have kept me honest in doing the podcasts!!

Renee Stephens says:
"Change does happen in breakthroughs, yet we can’t have all breakthrough, all the time. It’d be too much for us to process. And so it’s really the everyday incremental improvement, doing those redo’s on a daily basis, running those mental movies, being ever more of who we want to be. And we won’t even get it right every time. And that’s okay, that’s part of a process."

I think deep down I wanted the breakthrough that "would solve world peace" in my life. That AHA that said "I am healed" And that is why I was looking for the next best approach to weight loss. NEVER settling for anything other than IT IS DONE!!! And when that approach did not work because of my continued struggles I eventually quit. I still did not love exercise after months of doing it so the universe agreed with me and something would happen to keep me from doing it and then I would just quit period. You get the gist?
On the surface I would speak of baby steps but I did not really believe in it deep down. And what in the heck did renewing have to do with my eating?

I think the light bulb finally came on emoticon I missed the connection of what things throw you off and leads to overeating. Partially because I did not think I had a problem with overeating but a problem with lack of exercise. But DUH if I was eating more than "whatever" activity I did and it caused me to gain weight ....there's a problem!

My triggers are:
~ being to tired or stressed or too lazy( I now know this is a response to my stress level) to cook and wanting to eat out....BIGGEST PROBLEM
~being easily lead away from my planned lunch and eating out to socialize
~just deciding that I want or deserve a treat!

I never really though about things that I did to renew and I needed lots of prompts on this. I remember going to the yahoo group to gain more info but I just did not get it! I have things that I like to do(NONE were physical LOL) but I did not relate anything to renewing.

1st level of renewing(things that I do on my own)
- sleep
-practice gratitude, spiritual readings, deep breathing(the closest I have gotten to meditation!)
-music(listening to) if I had my violin(and could still play) or piano I would say play "at"
-watch TV
-going to my hip hop class makes me feel better... and in general I feel better when I exercise
-playing games

2nd level of renewing(things that involve others)
-Listening to my IOWL podcasts
-Sparking and other social media
-Getting together with my friends for dinner(cough) It helps though
-hanging with my daughters they will ALWAYS make me laugh

3rd line.(things that involve a professional ie counselor, religious leader, masseuse etc).....hmmmm At this time I do not have one
Perhaps I will try a massage this year

OKOKOK I know this is long but I gotta add this section from the podcast.

Renee says:Self-correcting is about re-balancing. It’s about renewing. It’s about responsible overeating. Ever thought of that before? I want to train you to be responsible overeaters. That’s right. So that when you do overeat, you’re either going to learn something from it, if you intend to enjoy it that you do enjoy it. And mind you, overeating sometimes isn’t that enjoyable of an experience. Or that you plan to overeat, and overeat only when you plan to. I want you to be a responsible overeater. Learn how to overeat responsibly.

Its a wrap for me! I am ready to do this now! One day at a time.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Here's to knowing our triggers!
    3338 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9345843
    I can definately relate to some of the things you said in here. Thanks for sharing :)
    3338 days ago
    Awesome! Day by day we will do this
    3339 days ago
    emoticon remember eating out can be done and still meet your goals if you do it with your conscience in it with you.
    3339 days ago
    3339 days ago
    As attracted as I am to mindful living and the Law of Attraction, I still fall back into my old practical 'do something' habits quite easily. So I do have a practical suggestion for you with regard to that first trigger. You know I cooked a huge number of meals to deal with the prospect of having my kitchen remodeled, and then that didn't happen, at least not yet. But I learned something. I learned that you can cook literally a week's worth of food in two hours if you plan correctly and take advantage of batch cooking. I did all my chicken meals at one time, and it was huge! So my practical suggestion is, when you DO feel like cooking, take advantage of it and cook more than you need. Then freeze some for those days that you DON'T feel like it. Heat them straight from frozen in the microwave and voila! No cooking, no stress, no high-calorie meals out. emoticon emoticon
    3339 days ago
  • LE7_1234
    LOL! I was also thinking I don't have many entries for that third line of defense, and maybe I should line up a massage... Great minds think alike!

    Glad you're getting so much out of listening again. I am, too!
    3339 days ago
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