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Me Bowling? Yep! And I won!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Last night I was laying in bedwatching tv...my son and his girfriend came in and said they were going out...I have no clue why but this came out of my mouth,"We should go bowling" Now I haven't been bowling in over a year and boy I can remember being so sore the next day so whatever I was thinking of..well lets just say I wasn't thinking..lol

They were all for it! My 15 year old got ready as did my 21 year old(he'll be 22 next month oh my) we went bowling and I have never seen anything like it..loud music... colored lights all over the place and black lights to light up white things..didn't you know I was wearing a white shirt..lol

Bottom line I beat them all in the second game!!!!!!!!!!! What a miraculous thing to happen...my oldest trying to take some of my sails away says "you beat me by 7 points"..Hey I'll take it!!

Believe it or not that wasn't even the next part!!! I woke up the next morning feeling NO PAIN!!!!! My youngest was in pain and my oldest's g/f was in pain..I had to think for a minute and came up with ...I have been stretching and working out slowly the way they taught me at rehab..I need a new knee and have torn meniscus and floating patellas and NO PAIN!!!

My therapist such a lovely lady said to just start small I'll get to where I want to be...I can't wait to tell her I past my first test!!
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